Binge Drinker Rules


There’s a meme somewhere saying, thanks craft beer for making my alcoholism seem like a neat little hobby.
I always thought about how true it was for me, while i was still drinking.


I went from Williams, to Ezra Brooks, to Royal Canadian…got it down to under $10 a night, with 2 liter. After awhile I wasn’t bingeing I was on a bender.


I have a 100ft by 50ft blackberry/raspberry/black raspberry patch I planted to make my own beer from…can’t be an alcoholic if you make your own…right?!?..looks like I will have pies and jams for the whole state this year


New business opportunity!!!


This is my favorite❤.


I downloaded this alcohol tracker app on my phone one time and literally started only logging like half my drinks to trick my brain. Wtf


I would only drink Australian wine bc I thought it wouldn’t give me a hangover.

I’m noticing a pattern that I did a lot of crazy shit trying to avoid hangovers. Never once did I consider not drinking. Not one damn time.


I am definetly guilty of romanticising alcohol use. Still trying to figure out how to get that idea out of my head


Haha I said the same to my partner. We went out in the country and I saw an orchard I said does it count if I make my own cider ? I was kidding. I’m on day 16

  1. Only drink on weekends which turned into only drink liquor on weekends and beer on week days.
  2. Only have one glass of whiskey on Sunday nights cause of work Monday.
  3. Only drink after kids are in bed.
  4. Only buy one bottle of whiskey for the weekend.


I feel right at home here. My rules “adjusted” over time.
“Never drink at home and never in front of the kids” adjusted to:
“After the kids are asleep,” adjusted to:
“Two, as long as I’m not slurring for bedtime stories,” adjusted to:
“One glass while making dinner,” adjusted to:
“Hmm, it’s noon. Time to make dinner,” adjusted to:
I worked ER for decades so, “As long as I’m not that bad,” was a good one.
“Wine only,” adjusted to:
“Vodka tonic only,” adjusted to:
“Straight vodka, who needs extra calories,” adjusted to:
“Don’t bother with the glass.”



Ok, that made me LOL for real.


I, too, have made the trek from crystal champagne flute all the way to a pink Princess Jasmine sippy cup. I’m pretty sure I actually said to myself the words, “I am an alcoholic,” for the first time just to give myself permission to ride that bus all the way downtown - and drink it out of the bottle.
I really do have the most twisted thought processes.


I was never much of a binger. I would “pace myself”. Of course, the pace could often be a full-out sprint to see how much I could drink, before I passed out…so there’s that.


I made up so many stupid rules. I broke them all. Only drinking after 5. Food first rule. Wine only. Then, no wine, only cidres. When I reacted to those, only vodka was allowed. (Really? That helps lmao) Only allowed after work, when doing something else. Then weekends only. Social events only. And then holidays/special occasions. What…I woke up breathing today, that makes it a special occasion! I’ll quit for a week to know it’s under control. Or 29 days because on day 30, game back on…soooo many. Even during this time of really doing it, I’ve questioned myself and “if” I have an issue. The only way it works for me is knowing like @Yoda-Stevie said, it’s a terminal addiction. And I know this first hand! If I pick up one, guaranteed I’ll have more. In the end, this addiction is NOT going to win. I’ve got too much living to do! There is not a single good reason I have found to have that one, so I’m sticking with none and I’m doing it damn it!


Solid plan with the best chance of success!


Same! Must drink the leftovers… But top up the stash cos 6 cans won’t put me to sleep must drink 10,which means I’d buy 12,have 2 left over and repeat and repeat and repeat. So happy to be free of that crazy trap. 3 weeks clean and sleeping like a baby 0 cans required :slight_smile:


I used to drink my wife’s open bottles of wine, if they sat in the fridge (she likes sweeter white wines) for more than a month. I rationalized this as not wanting them to go bad, and be wasteful, as it would be tragic for all of those grapes to have given their lives, in vain.


Haha this made me laugh only because it’s soooo true!! Trying to figure out ways to avoid hangovers other than the SUPER OBVIOUS one of not drinking lmao. . I was the exact same way! :joy::roll_eyes:


Super obvious now, but I was certainly perplexed at the time…

Don’t forget the Pedialyte!