Best part of being Dad



Haha! I’m not going to stop posting. This thread belongs to me, as far as I’m concerned. Even if a mod could shut it down given the right circumstances. There are a ton of fathers out there, not many Dads.


Sorry @rmgrimmer please don’t stop posting and sharing about your beautiful family. I’ve always enjoyed reading through this thread. I wasn’t sure why I started to get upset then realised it was a remark my son made to me the other day and I started getting sad seeing your posts. Sad because you are so right, I’m envious of your nuclear family. It’s something my children have never had and I could only wish that their dad could be present in their lives. Your boys are so blessed to have you, never take that for granted x being in recovery makes you confront your emotions and issues and I guess I have discovered something that I need to work through. Your story into recovery is admirable, I didn’t mean anything against that at all x


Not a problem, I figure that my seemingly perfect family could cause those sorts of feelings in some. I’m sorry your children’s father isn’t part of their life! Every child has a divine right to a father and mother who love them unconditionally. I guess your children had that stolen from them.

There are trials in life that cause us to grow, some more rapidly than others. My grandpa died when my Dad was 15. He had to start working to help support the family. That wasn’t fair to a young man, but it taught him to have a rock solid work ethic and to value family above all. Trials dont have to break you, they can mold you into a pillar of strength and a force of goodness and virtue.


Haha oh I know there is no such thing as a perfect family… I guess as I’m approaching 40 I’ve been thinking alot and realise my life has turned out nothing like I expected. A friend told me last night he’s going to make his 40s the best fking decade of his life. I know I need to turn my thinking around and get off the poor me train :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: have a great weekend :sun_with_face:


Fell asleep on me watching The Book of Life. This is the best part of being a dad to me. The complete love and trust. Makes all the trivialities of life melt away.


Perspective is everything. You can be happy even in the worst of circumstances.

@CaptAZ I love seeing my boys sleep! It’s absolutely one of the best things about being Dad!


@rmgrimmer (dad extraordinaire!) I have an idea for you & your beautiful boys. Hands down one of our favorite family traditions, were taking our sons shirt pictures. Every year, same time, same place, same shirt… we’d snap a series of b/w pics of our son wearing & slowly growing into his daddy’s shirt. These pics were all about the shirt, not so much his face, if he was looking down, hair messed up all the better. Unique way of documenting his growing up & becoming a man. By age 18, the shirt finally fit. We’re saving it for his future son :slight_smile:


Such an awesome idea!! Now if only my husband owned a nice shirt… Haha


Isn’t that a great idea! If not a shirt, try a sweater, nice long sleeved t-shirt or a light jacket.


That’s clever! We framed with squares for yearly photos of our boys. We are several years behind in updating it…


I posted this on another tab but figured I’d share it on this one! Me and my son at the tractor pulls. Almost 1 and he loves tractors. I didn’t see his face during the picture. But when I saw the photo I realized how much fun he was having and made me realize why I’m glad I’m sober!


Children are a Heritage of the Lord!


Blessed. Simply blessed. Enjoyed every minute of it and pretty sure they did too.


That looks like a blast! Birthday or something?


Wife’s good friend turned 30.


Bittersweet day. Buddy guy’s first day of kindergarten and he’s still in placement. Mama is going to 1st grade. Grateful and thankful for the placement as they’ve been awesome and kind to our kids. We get lots of chats, got to go to many school functions and they’re just honestly great people.

Day’s like today are what makes being a dad all worthwhile. They shine like diamonds and glitter like gold. Warms my heart to have that much love.


They’re starting school already?! I have 2 kindergartners and a 2nd grader this year. They dont start until the 28th though!


Yep. Some schools are starting next week. I like the midweek start as I recall the first few days weren’t really much about learning lol.

Arizona is ranked 48th in public education, I seem to have done fine and even got a scholarship to ASU. I also showed up everyday so that helps, missed 4 days in freshman year of highschool and had perfect attendance after that. If I was too sick to go to school I was too sick to leave the house, one of the few rules my mom had for us.


Wow! I didn’t realize Arizona sucked so bad. I have only been there once and it was pretty crappy.


Lol. I was born and raised here and I get to hear all day long about how AZ sucks from people who’ve moved here.

Arizona is a growing melting pot.