Brutally Honest

How do you self soothe when you are feeling worried, obsessing about what comforts you but I s not good for you. I am selfish, I want what i want l Iike right now. I think I will pray.

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THIS helps me the most - meditation and prayer! I also practice positive affirmations and repeat them over and over.

A few you may want to try…
I am worthy of an addiction free life
I am strong and capable
I am young and healthy

I do hope that some if not all of these help you today! :people_hugging:

Hey Ana - how is your day going? Did the prayer help?

Thank you for checking in. Yes, it did. I am triggered when i am tired. I prayed and rested. I do the big book prayers. When i take the focus off myself, I have a different perspective.

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Well done on using the tools you have and keeping on the sobriety path! Yeah to another 24 hours in the books :pray:

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I really love this place because there is true anonymity. I find it very freeing I can say whatever I want without worrying about what people think.

It does help to have a safe space, welcome :pray:

Grateful for 15 days sober from obsessive thoughts, compulsive behaviors, and trying to control things i have no business controlling. Thank you all for your support.


Doing so great Ana! Well done on your 2+ weeks of sobriety…keep strong :muscle::raised_hands:

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Almost slipped today. I was about drive and engage in my addiction. However, changed my mind and decided to tap into healthier choices. I said to myself, I go tomorrow. The thing is tomorrow is not here yet. Maybe when i wake up I’ll pray, meditate and hope that i my craving and thoughts will change.


Girl you don’t even know how proud i am of you right now! You took a step back and had “that” conversation with yourself and totally ok to push off the urge to a later time / date. In the mean time do what you are doing - praying / meditating / logging in here …etc to make sure you can curb the later urges from even happening.
You are kicking ass here - i absolutely love it! I know some folks even like to sit and play the tape forward - imagine yourself going for the drive and engaging with the addiction - keep playing it forward and feeling the empty aftermath feeling the hangover the next day …etc. This exercise may help in the future.

Rest easy knowing you slayed the urges today and made it another 24 hours! :muscle: Keep showing up for yourself my friend.

Thank you my friend. Literally, this recovery is 1 hour, 1 day at a time. Staying in the present is the key. I am so humbled, i can’t do it on my own. I need to be brutally honest. Thank you for giving me that space. I know if i go to my friends about this, they wouldn’t understand how deep it is. I have an addiction to compulsive overeating. My alcoholic foods are sugar and flour. I am not an obese person and that is why it’s so hard to me seriously. People laugh when i tell them it’s an addiction. It’s an addiction of the mind. When i obsessed about having a bagel and cream cheese and are willing to drive to get 1 bagel, that is a problem. My A1C is high. Either I control certain foods or I take medication. Thinking about the latter makes me make healthy choices, again thank you jas!


you are most welcome my friend!

I do love this site because we can all relate to the addiction. I know how hard it is to discuss with friends / family cause even if they do want to understand - they really can’t fully grasp what we are going through.
I think that is why its also great to be a part of a recovery group so you can have some real life support.

For food addictions - have you checked out the threads dedicated for these? Binge eating recovery daily check in thread (Part 2) is one that is active right now.

This is a a great site for getting non judgmental support and like you said where you can be brutally honest and totally raw.

also - if you ever feel vulnerable or in need of support - type help in the Checking in daily to maintain focus #58 thread
this site is active day and night so someone is always around.

Having your dedicated thread here can also serve as your journal so you can review your posts here and see how far you have come.
Grateful to have you on this journey with us.

I noticed you suggested the binge eating thread. I don’t want to follow that because i don’t want to focus on any specific detail about the problem area. I have a program that over emphasize the details. I get triggered by that. I only mentioned the detail so you have an idea. I normally don’t want to discuss the problem. I want to focus on the addictive behavior and thinking. If that makes sense. I eill check out the other thread you mentioned. I Welcome other feedback as well.


Oh I totally understand and appreciate you letting me know so I don’t bring that up again.
Thank you for being so open - that really helps with our recovery.

Sweet Dreams my friend - will touch base with you tomorrow :sleeping: hope you get some rest too

20 days MARK!!! WOW!! it has been challenging but who sait it wouldn’t be. Continuing 1 hour at a time, prayer, meditation, journaling, posting and gratitude. Let’s do this!!


I find they always go away. It’s strange like that. But that doesn’t make them not powerful. It’s like loneliness. Makes you do crazy things you wouldn’t otherwise just to get rid of a temporary feeling.

30 days, wow!!


That’s what I’m talking about!!! Hells yeah 30 days in the bag. You are doing a fantastic job :muscle::muscle:


you’re rockin it girl! amazing :clap:t4::clap:t4: way to power through those 30 days :star_struck::star_struck::clap:t4::clap:t4::partying_face::partying_face:

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