Best part of being Dad


That’s awesome! My boys recently became good swimmers. The twins are 5 1/2.


Do you have just the one? How old is she?


One is a handful i couldn’t imagine twins. Mine is 16 months. Shes working up to a vocabulary of about 20 words now. My favorite is when she says "baaybiie":baby:


Haha! That’s the best when they start talking! My wife is due any day now with our 5th boy. We will be back to baby mode all over again.

Twins was a different experience. Twice as much work. They were mischievous and had boundless energy (still do). Left us completely exhausted. At least you have a girl though. Lucky you!


Collin and I went on a date, because Collin finished his Chore Sticker Chart. Froyo for the win!


Sometimes I teach my boys how to play Dungeons and Dragons. My wife was sleeping. Otherwise she likely would not have approved.

Others where the boys are getting good rolls.


Fun of the week! The boys visit dad at work.

Elliott filled his sticker chart and goes on a Yogurt Shack Date with Mom!

Truman filled up his sticker chart too! He chose to go with me. Filled his cup up to the brim with froyo and tons of candy. Felt sick afterwards…

We also had fun yesterday biking/walking the Greenway to the wooden playground along the river.

Elliott really wanted to bring this gigantic rock home. He lugged it all the way back to the van. The greenway walk is like a mile! That’s a long way to carry a huge rock like that. Whatever Elliott, you earned that rock.

Truman found a tumbleweed (dime a dozen here). He also insisted on wearing cleats. Whatever Truman, wear your cleats.


4th of July with Rachel’s brother and his family. Truman roller skating at the school.

Smashing pop its.

Bennett and a Party Popper.


The boys watching some fireworks go off. Bennett is getting potty trained right now and had been wearing big kid underwear. That’s why he’s grabbing his crotch.


No, his foots not broken, his shoe is just of the wrong foot. They’re not even his shoes…


Jordy and Madd :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: with a sober dad.


Great photo @Caustic plus it rhymes too! :grin:


Having the time to listen to my two boys and remembering what they have said to me…so many more memories :grin:


They aren’t twins are they? They look so similar in height!


@rmgrimmer looks like you had a great 4th of July.
I didn’t get any pictures of my girls this year which is odd for me but I didn’t take any pictures until Chris and I got home :joy:
Half way through the day I got a head ache and napped on my moms couch


No Jordy is 10 and Madd is 8. Madd is just beast!


Those are the ages of my girls. Danika will be 11 in November and Chey just turned 8 in June :heart:


@Jessi.lynn Ahh! No fun! Were you dehydrated? Sounds like it was super hot there.

@Caustic Haha! I guess so! They look like they could be twins with how similar in size they are. My oldest is almost 8, but he’s a shrimp.


We had 5 kids and 4 adults with us and went through 5 gallons of water and 3 bags of ice. Just while sitting at the parade from noon til 4:30. Plus 4 bags of frozen grapes.
We are pretty good with staying hydrated. Our kids only drink water.
I have chronic migraines so they happen when they happen which sucks. I’m just glad I got to take a pill and take a nap.

Oh and yes it was super hot yesterday. Thankfully today is cooler. Its only 81 out.


Mine are both January babies. Capricorns… aye carumba lol.

@rmgrimmer they’re tall as hell. I’m 6’2" and the wife is 5’9" so they got some growing to do lol. When Madd was going into 1st the teacher asked our then 4 year old Bailey if she had found her seat. She’s a sprout too.


Lol! You should have just left her to start school early!

@Jessi.lynn we talked about your headaches before, right?


She would have been cool with that lol. Lil tagalong. Her nicknames are Mama, because she’s such a little mom, and Bako, short for bacon lol acted like a wittle piglet when she was still crawling around.

She’s also known as tato, tater tot, betato and the list goes on and on haha