Changes you have noticed in your face since quitting drinking


What changes have you noticed? Has the puffiness under eyes gone? Does your skin feel more hydrated? Did you lose face fat?

Also mention the number of days since going sober


Ya I’m two months off alcohol and I’m really seeing a big difference in my face ,there is alot less puffiness ,bags under eyes and skin feels much better plus the fatigue is improving :grin:


My skin has really brightened up. I didn’t notice a huge difference because somehow my drinking hadn’t hugely affected my skin but i definitely noticed it’s not as dull


I’m at 25 days and my eyes are brighter, not dull. I’m waiting for the rosy cheeks to calm down a bit and the face fat to go away. I have fewer days where I look tired and rough.


Considering in the last let’s say 19 months or so I only had a relapse of a few weeks the thing I’ve noticed but please keep in mind that I eat better take better care of myself hygenically and excersize very regularly is that my skin looks healthier…I don’t break out anymore,since I’ve lost 30+ lbs my age shows a little more due to early signs of aging-I’m 34 btw…but overall that is matched with a more outgoing attitude and more energy because ive learned somewhat and still learning a bit how to distribute my energy thru the day vs trying to do everything or prioritizing


I noticed something about my face… It smiles a lot more! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


After 97 days, skin is smoother but chubbier from too much noshing, which I’m trying to remedy. Still, I would rather be fat than drunk xxx


104 days sober, black bags under my eyes disappear, smoother hydrated skin, bright eyes and white teeth. All puffyness is gone to.
Happy days


Just over a year and I look about 5 years younger. Skin is firmer, nicer cheek bones eyes are bright and focused skin is glowing…


I’m just a week in my sobriety and I’ve noticed my face isn’t as dry anymore. I read that around this time your skin rehydrates after alcohol is out of your system.


My face gets red and dry in the days after a binge and it takes about a week to return to normal.


My skin has never been more clear. I’d get breakouts often and I dont anymore …if I do its really small and just 1 or so


Sums me up. 100%


I can’t tell!! Recently , before I quit, I saw my sister (who I only see about once a year.) She said “I can tell by your face that you are drinking.” She’ll have to be the judge when I see her at Christmas!


Day 15- my rosacea is on the mend. I guess a lot of inflammation has gone down. I don’t know if there has been weight loss or just decrease in swelling- but I have to wear my wedding ring on my pointer finger or thumb. And three people told me my legs were skinny (pot belly hanging on tho! :joy:) I have noticed that some clothes are beginning to “hang” a bit.


My eyes have life, I smile, my beard growth is better and my skin is clear. Previously my face was puffy, skin was dry and irritated, my beard was patchy and there was rarely any soul in my eyes. I was existing rather than living and clearly poisoning my system.

Clean and serene now :+1:


22 days, and my face is slimmer. My eye bags are not as bad, and don’t need a ton of makeup anymore to cover them!


The dreaded chipmunk cheeks. Ugh i hated that side effect of drinking.


Its day 32 but i havent noticed any changes in my face. I think i need one more month to notice them.


I think my face has gotten more fat/puffier/wider since