C25K anyone?

Hey we’re on the same week!!!
I’m not doing it as fast tho, like only one or two runs per actual week, so you’ll over take me

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Hey thats soo cool! Ill show u the plan im doing:

Everytime i jog/run its really a challenge. It doesnf come easy to me yet. Are u doing a similar plan?

Mine seems very similar but it’s not in a chart like that to show you. I’m not doing the days that intensively either. Like maybe two runs per week when I want to

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Thats great though! I dont think it honestly matters how long it takes to get there. I saw some plans (while looking for this one) thay were 4 weeks or 6 weeks. Those seemed intense to me too

I started with a similar program many years ago and would join up every summer for a few summers. It was a women’s group and a lot of fun.

It was a 12 week program and really emphasized easing in. You’ll see on the chart it says ‘easy/push’. What was easy for some, might have been more of a push for others, so we all went at our own pace / what worked for us individually (kind of like sobriety?). :slightly_smiling_face:

I started with easy as walking and push as a slow jog. My slow jog hasn’t changed much over the years and that is okay.

Just wanted to offer some more support and options if anyone is interested. :slightly_smiling_face: Happy running!!!

How frequently do you all run?

So I’m still going on the C25K, but think I’m averaging about 1 run per week or per (I don’t want to give up any of my other hobbies!!!) Ten days.

As I get into the harder runs, do you think that just one run per week / per ten days is enough to maintain against injuries?

Against injuries from running or other activities? What are you trying to get out of running 1x wk - just the 5k then done? That will help answer your question :slight_smile:


Oh I mean injuries from running.

I would like to just be able to jog a 5K maybe once every week to two weeks, is this a realistic goal? (42 years old)

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I think it is. I took up running in my late 40s. Conditioning is key tho to avoid injuries. Easing into a 5k distance is doable, but you do have to build up lung and muscle endurance. That can be hard to do at 1 short run a week. If you are making progress on your modified program (adding on minutes of running each outing), that is good. I also highly recommend stretching out your legs after runs, helps me a lot…as does soaking in epsom salts.

You may want to read up on the Galloway method, which is a run / walk. That is a gentle way of getting out there and adding in more time and distance.

I have been sick, so right now I am a 1 maybe 2 day a week runner, usually 2 miles, sometimes a 5k. I am over 60.

You can do it. I love running. :heart:


I’m 38 (will be 39 in May) and run 3-4 times per week. Most of the time at least 1 of those is a 5k and another is a long run. Some weeks they might all be shorter distances but I try to get at least 10 miles a week. While I’ve been working on running for almost 6 years I’ve only recently (over the past 2 years) put actual work into it. I focus on endurance paces the most. I’m not that speedy lol

Foam rolling, stretching after runs and epsom salt bathes have been my go tos for avoiding injuries. I also listen to my body. If I have a tight calf I’ll take a few days off.

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I agree with everything @SassyRocks & @Runningfree said!

If the mileage building feels tough, keep a few weeks at the same distance — if this is strictly for health and enjoyment then don’t lose sight of that by trying to reach arbitrary goals. Adjust goals when needed :relaxed:


Totally agree. Some days I just go. I almost always take a pack with me cause I never know how far my body will go. I enjoy those runs much more than when I’m doing like intervals or speed work.


So I’m back out and just done W3R1, decided to repeat W3 because have had a bit of a break and don’t want to hurt my joints

It went easily.

PS if someone wants to merge this topic with the other running topic please do


I haven’t been out much myself. Had some surgery and lost some stamina. So am picking away at it amongst these damn lung busting hills. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yay, I’ve been slacking too! (Actually u sound like you have a good reason, I was slacking, however :stuck_out_tongue:)

Really enjoyed this article. Have recently stopped logging/pacing my runs (I run to feel good, not a racer). I wanted to see how it felt taking away the time aspect and being more in the run/listening to my body. So far, it feels good and a bit freeing for me. ‘Letting go’ of all sorts of things seems to be the theme of my early 60s at the moment.

Maybe something in the article will resonate for you.


Thanks for sharing! This is right up my street

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Mine too!!! And you are welcome!

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I’ve been managing about one run per week, it’s going ok.

Got past the 20 minute block run, which went easier than expected. however I had to stop the run today because I was just too tired (like muscle tired!) I’m attempting to learn horse riding and at this morning’s lesson I was SUPER GRIPPED and tense on the horse, trying to learn new moves, the horse was being very slow and unreactive (quite a hot day here) so when I tried to run afterwards my muscles just didn’t want to, every step was just ugghhhh and I couldn’t get my music app to work either. In the end I just stopped!

First fail yet! But I’ll be back at it.


Good to hear from you on the running!! Maybe some extra water hydration might help a bit?? Idk just a thought. I am averaging about 2 runs a week, maybe 3, not very long…but getting out there. I love running even when it kicks my butt.