Can I vape?

Is it okay to vape if you’re an alcoholic?

It might give you a little anxiety and make you want to drink. It’s risky.


I don’t really see the connection, except the addiction side.
If you smoke, it’s better to vape.
If you don’t smoke, don’t vape, it’s useless and harmful too.
In the end, it’s better to breath air instead of vapor and nicotine…
I still vape, and I find it hard to quit :man_facepalming:t2:


For myself when i quit drinking i knew i had to stop smoking at that very same moment, because i couldnt have one without the other and a cigarette would make me crave a drink and the drink would make me crave a cigarette.
It worked for me this way, others still smoked and stayed sober, others waited to quit a little after.
Do you think vaping will eventually lead you back to the drink or help you whilst you quit?
Everyones different, they do say dont put too much pressure on yourself and stop everything at the same time if its going to end up making you go back to it all. Not drinking would be my main priority.
Some people quitting altogether works and others it doesnt.
I think its good your asking for advice but maybe only you know what is the right way to quit vaping for you.
I used the patched and gum for a few months though to help. They really did help with the mood swings and irritability from nicotine withdrawals, so there are other options if your finding it hard - it wasnt easy for me although written down it sounds as though it was, my dr helped me.


I think it’s individual.
If it’s triggering you to drink, I would stop.
Are you vaping tabac or weed?

I stopped smoking cigarettes with 25 already,
at this age I didn’t c a need to stop drinking,
as it was not that often.

I smoked weed and hash from 14 to 21, then I stopped.
I started consuming a bit of weed again by vaping 2 years ago, maybe a cap every weekend. Now I don’t like it anymore, because I don’t like that it’s making me tired and it doesn’t give me a kick.

My actual drug is swimming. :rofl:

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Thank you for the advise. I’ve never tried the gum as I’ve been told it doesn’t taste nice - is that true?

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Im gonna be totally honest, im 95 days alcohol free but i vape like a mofo! For me i dont feel there is a connection, yes vaping isnt ideal but it doesnt make me act like an idiot and wreck my life, i kinda feel i need to deal with one thing at a time


I dont think it tasted bas it tastes like mint gum, there are a few flavours. Its worth trying out for yourself.
I used the patches all day and night like recommended and this helps curbe the cravings and withdrawals and then when a strong craving comes and it get difficult then the gum you use instead of a cigarette. It really did help me.
For the first month i used this inhulator put the nicotone cartridge into and inhale

that is from the same make and this helped with the having something to hold and actually feels like your smoking but you end up using it less and less then i went onto the gum, then i found i had just stopped using the gum and then forgot to put the patch on

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There is this thread for those who are trying to quit or want to quit you may find helpful too.

I personally think if keeping smoking will help you stay sober especially if your still early on in sobriety then quit when your ready.
If you feel you can quit whilst staying sober the totally give it a go.

But if your mean can you vape because does it class as a relapse for me i wouldnt class that as a relapse unless your smoking weed and weed is what your trying to quit.

I quit weed over 5 yrs ago. I was sober from alcohol before for 8 years and smoked cigarettes then still. But this time around sober i felt i had to quit both, just speaking from my own experience but everyone is different for what works for them.


I’m too scared of using the inhalator. Cause of what happened with the spray. Apparently the spray contains alcohol . I’ll try the gum. When I use the patch I use 2 at a time & leave them on before literally closing my eyes.

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I assume we mean nicotine vaping.

I think this is a pretty personal question. As for your sobriety from alcohol, does vaping introduce any risk of relapse on booze? If yes, then that’s worth thinking about.

If not, then the next question. Is nicotine use interfering with your life? Like, is nicotine a problem of its own?

Would obviously be nice to be free of all substances and addictions. But man, quitting nicotine is damn hard. I don’t mean that as an excuse it’s just reality. We need a plan.

For myself, alcohol wreaked WAY more havoc on my life than nicotine. I dunno if I could have quit both at the same time successfully.

So for me, I was satisfied to get off the booze. I’d like to quit nicotine altogether too, but it never interfered with my life the way drinking did. So I’m much more focused on making sure I don’t drink first and foremost.

But for others, maybe there’s an association between the two and they need to stop both in order to quit either! Your mileage may vary.

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