Bird watching


I’m a bird enthusiast. I love watching, identifying, photographing, drawing and painting them. These activities bring me a lot of peace and joy. Here are some of my little friends…

Checking in daily to help maintain focus

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Oh thanks @Englishd !

I love drawing and painting birds. It would be lovely to see some of your work.

My photos aren’t as good as yours but here’s a few… :grinning:


Love the attitude on that chicken! :rofl::rofl:


Here are a few. They aren’t particularly good and I don’t have natural talent in this area, but I’m learning and practising. I mostly draw and paint cards which I post to people and everyone seems to enjoy receiving a hand made card in the post.


A few more because I love them…


They’re lovely! So nice recieving something in the post.


We go to the same cabin every year up in the mountains of northeast San Diego county. We go for the birds! Lol. But really. There’s a few birdseed stations around the property that when full, bring lots of birds.
It’s very soothing and serene sitting on that porch and Watching the birds I’ll dig up some pictures:)


I want to see your drawings and paintings too!


I love the little red, white and black one! What is that?
I think I can say this safely here, but Ravens/Crows have spoken to me three times in my life. I saw visions through them, and they happened. :heart:️ I was also told they represented my grandfather.


The one with the red trisngle on it’s breast is a Rose-Breasted Grosbeak.

That’s cool about the crows and Ravens - thanks for sharing. :two_hearts:


Awesome shots And love your art too! I’m not a bird enthusiast but we built our home in this new housing development- used to be a farmers field so no trees when we built in 2008. But this summer I saw my first colorful bird- yellow and so cute! I was so excited lol we’ve always had lots of crows, and some hawks, humming birds too, but seeing a colorful bird was so exciting :joy:


Here are some pencil and ink ones. The fluffier the better!


Wow incredible!!!


Thank you!


Lovely! :two_hearts::two_hearts:


Thanks :heart:


I love birds. I have a beautiful red lore Amazon. I’ve been wanting to start bird watching. Birds are so breath taking and bring me joy when I see one. Thanks for sharing. Gorgeous pics😀


Chickens are the best! I had a pet chicken that use to sit on the couch with me. She was my baby😘


That’s so cute. I’d love pet chickens and ducks.