Can I get a sponcer without a meeting?

I really wanna get a sponcer , but I can’t so meetings I have 3 small kids it’s just not do able or something I’m willing to do with kids
Each is to there own , but for me kids should be kids not around grown folk stuff.
I wanna create a sober support system, I just don’t know how to go about it.
I recently just went off FB my little fam I did have on it are just getting under my skin passive aggressive bs so I went off
Been doing good , still sober no ciggys too day 21 feeling good but I wanna ciggy lol


Well I’m on here about everyday if u need to talk about something or having a hard time.


I really appreciate that

Online zoom meetings could be an option


That’s a great idea … do I just google it

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Well if you are looking for aa meetings there the intherooms app or the everything aa app. There are online meetings 24/7 you can find.


Thank you​:heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse:

You can do online meetings.

I know ladies who are solely sponsored online. What time zone are you in?

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I’m in British Columbia :canada:
Its 8:44 here

Am lol forgot to add that

Others said it before referring to in the rooms, it’s worth checking out, it’s free first and foremost,

And they offer a lot of meetings if you make mention you are looking for a sponsor, someone may step up,

There’s a few ladies here that attend a zoom meeting for women only that they rave about,

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Thank u I appreciate the info