Best part of being Dad


Haha! Bako! That’s awesome. Our kids nicknames are less creative. We called Collin Collywog when he was a baby (like a pollywog), now we just call him Wog. Ellbuh short for Elliott Beau. Truman just goes by Tru. Then our little one is Bennett-Pie, or sometimes just Pie.

Excited to see what this new one’s name will be, and nicknames.


It’s one of the great joys of being a parent.

I have a Jorn/Jordy, a Munky/Madd, a Bako/Bailey durl and then there’s Buddy/Buddy guy/Boyo/Teefen/Mocho de Gocho/Jack.

Buddy is the youngest and my only boy, the girls adore that kid and he has easily the most mames


Maybe. I will make a full post on my thread. Lol
I have a cyst on my brain caused by having a stroke when I was 2.


I’d like to hear about that.

@caustic kids are the best part of my life! Sounds like you’ve got an awesome piece of life carved out for yourself as well!


Working on it. Took them for granted in my selfish haze of drinking and drugging. The wife and i’s last fight led to them being placed in foster care. Wife went to the hospital and I was “escorted” to the mental health facility. Every day sober is a day of blessing on my life and those around me. We will be reunited soon, and on that day the lovequake will be felt worldwide


That’s heartbreaking, but it’s ending soon. You’re done with that life and your family will have the Dad they deserve, not the one they ended up with. I’m the same. It may have never turned to violence and arrest, but I’ve hurt my wife emotionally to the point where repairing our relationship is going to take a long time. When I used, I had a short fuse as well and my kids were the ones who got the worst of it. No beatings, just lots of yelling and crying. I feel really bad about it. I want my boys to grow up in a house where they know that they are loved and protected. That’s the father I want to be. Like you said though, work in progress.


None of us are perfect but we as long as we are making progress we are winning.


We had a Bean Boozled game last night. The boys were funny.


The baby is here. No name yet. Still trying to get my wife to decide.


Congratulations :purple_heart:


Name him English


Love his name :+1:t3:


I thought you had one son, Bennett (explains my previous comment) Then. I. Kept. Scrolling!! WOW!! Congratulations on #5! :flushed::smile::+1:t3: Hope your wife is resting well & everyone’s happy & healthy. We have one son…Brady’s a nice name :wink:


Lol! Yeah, boy #5. It’s busy in my house.

@Englishd haha! I’ll think about it.


Children are wonderful. I am single but my brother has six children and I love them. I love holidays with them and playing all the time. It is a good reason for being sober. Thank you Lord for all the children and their parents!!!


This reminds me of my brothers lol they too like to roughhouse


Thanks for sharing this beautiful picture. Congratulations for the new born!!!


Congratulations!!! He’s beautiful.


Congratulations!!! :rose:


Are you going to make your kids wear name tags so you can remember them all?