Boredom when sober

How do I manage the boredom when staying sober? I don’t have a job due to mental illness


Hello and welcome to the community. Keep your mind, body and soul active. Especially during the early days of sobriety.
Plan out your days and fill your hours with routines that have a positive impact on your recovery: go to AA or attend online meetings, exercise, walking, reading quit lit, meditation, keeping a journal, etc
And then try out a new hobby. Have a look around on this forum and participate. There is something for everyone: crafts, cooking, gardening, diy, knitting, music, photography…
Hope to see you around.


Welcome, it’s really hard. I also struggle with mental health along side alcohol, gambling and drug issues. I didn’t even go out the house to do these things. I agree sometimes it is boring, especially if you don’t leave the house much like myself. Only thing I keep doing is reminding myself how I felt when I was drinking. 5 days drinking usually meant 5 day hangovers, sweating, shaking, anxiety and not answering calls or anyone at the door. Add the suicidal ideation on top and it’s awful. I might get bored but I never want to go back to feeling like that again. I have tried jigsaws, paint by numbers and walking helps to keep my mind occupied. You definitely need something to fill your time. Just don’t drink as it will definitely not help! Good luck.


Was life super exciting when u were drinking? I know mine wasnt…its just very different once u stop numbing everything and takes time to get used to like anything else


There is definitely a transition period between quitting the drink and living an exciting life sober. That transitional period is often packed with boredom.

Spice it up with puzzles and netflix
Or knitting and netflix
Maybe paint by color and netflix
Theres also hulu and netflix

I spent my transition time cleaning and decluttering my home. Also learned music theory and deepend my skill on guitar and of course, netflix.

This transition period wont last forever, so its a perfect opportunity to pick up a new skill/hobby or reignite the flame on a past passion.

:oyster: ← this is the world, and its yours!


Yep, there is always Netflix :smiley:
Big fan myself. No matter how many hours I put in, my watch list mysteriously never shrinks

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Coloring books for adults, building models, catching up on reading, watching comedy on YouTube. That’s been my thing.

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Find a skill that you don’t have that you’d be interested in having and learning and work to master it. you’d be amazed how you can totally lose yourself in this mindset if you find the right activity and not even realize the time flying by. It’s all about where you focus your attention.

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Famous people have gotten sober and their story is on YouTube told by them

Stevo from jackass got a amazing story

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Oh yeah, the depression!! I know this is very tough as it is for me!! I have PTSD and have never found a counselor that can help!! I am on antidepressants (celexa) which don’t help!! I totally agreed that drinking alcohol doesn’t help and neither does smoking weed. So, you are stuck with the depression. My boyfriend, other friends say snap out of it. Just be logical not emotional. I get so mad at this. So, I am in the same boat as you. How can you do hobbies if you are totally not motived by life!!!