Best part of being Dad



Congratulations!!! He’s beautiful.


Congratulations!!! :rose:


Are you going to make your kids wear name tags so you can remember them all?


You’ve no idea. I have gone through all my kids’ names, plus their friends’ names before I got it right!


man thats rough. with all my jackwagonery its amazing I still have my son and wife. I couldn’t imagine going through everything I went through getting clean without him. its like when I was face down in the dirt and thought I wasn’t going to make it here he would come saying daddy daddy lets do this or that, and like a champ I was right back on my feet and back in the fight.


It’s never easy but I cherish every moment I get blessed to see them and talk to them. Dunno what would have happened if it hadn’t gone down like it did but it did so I’m making the most of it.

4 hours a week is not enough but soon they’ll be back and for that I am grateful.


thats great. when I disappeared recently I just about took a trip to the mental hospital. my situation took a lot out of me. and being bipolar didnt make things any easier on anyone. I’m terrified that he has seen my behavior and thinks its ok to lash out like that. I try to tell him that wasn’t the right thing to do but he wants to act like I did when he gets mad and I dont know what to do about it. he can scream and throw punches at me thats one thing what happens when he does it at school. I dont know. he was going to be the one thing I didnt screw up but it seems like I failed on that.


You can only do the right thing right now. Set that example now, the past is written but the future is unknown.

We have to take parenting classes/sessions. They can be awfully boring but there’s also good techniques about how go about it the right way.

How old is he?


he’s 6. he will be 7 in december


Still young. Do not fear the worst. Set the example, use the nurturing touch, allow him to formulate his own rules and punishments for said rules (with your guidance and a few rules of your own). When explaining things, get down on his level so you’re not looking down on him and he’s not looking up at you. Don’t be afraid to admit your faults and take responsibility for your prior offenses.

Good consistent rules that apply to him and to you/mom are very helpful. Can’t scold him for eating in the living room if you yourself do it type of thing.


very true I just hold him and tell him its ok to be mad and cry he just cant lash out like that. its not healthy.


So much fun with my boys. They love little Welles. He’s already becoming a favorite!


On a different note. Rachel has decided to try calling him Jack again today to see if she likes it better. His name is legally Jack Welles still on his birth certificate. So, there is that going on.

Here’s some fun we had yesterday. My brother-in-law is putting together a Guess Who “Cousins Edition” for our family reunion next week. Here’s some of the photos we took for it.



And Bennett. Couldn’t decide which one was cuter. He makes a great dolphin.


Yoga with the boys this past weekend!

And that was fun. Now for Truman trying to bite Elliott.


Helping with the lice treatments my girls got from the rec center.

My wife’s name is Rachel, and my youngest and only boy’s name is Jack. Weird lol


Great minds think alike! :grin:


Another fun fact, my mom and wife share the same birthday. Random I know.


Lmfao, the longer this game went on the funnier they got. The sobbing and scrubbing their mouths with their shirts… I’m so weak, hahaha.


Dang, wish I could play right now. Getting kids to bed. I’ll probably be on in another hour or so.


My twins and sister share a birthday. Bennett and his uncle Justin share a birthday. Odd coincidences.