Can you help me?

Hello im Mykel tiatson from philippines

Im addicted to alcohol and im never stop drink drink when im not block out

Can anyone help me :frowning:

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@Konsehal_Mykel_Tiats welcome. I’m sure somebody will be along to help you soon. Well done on taking the first step :+1::blush:

Have you tried going to a meeting?

Welcome! Maybe this can help?


Thanks Sir :blush: :+1:

Im a councilor sir but im always thinking about liquor

I’m a doctor, but I’ve gone to meetings. An addict cannot be above any form of recovery.

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Hello and welcome :wave::blush:

There is a frequently asked questions post which has links to lots of really useful threads which I would recommend spending some time reading through.

There is a wonderful community here ready to help where we can - keep checking in, read and reach out when you need to!

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Hello and welcome,
Addiction doesn’t look at your education or grate. Rich or poor, whatever.
Being here is a great step, you know you have a problem and you want to do something about it: great!! :facepunch:
Give it all you’ve got! Get rid of the alcohol in your house. Fill your refrigerator with nice healthy foods and alcohol free drinks and go for it!!
I come here every day. It helps me to be were I am right now: 269 days sober.
It’s hard work, but you can do it too!!

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Tnx dude hehehe im really need that words, now me and my family eating at greenich