Bird watching


I LOVE your eagle shots! So jealous of your view, that’s amazing!



Female Dark-eyed Junco in snow


I don’t know much about birds or birdwatching, but am going to try it out in the spring. I have always found birds interesting, and I just love animals in general. There is something so calming just watching them go about their daily business, no rush to be anywhere.

I noticed a HUGE variety of birds in our backyard when we first moved in September. Could see it being very relaxing just sitting on the deck after work, looking through the branches with my binoculars.

I do know that I really like seeing Cardinals and Blue Jays, cool birds. I like Orioles a lot too, but don’t see them around here too often. The orange color on them is remarkable. We get hummingbirds too, so we plan on putting out special feeders for them.


Cool! I have found it so relaxing and meditative. It was a thing that I thought was boring until I started just sitting and watching them out my window. The more I watched them, the more I wanted to know what they were, and the more interested they got. I started keeping lists of what I saw, noting the time of year, then before I knew it, I became that nerd who gets really excited to see something new or different - some of my friends are like “WTF?!” But I find it relaxing and fun. Then I started taking photos - it has been an evolving process. I don’t go out looking for them, I just have started to notice what is already around me - I never payed attention to those things when drinking. Now I can observe my surroundings and appreciate them.

I didn’t understand fishing, until someone described it to me as “the art of doing nothing with a purpose”. That is bird watching for me. I am relaxing and doing nothing (usually from my couch or back deck), but with a purpose. It allows me to slow down. I highly recommend :slight_smile:





What book is this? I’d be interested in checking it out :slight_smile:



Cool! Im going to look it up. Thanks :slight_smile:


Morning Bald Eagle out my window. @Ifs - I need more zoom and am getting annoyed with winter photography, or maybe I just haven’t gotten the hang of not having everything look dark and drab. @liv_m - there was a single crow nearby squawking loudly at this guy - crows are brave and courageous creatures.


Sunday morning birds!


Saw a nice fat blue jay in our yard this morning, my favorite bird! Tried to get a photo but he flitted away into the forest before I could get a half decent shot.

Anyhow, my girlfriend (who spotted the jay first) decided to name it “Blueberry Pie”. So that’s his/her name now.


I heard the call of a cardinal this morning. It gave me pause; they are no where near as prevalent here as they were back east. :bird:


How have I missed this thread,love it, I live beside a nature reserve with lots of hides around the wetland lake, I have bought binoculars and I’m going this weekend, going to let my inner geek go wild and buy a book too :grinning:.


Please report back! And share photos if you take any :bird::bird:


This morning, smoking my morning cig, i heard birds singing for the first time this year like the spring is coming. And it seems theres a bluetit nesting in my birdhouse. I say its mine, because years ago i wished to have that as a Mothers day gift :joy:


I love birdies too! We have some green birds that look like parakeets that live in the park near my house. Do yall know if these are usually wild? They make funny sounds.


They could well be parakeets! When i lived in London, there were colonies of wild patakeets and it was a delight to see these green flashes. Sometimes people let out their pets and then they start breeding. If can manage a photo, id be interested to see.