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I’ll sum it all up in one cliché “Progress not Perfection”

every night I have an online journal where I have to evaluate the day and one question is, What could you have done better?. It doesn’t matter what kind of day I have had I always answer it the same ‘There’s always something’. Give yourself a break for God’s sake and stop over thinking everything. This is all advice I would see you giving others so maybe it’s time to practice what you preach.
Not drinking is just the first step in getting sober, now comes the hard part and you will need GOD… Good, Orderly Direction. If you’re always miserable you might be turning into a dry drunk, it’s never too late to get a sponsor and get into a program on how to live life. @Mike_Lamica in case you don’t go back to the old thread, saying that it was a reply so you would have, oh well your worth the effort :grin:


:wave:t2: In a bit of a funk this morning. Letting a couple things stress me. It’s a good opportunity to work through these stressors in a healthier way than I have in the past. I’ll be alright and I’ll stay sober today. Happy Monday everyone.


Day 35: Officially the most consecutive days sober since who knows when. At least a decade and a half since my early 20s. Every milestone, heck, every day that passes I feel more resolved to be sober and truly live my life. I wasted far too much time only existing, and hardly doing that. I want to thrive. I’m working hard to do so.

Congrats on some big accomplishments to @Nordique - 120 days…you’re killing it! I so appreciate your supportive contributions here.
And @Briella - 15 days! Half a month! Way to gooooo!!!


Yeah for sure man. I do practice what I preach, and do a inventory nightly, but sometimes I get complacent and then I’ll stop. I don’t write them down so I will try that. I do practice the steps making sure my side is clean, keeping myself accountable, figuring out what my parts are in situations what my feelings are. I work on them, but keep falling back into the obsession of sabotaging myself. Which sucks bc I never was like that. But I do agree, I told one guy I don’t want a sponsor bc I still see them struggling which was just a exuse because I’m being lazy and don’t want to do it. And fear bc I’m afraid of what I’ll find. Thanks I appreciate you man


Thank you!! And huge congrats on your 35 days, keep up the hard work!!


Congratulations on your most consecutive days sober in such a long time. That is great!! Praying it only makes you want more. One day at a time.


Checking in for day 35! I slept a lot last night since I had another migraine. I intended to get up and run today but did not. It is something I’d like to start doing again. I made a separate counter for healthy habits. My mom took a picture of my yesterday on our hike and I was NOT pleased with my appearance. I’m going to do some journaling here in a little bit about it. I have a physical next month that I’d like to get a jump start on. I’m going to be setting some short and long term health goals today. Have a safe and sober day everyone. Much love!


Day 57

… This beautiful flower blooms every day and lives for 3 days. pleasure to watch it. every new day means a new beginning, giving hope to take a deep breath and keep going


:wave: Hi sober twin! I am on a similar path regarding health goals and some dissatisfaction with where I am now. But I’m seeing, and more importantly feeling, some improvements, even though they’re really small. You can definitely see it in your face and your bright eyes. Let’s keep working on us, but remember to be kind to yourself. And if you figure out a cure for those migraines, let me know, because they suck majorly.


Thank you miss Rosa! You’re right, and thank you for the reminder. I needed that, especially on a Monday morning! :heart:

Congratulations on your 4 months @Nordique
The benefits sure start adding up big time. Great work :+1:
@Milele congratulations on your 45 days. That’s huge. Keep it going. One day at a time. That’s all there is.
@IcanIwill great job on your 35 days Kayla. I loved the pic of you and your mom. Dang migraines :grimacing:. My daughter gets them all the time too. I get the littlest headache and I’m such a big wuss. I can’t even imagine. I hope it passes quickly. :heart::pray:t2:


Feeling better today. We will see how it goes! Thank you for the well wishes Eric! :heart:

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And @Beardy_McTallman


Happy Monday to all. Checking in at Day #45. It’s a holiday here so I get a whole day to write, walk, knit and do whatever I want which, being on deadline, means, let’s face it, write. Oh, well. It’s fun once I get into it. Congratulations @RosaCanDo on the string of sobriety. I’m a mere 10 days ahead of you, but I swear the farther you get away from that trying first month, the better. @IcanIwill you looked beautiful to me and you know that if you go back to the old way, there’ll be no progress. Only by sticking to the path will the results start adding up. I’m planning some sort of post-COVID (if that ever happens) splurge on facials, clothes, etc. (Of course, I’ve got to push away the cakes and cookies). Maybe next spring? And keep thinking about my March physical. I want to blow everyone away. Let’s do that! And @Beardy_McTallman You continue to be an inspiration and, I swear, it’s not just the facial hair. Okay, everyone, let’s go find a miracle and pass it along today! Love to you all…


Is it just me? But when I see this pic. :point_down:
image and the duck is replying…I always always have to hang out to see what the duck @Figgie has to say. It’s just the cutest thing ever. And I’m glad I did. Because your messages are always wonderful. Enjoy your day off writing. You’re so good at it. And yes. Let’s pass some miracles of sobriety around.
Just love it.


Awwww shucks. Consider the next pumpkin smoothie on me! Back atcha! Ps. Because of you I made pasta ala fungi. Costco has a great French dried mushroom mix on sale!

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That’s a big deal. Keep it going. :+1:t2:

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Thank you :pray:t3::heart: Thank you for cheering me on every time! Thank you for cheering all of us on here!


Back atcha, Paul!