Bird watching


I love redbirds. Love.them.


Brill @SarahJ ! Love your pics on insta!

Although they are such nicer looking birds in the states judging by the pictures (flying birds- not female humans btw)


I had a pet rooster …worst idea ever! It chased me when i was 6. i ran full speed face first into a tree after looking back…he even chased the neighbor on his lawn mower…ruthless bird


Haha! Oh thanks Darren :kissing_heart:

Yes there are a lot of colourful ones there.


They’re awesome. My chicken use to follow me everywhere and she was such a sweet girl😍


A productive morning of bird photography. Would not have gotten these if I was not up and sober early on a Sunday morning. :two_hearts:
They are: black capped chickadee, white breasted nuthatch, tufted titmouse


So happy with my birds today :two_hearts:


Omg so precious!!


Met a nice fluffy pigeon today…


Also, this cute robin bobbed over to me today!


Dark Eyed Juncos being adorable, from last weekend just processed this morning.
Bald Eagle flying over lake. This morning is the first I have seen a few people out ice fishing, so the eagles are hanging around. Hilariously, I watched one try to land on a branch that then broke.


Wow, so majestic


Beautiful! I’d love to draw that Junco if that’s okay.


Awe!!! I love bird watching! Such wise and humble little things


You must be up in New England (aka Red Sox nation). Those three are the most common at our house in Vermont.


YES! I thought of you when I posted it because it is so cute and round and fluffy. I would be delighted if you would share the end product :hearts:


Amazing, thank you! Of course I will :blush:


Today has been a corker of a day for birding. Tufted Titmouse and Black Capped Chickadee. Also LOTS of Bald Eagles around - adults and juveniles. I need better zoom for these guys out on the ice - maybe that will be my xmas present to myself.



Love love love!!!