Binge Drinker Rules


So, as a binge drinker I know that I made a lot of rules for myself when it came to drinking after I relapsed in an attempt to control my drinking. For me, my rules were:

  • No drinking while at my boyfriend’s gigs which lasted anywhere between 3 and 4 hours (which I got around by drinking at dinner or at home or after his gigs).

  • When it came to shots, only one!! (which 9 times out of 10 put me over the edge into the blackout zone since the shots came after several drinks).

  • No drinking if I had to work day shift the next morning (I’m a waitress and work day shift Friday and Sunday morning).

  • No drinking ciders, only wine or mixed drinks in order to limit calorie/carb consumption.

  • Only drink if I wasn’t going to drive (which was always because either my boyfriend or my mom drove or we would walk wherever we were going).

What were some of yours?


Only drink after the kids go to bed; only have two; only have one glass of wine a night; have two drinks in the beginning of whatever event and then stop drinking; only drink heavy on my Saturday and lightly on my Sunday etc etc etc etc none of them ever worked


What’s upsetting is that we trick ourselves to believe our rules actually work! Until, before you know it, you’re back at square one realizing they never worked in the first place and that people who don’t have a problem with alcohol don’t need rules.


Exactly, they just drink or not lol it’s pretty simple for them. But in my mind it’s a non stop negotiation… Just one more


That was one of mine too. Wait until the kids went to bed, then it was just one with dinner, then one before I got home and onw with dinner, and down the rabbit hole i went.

Not drinking mon-thur, but if i had leftover beer from sunday id finish those, but id have to get more on the way home, since 1 or 2 wasnt enough. Then it just carried over through the whole week.
Visine in the morning so nobody could see how bloodshot my eyes were in the mornings.

I guess i didnt make that many rules for myself…

  1. Drink as much as possible as fast as possible.
  2. Try not to die


If I have less than seven then I won’t vomit.
(Yep, I’m clever.)


gotta add
3. repeat


Oh man the rules…I got so “creative” thinking of ways to keep booze in my life.

  1. Only drink REAL heavily on the start of my weekends…which ended in me going on 3 day binges
  2. If I drink on a work night, stop with enough time to get a decent night sleep…which ended in me drinking half a bottle and blacking out at 8pm
  3. Only buying half a bottle to limit the amount I drank…I wound up making a second trip to the liquor store
    And plenty more…
    In the end, none of them worked. I can’t help but chuckle a little at the misguided attempts to control my drinking.
    But thankfully I am here today and sober. And all that energy that went to keeping alcohol in my life has been transferred to way more positive and productive things.


I wouldn’t use soda as a mixer bc I thought it gave me hangovers. I just could not fathom that drinking a fifth of Evan Williams was the cause of my hangover


I would make sure to smoke weed before I hit the 5 drink mark so I wouldn’t get the spins when I smoked at the end of the night.


I wouldn’t let the bartender change out my ice from my rocks glass bc it would make the scotch taste better.


If I could start my car then I was ok to drive. If I started to see double I would close one eye.


Man we had a lot of the same rules lol. Except I liked soda chasers.


As you can tell I was absolutely insane when I was drinking


Omg… these were my rules too!


I did the double vision, close one eye trick a couple times before my first attempt!


My rules:
Don’t eat first
Don’t drink two nights in a row
Don’t drink when work meetings scheduled the next day
Don’t start without having more than you could possibly drink in the house
Don’t start before 7pm
Stay soberish until after bedtime stories
Only drink alone

Writing this makes me feel really sad.


Tried them all. Settled on @Englishd’s first rule. None of them worked. Thankfully escaped death. Barely.


Same here @Lionfish. Felt like I was reading my own rules!