Binge Drinker Rules


Lol trying to avoid a hangover because if I’m not hung over then I wasn’t really that drunk so I’m fine.


You know I started making my list but realized they were all the ones listed here. Plus some that made no sense.
I never used my credit card except for emergency shots
I had to finish all bottles because I of course didnt drink at home so I didn’t have anywhere to stash bottles
My rules never stuck just like no one else’s.
Would try them maybe a few days then nothing


Here’s one I don’t think I’ve seen listed.

Only drink with other alcoholics so my drinking looks normal!

  1. Get up early on a drinking day and start drinking earlier so that I wouldnt be up so late! Never worked,most of the time i can somewhat recall seeing the sun coming up as I stumbled to bed.
  2. Only drink vodka cruisers if I had something to do the next day cause I didnt get hangovers from them. Never worked,would have a few then switch to bourbon cause that got me drunker. Then be even sicker the next day cause I mixed drinks.
  3. Only get a 750ml bottle of bourbon instead of the 1lt for my husband and I so we didnt get too drunk and therefore hungover. Never worked. Always ended up doing the late night drunken run in my pajamas in a taxi to the drive thru to get more.


You can’t drink all day if you don’t start in the morning…


Yep… Just reading through and I can belive how much all this hits home. I even made a spreadsheet with an algorithm that made up to allow me to drink!! Starting to think that I only need one rule… “don’t stop stopping”


Or pick up the check (with money I didn’t really have to spend) so that no one else would see how much I actually drank.


All the damn time! People thought I was being nice…ha…just hiding what I drank


I’m a binge drinker I mean I was a binge drinker I’m 21 days sober yipppeee. Feeling good thank you @Englishd @StevieTee and others for your support


Yes the trying to control my drinking never worked even when I set up rules, regulations, and violations to follow/abide by. Received similar results previous times it failed miserably and terribly every time I attempted to. When I try to fix, manage, manipulate, and control people, places, and things. It tends to be frustrating and aggravating in my experience, but when I accept and let go it’s more liberating.