Charity’s sobriety day 2

Hi I am new here and decided I needed to make a change. I am noticing an increase in my drinking and find myself looking forward to time to drink.
The drinking, hangovers and crippling anxiety and guilt is ruining my life. I haven’t even told anyone about me wanting to be sober because I don’t want to fail and they think less of me.
I also noticed the weight I have gained and the effect it’s having on my mood and self esteem. Depression definitely creeps up and rears its ugly head especially after a long night of drinking.
Could use some motivation and tips and tricks that help you when you feel the urge to drink.
Thanks for reading and hopefully I get some responses.


Welcome Charity! :wave:

Personally when I am hearing the “just have one” voice in my head, I find the expression “this, too, shall pass” is helpful for me. In time, every craving passes, always, no matter how “strong” it seems to be.

Also, being in a recovery community - for me, I am in Talking Sober and I am also in a twelve-step group - is very helpful for me.


Welcome Charity.
I’m happy you found us.
Dan started a great thread.
Check it out if you’re willing.

This has been a great sober community to get and give support. Stick around. Read a lot. Join in when you’re comfortable.


Hey Charity!! Glad you are here. Hangovers and anxiety sure go hand in hand. It is a true relief letting those go. You are making a wise choice.

I think you have lots of motivation just in what you posted…hangovers, crippling anxiety, guilt, depression, weight gain. All the signs point to…this is not good for me! And yet, we think of alcohol as a ‘treat’ or or ‘reward’ or ‘way to unwind’ or something ‘we deserve’ for a long day (or a sunny day, wedding, BBQ, holiday, fill in the blank).

What helped for me was to realize that alcohol is not a reward, it is the opposite. It takes and takes (health, peace of mind, self esteem and so much more) and gives nothing but soul crushing guilt, anxiety, bad decisions, and on and on. Until we reframe what alcohol truly is, it can be hard to move forward in sobriety.

A couple of books that helped me get what alcohol was truly offering are This Naked Mind by Annie Grace and Quit Like A Woman by Holly Whitaker. Both had some true aha moments in them and really helped me reframe what alcohol was doing in my life. Maybe give them a look.

Glad you are here! Lots of info all around and support. :people_hugging::heart:


Thank you for responding. I will most definitely be getting those books. You are so right when you say alcohol takes more than it gives. I am in the early stage of sobriety and look forward to some of those benefits of kicking the habit.
This app and community are amazing. I don’t feel so alone especially reading all the post and responses. I relate to so many of those stories. Thanks again for the book recommendations :heart:


You’re welcome!!

Hey there Charity! I’m in the same situation as you and all i can suggest is that you seek support from somebody you can trust whether that’s a close friend or AA that is extremely important because you cannot stay sober in isolation (trust me i have tried that before). Don’t let shame prevent you seeking the assistance you need you’re worthy of a happier life!


Hello and welcome to TS! I’m really glad you found us. This app is truly amazing. You will find a buttload of topics and support on here. Congratulations and heres to a new better sober you. :slightly_smiling_face:

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