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Best wishes to everyone checking in… whether you’ve just logged in for the very first time and are curious what it’s all about and ready to get involved to get support for yourself or if you’re celebrating your first week, first month, first year or tenth year, or fiftieth year.
Or simply checking in daily to maintain focus as many/most do.
You’re here. You’re checking in. You’re getting or giving support. It’s all good. Take care.


Day 990,

Got my first medication for my adhd. It’s a low dose to start with. Although I’m not happy I need medication it feels like a relieve at the moment it started.



Happy Birthday @Sabrina80 !
My wish for you is that you will get well and can eat some birthday cake! Wishing you a great year ahead and quick get well soon!



That sounds great @Rob11 ! The right and appropriate medication certainly can make a good difference in many instances. I hope this will be the case for you. Big hugs.



… Get well soon, and… Relax!


Checking in for day 7.
Slowly, normal everyday life begins in the new flat.


Morning check-in.

In 2 hours Im gonna see with my Dr. It’s already more than 2 weeks my temperature is around 38°C (100.5F) and last days I feel defeated. Probably gonna hear it’s viral and I must rest but my h insist I have to be checked so I go. Covid test negatieve.
I think I’m gonna tell that I want to change my fluoxetine dosage from 30 to 20mg. But I’m not sure if it’s good idea.


So happy for you Rob. It really is great that you are giving this center and the treatment/meds an honest try.

We all need a little help in some form or another. Just grateful that you are sending some relief.


1week down is fantastic Anna - keep strong my friend :muscle::raised_hands:


I hope your doctor’s appointment goes well. Glad you are COVID negative. I do hope you start feeling better soon. Sending you healing vibes.

Are you able to fill a smaller prescription to see how you do on a lower dose?


Hey all, checking in on day 1178. I hope everybody has a good one!


What is it about when you have stressful times that self care seems to go out of the window? When really thats the time u should do more of it…least it tends to with me…ive recognised this so im taking myself into hand so starting today im going to start eating better, giving a shit about my appearance and generally looking after myself alot better


Brillant, I needed to hear this. Thank you Jasmine.:heart:
This is taking weight off my shoulders.

Really sorry that your physical condition is making you not want to do check in’s and gratitudes… you must really be disappointed that despite your hard work to deal with everything right, this problem just doesn’t seem to go away. I’m really sorry, it must suck so hard to do the healthy thing right now.

Sometimes I resent doing the healthy thing when I feel like it doesn’t make anything better. We try so hard and for what? For still being so miserable either way?
I feel with you.
Since reality equals perspective, I can only applaud you for fighting to keep your perspective positive.
Life does suck (as much as its wonderful), but when we use, we lose our life altogether.

I try to just sit with me. Sit with my anger, sadness, disappointment, resentment… let myself be miserable, cry, scream, and feel it completely. Let it out, express it somehow. Again and again. And in the back of my mind, remember I am free.

Checking in, holding up alright.
Symptoms are coming back which is always disappointing but Im dealing well enough I think. All in all have a good outlook. Will be taking a trip to Hamburg which was inspired by @MrsOdh saying she loved Germany, which blew my mind :wink: :joy: Thank you!

On a different note, I’ve been reading up on physics (watching yt videos i mean). About how “all is one”, how the universe and us are all made from the same particles, just arranged into different forms in spacetime. This way of thinking helps me.
The notion that, in a way, I am “one” with everything else (is weird and sometimes creepy but) makes me feel not alone anymore. Like I’m not just a lonely singular me. Helps me to deal with a lot because it forces me to let go of my ego and turn my perspective outwards, instead of inwards all the time. And the peace that I feel then is overwhelming.

Me: :frowning:
Me: But physics says I’m the universe.
Me: :slight_smile:


3.90 no marijuana
48.58 no smoking
117.50 no alcohol

I’m off to work
I’ll be out in 9hours 30min at 4pm or 16:00
Take care


I know that I am better health wise than when I started on this journey. I may not necessarily be able to feel it. Detoxing in whatever form you do it takes time. Imagine all the years we have abused this body and now it’s finally given an honest chance to repair the damage.
I know that just like our emotional pain find places to hide in our brain, our ailments are also stuck in fatty deposits in our bodies and thus sometimes you get worse before you get better.
Also - a healthy reminder that feeling bad now will only get worse if we pick up - no way is it possible to heal or recover while using our DOC

Do let it out when you feel overwhelmed. It’s not easy not feeling well and living with your body as it’s healing. Especially when you are doing all the right things.

Scream -punch- cry…all are acceptable and actually very helpful. I do hope you start feeling better soon. I’m here if you need to vent it out. You are doing so great yourself and should be proud of you

Hamburg ? Oh I’m excited for you… absolutely love this area. I’ve only been once but have some lovely memories of my time there.

I love this! For me this is the key…to be “one” with the energy all around us- this energy field is infinite and we are forever protected. Really gives me the universal hug when I feel low. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::people_hugging::heart:


How are you doing Dana? I do hope you had a smooth night love. Hopefully you are able to get in a power nap (hope that is something that works for you).

Wishing you strength and energy for your day ahead. Hoping you have some support for tonight.


@flourishingperson1 … love your handle. Way to go on 7 days!


9d 7h check in – surgery this morning for the broken ankle i suffered last Saturday night. Not coincidentally, was drunk at the time, hence this current go at sobriety, something I’ve stopped & started for years.

I’m not worried about the procedure itself, just all of the hassle of the morning waiting around, and then later today, having to negotiate the 5 stairs up to my porch, getting into the door and to my couch. Then of course, the 10 weeks until i can start (slowly) walking again. But hey, silver linings and all that. Thanks for being here, TS. Apologies in advance for any recovery-related whining. :laughing:


Hi Rob! Congrats on 990 days!!! :tada:
I struggle with depression, it’s nearly killed me multiple times. For years I didn’t want to be medicated. This spring in another low I threw in the towel and was so desperate for relief I decided I’d give it a try. Linked up with a psych and started antidepressants in June and it has made a huge difference. After I got the script it sat on my dresser for a few days while I stared at it, still terrified to take it because I didn’t want to be altered or “out of control” of myself. (Funny fear coming from an alcoholic, right?! :joy: it’s laughable when I look back now!) all of that to say, I had to reframe my thinking about meds. Instead of looking at it from an emotional viewpoint, I had to look at it from a logical/scientific view point. My brain chemistry is wonky, there are meds that help correct it. I’m not happy I need them, but I am happy they are available and I have access to them. I wouldn’t tell a diabetic to not take their insulin and I’ve never met someone who is diabetic that is happy about needing the meds, but they’ve always been grateful to have them.
Hoping meds bring you relief and you start feeling better soon! :pray:t3: They’ve made a huge difference in my life and I’m looking forward to their full effect after removing the booze! You got this!