Checking in daily to maintain focus #26

Wow this is super helpful. Just saved it to my phone. These graphics are so great! Thank you for doing the work to get them!!! You make this community a great place!


Thanks Fleur. Since my back was spasming I’m just lying here in bed with ice alternating with heat. I can’t even try to do anything.

It’s funny I heard my wife go for her wine glass in the kitchen. I know that distinct sound or clink of a wine glass on the granite countertop. Oh it would be nice to have some for pain relief. But I don’t do that anymore. No desire. But those crazy thoughts entered my mind. I’ll just stick with Advil and ice and bed.
It’s always a great day to be sober.


Succes and good luck with your back Eric. Sorry. That’s really awful. Hopefully you’ll find relief soon.


That sucks man. Could it be a blessing in disguise? How are you feeling about IOP and counseling? I’m pulling for you to feel better, man.

Checking in, 9 months today, quite chuffed.

Hope your doing good :+1::facepunch:


Thanks Menno. I didn’t even do anything. Just got up from my chair :grimacing: Back pain sucks. I’ve been worse. I know you know how it feels. Appreciate it my friend.

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Congratulations on your nine months. :boom::boom::boom: That’s awesome. That one is a lovely milestone. It really feels good don’t it? Keep up the phenomenal work. You’re worth it. All the best to you.

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Thank you :blush:

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Day 2! Happy Monday, it’s a great day to be alive! :slight_smile: Woke up with the craving, but instead I chugged cold water and made my breakfast with some coffee… journaled then got ready for work. Driving to work was hard and I wanted to smoke so bad, but these toothpicks have been helping me a lot.

I hope everyone has a good day. I pray tonight is easier than last. Being home from work, the cravings are starting to crawl back out. For some frustrating reason I feel like I am gonna break at some point. Really hope I dont.

I am strong! I am resilient! I can do anything I put my mind to. And so are you :slight_smile:


Finishing up a successful day :100: at a meeting! Thank God!


Rob I’m thinking if you. Sending you strength and love. :heart:

Congratulations Charlie!! :star2::muscle:t3:

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Awesome!! Congratulations that’s a big one!! :muscle:t3:

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Thank you @MagicMama, @Misokatsu, @Tyler2020 and everyone else for the support. I just wanted to do a quick second check in to let you all know I was able to talk to my psychiatrist today and she adjusted my meds and I also have an intake appointment for a new therapist this Wednesday. I appreciate all of you so much for the fact that I’m know I’m always safe to share what’s going on with me with you all and have never not even once been judged or treated as less than. I am truly grateful and have much love and respect for you all. Thank you again for loving me through the tough times, have a wonderful night!!! :sunglasses::metal:t2:


Thank you Stella!!

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100 Days !!! Way to go!!!

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checking in end of the day routines working

God bless you all. :v: & :heart:

P.s. never forget you are incredible. Ya you!!


here’s to uneventful days I believe we have worked damn hard to earn these days enjoy yours my friend


You go girl :grin:

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