CBD and what happened

Today was 5 days sober
My energy was 110%

So i thought it would be ok to buy CBD. Another word for it is cannabinoid. Thats a ingredient in pot with no THC. So many of my buddies have no feeling from it but said it was relaxing. It took away quite a bit of anxiety but till a hour ago i was on my butt from it. It felt like thc but less stress. I called it a relaps because i found myself in my bed waiting for it to end. My thoughts were magnified. My thoughts were also louder. I felt dizzy and lightheaded. I thought it would be a way to escape but i found myself in the same place as smoking thc

Cbd is wayyyy less stronger then thc. Cbd helps a lot of people with many things. If some use it for help i would even agree. But me, trying to quit pot but smoking cbd is pointless and i decided to restart the clock.

My new sobriety date is August 13th 6pm.

Bless you all
Take care


I’m confused as my understanding of it Is that you take the oil in droplet form not smoke it? I’m not sure maybe there are different types. I’ve found the oil to definitely lessen my anxiety a bit so I feel relatively normal (when I remember to use it) but certainly don’t feel anything mind altering from it. Hope you’re ok now x


months back i was visiting some friends i brooklyn and we went to a tea house that sold cbd tea. i’ve never really been a pot smoker and thought that cbd was totally normal - i mean its in everything now (at least in california)! so i was sitting there drinking my turmeric tea, enjoying myself. i must have had 3 cups of tea in that sitting. fast forward a few hours later, i’m in a cab and loosing my mind! it got so bad that i was wracking my brain to think when someone had the chance to drug me. i felt super disoriented, very introverted (unlike me) and just totally on my ass. and then i remember i had that dang cbd tea. never again! no shame to anyone that enjoys it as a relaxation tool, like many seem to do. its just so not for me.


I’m pretty sure you can consume it in many of the same ways as THC products. There’s vapes, edibles(I’ve even seen those in small town gas stations in East Texas), strains of weed with higher concentrations of CBD vs THC, etc.

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That’s a bummer! I have heard mixed results with CBD, some say there’s no THC so its OK, then you described something contrary… my only experience was 2 years ago, I bought CBD infused honey for my dying FIL. He passed and so I didn’t let it go to waste, there was actually a small amount of THC in it, so that product was not 100% THC free.

I guess its along the lines of non-alcoholic beer, probably not the best for an alcoholic.

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sorry @adeygaga49 i didn’t mean to counter your reply with my comment by replying to yours :laughing:

I’ve tried a few different types (gummies, pills, sublingual oils, and smokable flower) and all have had different effects.

I felt almost nothing (as far as noticable alteration) from the pills or gummies. They did help with inflammation and pain though. The smokable flower made me do a double take because I was almost sure it was actually pot because I felt a little high off of it but not anxious. I don’t smoke marijuana because it gives me panic attacks. I’m (was) a drunk and into uppers, pot isn’t my thing and I use CBD for anxiety, pain, and bipolar type 1 symptoms so smoking the flower is not an option.

The sublingual drops are where it’s at, to be honest. If you get a really really high quality bottle it lasts forever and works VERY well with no high feeling and just a mild calming feeling. Kind of like if you just got done meditating or woke up from a nap (if that makes sense). If you have inflammation issues or chronic pain it really helps take the edge off too. It’s not like a pain pill or anything like that, but it makes things feel less tight and sharp. Personally with the bipolar disorder when I’m really spun out and remember to take it it can help calm my brain down a bit. I’m almost a week sober this time and took it when the alcohol cravings were insane the first couple days and it helped immensely. Especially at work to keep me level and not shaky and snappy.

If anyone is curious about a good brand, Etst high grade full spectrum cannabinoids, 1oz unfiltered 657mg±canabinoids. What kind you buy makes a huge difference. A lot of head shops sell junk that can make you feel like junk. Some cities have dedicated CBD and hemp shops in states where marijuana isn’t legal yet. The staff there are super helpful.


I have used CBD Maybe a couple dozen times usually in a sub lingual oil form. I feel like it helped my disk issue in my lower back To some extent. I’ve also used it as a way to relax at the end of the day. What I didn’t like about it is that I felt like it suppressed my dream functions. Which I know sounds Lake this statement a crazy person would make but I feel like if it is altering or making it so I don’t dream kind of like how alcohol would then maybe it’s something I don’t need to take regularly. Bottom line is it is very popular and it is not regulated whatsoever unfortunately because of the way our federal laws are set up against marijuana. So the quality of it and whether or not it has any THC or any other substance in it Is impossible to say as the label was made by some dude just like me lol. Not bashing it as I would use it again, But our government should get its head out of its ass when it comes to that substance!

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Being a former pot head and have consumed enough THC to get the state of Connecticut high, and have also tried CBD…i almost find this hard to believe and personally i wouldn’t reset. I use CBD now over THC because im 100% sober and not putting ANY mild altering substances in my body. With CBD, there is no mild altering, at least the 50 or so times I’ve taken it. I walk A lot and I get muscle pains after a long day and I take it simply for pain reduction, as well as after sports and having had 8 shoulder dislocations and 2 intensive rotator cuff surgeries. It doesn’t so anything to alter my thoughts, I’ve smoked enough pot to know the difference, so I’m not sure what it was you had but I’m not in Cali I’m in Mass and it’s not as big here…yet.

Not saying your wrong, your sobriety is yours only, but I’m just giving you my opinion on the subject which through high school was my best class


I wouldn’t call it relapse because you didn’t expect the effects


It kind of sounds like you had some bathtub CBD, bathtub in that it may have been homemade by a regular Joe like any one of us.
Proper pharmaceutical standard CBD just should not do any of this to you.
I’m in no way doubting what any of you have said bit I seriously doubt the quality of the product that you consumed. :slightly_smiling_face:
Personally I would buy a do it yourself drugs test and if you find thc in your system then sue them :joy:


My mind was alterd

Maybe its fake cbd idk just so they can legally make money

Im here in MA

But im off to sleep

Thank you everyone for opinions and tips

Take care

I wanted to add i still reset the clock because the jar said 3% thc. I feel stupid for wasting 33$ on it. I should have known :frowning:

The brand was called TKO lab tested

Gave it away to a friend hours ago

Goodnight guys

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3% thc is quite high so I’m not suprised your felt the effects. Some of the strongest skunks are around 18-22%. Properly refined 0% thc CBD is helpful. It’s a bit different here in the UK as pot isn’t Orval so it’s can’t contain any THC.
I don’t use the stuff myself :slightly_smiling_face:

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I like CBD, its eases my anxiety, I dont feel right, and I still consider myself sober. Caffeine gets me really amped up sometimes, and I definitely feel my mind altered. I dont hit reset for that either.


Well there you go, that was a pretty big missing part of your first post lol

Tried CBD a while ago. Didn’t take away any aches or pains. As a matter of fact I felt nothing.

Maybe placebo?🤷 i think alot has to do with brands. Not all are equal… Its not a regulated market and i think many are just worried about being part of the CBD gold rush (profits)right now more so then if it works or not . I too have taken the capsels under the tongue and really didnt experience anything either but a horrible taste :nauseated_face:

I would suggest using an organic CBD. My wife takes it for MS and she buys it at an organic, all natural pharmacy.

I can’t say enough wonderful things about CBD, other than the price! I’m sorry you had that experience. A good nights sleep should fix it!

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