Celebrating 60 days under hundreds of stars

Hey y’all -

I picked up my 60 day chip tonight and celebrated by taking a long moonlit beach walk back to the house where we are staying. Now, I’m sitting on the beach, watching hundreds of the brightest stars and letting waves splash my feet. Not another soul in either direction.

I’ve been in the beach at night many times in my adult life - and I don’t remember a single damn one. Tonight, I thank God that I will never forget this night. I am grateful.

Thanks, y’all, for helping me get here❤.


Thank you!

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Congratulations!!! :slight_smile:

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Congrats! Keep doing it one day at a time.

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That’s amazing! Congratulations :hibiscus:.:heart:

what a special way to celebrate this achievement!

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Congrats on the chip. Post a picture of it if you can. Each time you post a picture of it you help someone else by showing how the program works!


Congratulations, you are doing amazing!!

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Lovely! And well done!

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