FAQ: Sponsorship

What is a sponsor? How do I find a sponsor? Will you sponsor me?

Sponsorship is great! It’s helped me a bunch. This is my take on it since people ask a lot, but I’m by no means the authority…

Sponsorship usually refers to 12-step programs specifically (like Alcoholics or Narcotics Anonymous), not recovery in general. Here’s a link with Q&A on how it works in AA.

What is a sponsor? Sponsors are people who’ve worked through the steps of a program. A sponsor shares with others their experience getting sober, walking them through the steps 1-on-1, that they too may hopefully enjoy a fruitful recovery.

Those willing to sponsor are happy to do it. There’s nothing as good for sobriety as helping someone find their way out of a place we know all too well.

They’re also there as a sounding board when we feel “stuck” or wanting to drink or use. They do not tell us what to do nor just tell you what you want to hear.

They can only share their own experience working the steps and offer suggestions in the hopes you forge your own path to sobriety. And that is up to you.

How do I find a sponsor? Typically you won’t find one on this forum. Lots of us are in 12-step programs, but this isn’t a 12-step site.

Search out meetings in your area and there you can ask how they do sponsorship. Many areas have gone more online recently. You might also find one at intherooms.com which has online 12-step meetings.

Then, you just ask. Don’t be afraid to ask! If they can help, they’ll be excited you did. And if they can’t, there’s still others who can.

As for who to ask, well… advice varies, and there’s some good threads here about it. Check out some linked below.

It should be someone with some sober time who’s gone through the steps. Maybe you hear them share at a meeting and relate to their story.

The best advice I’ve heard is, “Find someone who has what you want and do what they do.” That doesn’t mean a fancy car and nice house. :joy:

Will you sponsor me? Nah. Myself and others here probably do sponsor. It can be a personal thing though, so most prefer sponsoring in their local area. There are many out there waiting to help you. Seek and you shall find!

Meanwhile we are all excited you’re here, and glad to be sharing this journey with you. :pray:


thanks for sharing.

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First lemme relink the Q&A on how it works in AA.

Then, here’s some previous threads from the forum discussing sponsorship…

Anyone else recall good threads on this?


(I might add, I made this post Wiki. Which I think means Regulars who have some experience with it are welcome to fix or add things to the OP.)

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I’m going to give an opinion on how it doesn’t work. I see this every day on the forum.
Someone posts that they want a sponsor, but doesn’t want to go to meetings.
I fear that is pushing your own will into the equation. When the idea is to let go of that own will.
If I was asked to sponsor someone who says they don’t want to attend meetings. I would decline the offer.

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