Best part of being Dad



Literally a melting pot. It’s pretty down there though. I enjoy normal weather though, not “dangerous” weather.


Yeah you’ll spring a leak quick lol. Nothing like a cloudless 117° day. Winter is totes though. It is a desert but you will freeze to death, gets below freezing pretty regularly


Not my cup of tea. I’ll visit someday. How about that?


I heard AZ has a huge and great recovery community. Supposedly it is geographically horseshoe shaped and is fun to spendnanfew days doing.


Tell me more lol. I’m not aware


I’ll ask the guys who were talking it up when I see them again and report back.


AZ has Sedona and they are big on vortexes and such, lots of addiction recovery stuff up there. Maybe that’s what you’re referring too.


It could be included. Apparently in the summer there are functions involving, like, 10+ areas back to back and people travel there to run the circuit, like groupies following a band. They said it is horseshoe shaped so I would imagine it starts and ends at the top of the state but that it with the assumption that this horseshoe is big and with the opening facing up.


Hey, @rmgrimmer.


Meth is a huge problem here in Yakima. Any trucker that has Yakima as their port of origin or has stopped through will get stopped along the freeways at inspections points and will have full trailer inspections when crossing any border.


Man, your kids look just like you! So sweet!

I imagine their placement family is glad to have them while you find health…a great example of the foster system working. :heart:


Wow. I wouldn’t have guessed that if you hadn’t said it the other day. No offence to those who struggle with meth but that drug baffles me. People who use it baffle me. I liked downers and hallucinogens.


Thank you kindly, they are adorable little creatures.

When they were taken from our custody they were placed with my brother and his family, they are the ones who called DCS in the first place, but they didn’t realize what they were getting into. So after 2 weeks with them, they gave them to foster care. There was so much anxiety and fear because of all the horror stories we had heard. We have 4 kids and it’s near impossible to find a placement that can support that so that was another worry. They were not just separated from us but from each other. They are so strong, they took it all in stride.

God favored us. He put them into 2 loving homes with great people. I’m thankful, complete strangers had more understanding and compassion than my sister in law. They waited until our Sunday night visit to give them to DCS, that was a long 2 weeks. Everything happens for a reason, He works wonders.


That’s amazing. I’m so happy that your family is getting this assistance. You guys are mending your wounds and building yourselves into something greater.


I am too. It was a blessing in disguise.

No idea where I’d be without all the madness in January


Somehow I was never huge into meth, but every time I did you can bet I wanted more


4 of em. 3 girls and a baby boy. 10,8, 6 and 5. Youngest 2 are 11 months apart. Oldest isn’t mine by blood but I consider her my first.


My post went bye-bye, but please know it was profound and heartfelt. :joy::heart:


I’ve had quite a few of my post just close out lol.

I appreciate it.


Yeah, I’ve found that the app will close out, but if I hop back on and go back to the thread, my post is still hanging out waiting g for me to send it. Weird.