Hello anybody!

Hey, I’m new here. But I’m struggling currently with euphoric recall, severe anxiety, depression, bipolar, upcoming sentencing, finances, recently no transportation, starting up a relationship, self confidence, etc. I really just wanna throw it all up in the sky sometimes and say fuck it but I have a 2 year old nephew I raise and a 4 month old daughter, and refuse to lose them. I’m 172 days clean so this is getting very hard to control. HELP?!

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Hi Ashley. I just saw your message in the chatroom. Have you tried posting to the forum instead? I rarely come here, but always check the forum as do hundreds of other members. Start a new topic or reply to a thread already created and you’ll get a lot of support from us.

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Haven’t heard from you in a while. How’s your progress so far?

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Hi :blush: labels are the worst thing a doc can give someone. I am “bipolar” just diagnosed several months ago. I have been clean from alcohol for 1 year and like 15 days. But drugs nope. I am so sorry to hear your struggles if you feel the need to reach out I’m here

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Hey I inboxed you but I think I’ve figured out this app lol I’m doing better just trying to keep busy. My meds were upped and its helping some. I’m 202 days clean now and my daughter is such a blessing. How are you? Btw, thanks for your concern. Means alot xoxo.

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I’m ok 1 year 28 days for booze. Struggling with drugs though. Hate them that’s for certain.

Hello. I am new here.

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I am from saskatoon

This day 3. First time I’ve used any support group approach


That is me too!!! Cant do one with out the other

However- time DOES equal experience. We all go through diff passages in AA…but pls respect that there’s a def wisdom that does come with age

Hi how are you?

How are things going Nikki?