Bracing for an ice storm


glare ice roads here today but that’s all its sticking to right now


I live heavy whipping cream.


Lol…i thought it was funny


This is us right now…but it looks like we’ll be getting about 15’C in a week…fingers crossed.


Haha what app is this?!?




What is keto hot cocoa?


It was 70 here yesterday (Connecticut), today it’s 30’s :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:


I’m in Syracuse. Good race for the Golden Snowball this year, but it looks like we are getting the most unwanted crown back.


It is in the mail!


I would already be dead in that heat. I’m short, fat and hairy. I was designed for the arctic.


Sugar free, high fat.

Basically this one was hot water, dutch cocoa, a tsp of swerve, MCT oil, a few wafers of cocoa butter and topped with whipped cream. (Can be made vegan by using coconut cream ) you can also sub water for mint tea or coffee (mmmmmm)


Ok what’s swerve and MCT oil? Does it taste good?


It’s delicious! Swerve is a plant based sweetener kind of like stevia. MCT is a optimized version of coconut oil, you could sub regular coconut oil though.


Ok. I have organic coconut oil and stevia but not swerve. Think it’ll work?


100% will work.