C25K anyone?

Does anyone fancy doing the C25K?

I downloaded the NHS C25K and did run one today!

There’s a thing on it called “run buddy” where you can run at the same time as a buddy, thought that could be cool if anyone wants to join!

Would also be cool to check in on here with progress.

I recon I’m going to take it slower than the target 9 weeks, because I don’t want to do three runs a week, maybe just two, and build it up more slowly.


It’s a great way to ease into running. I followed a similar format when I started years ago. I run 1, 2 or 3 times a week - depending on my mood, so I am happy to join you and cheer you on! :running_woman: :man_running:


Oh yeah ,:blush::ok_hand: please do! I need all the motivation I can get.

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Oh fun! I tried C25K years ago. I determined that, while I really wanted to be a runner, and could complete the running, I more enjoyed the interval running (run/walk/run). I think it’s a great program! Best of luck on your journey :blush:


Run walk run (aka the Galloway method) IS running!! My daughter does half and full marathons this way.

@Badger, I cannot locate the NHS C25k, likely because I am in the States. If you have a link to it, feel free to PM me.


Oh no! I think you could be right, it’s NHS and BBC so maybe only available in the UK… I typed in “couch to 5k” on the play app store and it was the top one listed.

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I have been plugging along at the c25k for years :rofl: :sob: :rofl: I finished it once (took ages, repeating weeks over and over) stopped, went back to the beginning, hovered around week 6 for months, stopped.
There are plenty of websites and podcasts based on it. I used this one. Homepage - Carli Fierce | Running Into Shape She has some different music ones.
I’ll be happy to start up again with you in 2023.


Yes!! Brilliant!! Thank you!


C25k is great!

So is the Galloway method…

Really anything to get your body moving that YOU enjoy :relaxed:

I already have my own training schedule so I won’t be joining you. Just popped in to wish you Good luck!


So I’ve set my next run for 8am tomorrow :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:
Start as you mean to go on, right!???

I’m hoping that by posting this here it’ll give me an extra push to get my butt out of bed in the morning!


I will take a run tomorrow as well. :running_woman:

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We will be doing a family run in the morning too. Post here or in the weightlifting/gym thread and let us know how it went!! Accountability in exercise is helpful, just like in recovery! :star_struck: happy running!


I’ll be doing a run after work too. Gonna start the year off with a 5k :blush:

For those with smart watches, I think some of the major platforms have c25k apps. Based on the day of training, it’ll automatically track your run and give you guidance on interval breaks.

My fitbit versa had one even, years ago.

I may be right i May be crazy, maybe both

But I do believe alot of programs like fit bit map my run and such offer run with friends options

I had a friend who used one, she stopped cause apparently even on exercise apps dudes be thirsty AF,

Brill thanks @SassyRocks

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I don’t think my watch has that feature :joy:


I’m not really sure how this works, never used it before, but I think that if someone has the NHS C25K app and wants to run at the same time (8am tomorrow UK time) then you can add this code and we are “run buddies” for that run …

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Now THAT’S what I’m talking about!

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So I did it! phew.

It was hard getting out of bed.
Once out, it was good, kept getting distracted by the sun rise tho so had to keep pausing the instructions of when to walk and when to run! Good position to be in tho!