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day 62 :trophy:


@JennajenI love that you’re doing vision boards! That is SO cool, and getting together with a friend to do that is lovely. I know my flatmate and I had one saturday night where we made lots of mexican food and had a ‘goal setting’ workshop. We talked about our goals - went through steps to get there, incrementally and then set out which obstacles could get in the way of that. It was really helpful, and fun to day dream. Its not always easy to know the end picture though. I’m a lawyer in human rights and worked for years to get here - but now I’m here I STILL don’t know what I want to do, and its still worth exploring options. So all i’m saying is don’t be daunted by the health of possibilities - just keep learning and growing, putting one step forward and seeing what you learn from that opportunity too. Some goals have lots of different paths :slight_smile:

Checking in 30 days sober TS!


Checking in day 380
I haven’t been reading posts so I pray you are all doing well. I haven’t been in to volunteer since Tuesday, feels weird. Still praying, reading daily reflections and lots of Gratitude gotta have my Gratidudes. Having in house recovery talks. Continuing to develop friendships with my hosemates. I’m blessed with the fact that even during this year(holy shit a year) of pandemic I have been surrounded by people a large portion of time. Chatting with my parents daily via e-mail, snail mail, telephone and video chats. Talking with my sister quite regularly, unfortunately she is sick. I too have been a bit sick and have been laying around in bed watching Netflix. Watching some sports right now, NBA Sunday plus some snowboarding and xgame skiing maybe some of the NFL probowl tonight. Even would watch the WWE royal rumble if I had access to it tonight. Totally in my element got coffee and the cribboard on the table, sports on t.v. and the recovery app on my phone.
God bless you all. :v: & :heart:

P.s. You are handsome and pretty, can you cook? Ya you!!


Goodnight everyone




Awesome!!! :heart_eyes::+1::partying_face:


Today I did cheat and waited for the number :face_with_hand_over_mouth::joy:


hey look at you with 30 days, that’s great congratulations.

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where? what number?

That’s not cheating. That’s superb planning, discipline and focus! :+1::partying_face:


For a couple of days I caught my counter as below:

Then today, I waited for it to say:


show off!!! Loved that doggy coat BTW :grin:


Way to go on the 30 days Freckles. That’s awesome :clap::boom::boom::boom:


Wooooeeeeee and finally we have made it to my uncle’s house.


I went to the store today. Yay for surviving Covid, so far! :partying_face: I am struggling with how I feel about my body. One minute I feel fine as hell, then the next I feel like dough that didn’t proof correctly. Otherwise, I am still smoke-free. I have to keep resetting my porn timer though… I keep wondering what so-and-so looks like naked… got to love Google. Then I spiral…

But I am still smoke-free! :partying_face:


Just checking in. 71 days since my last drink.


Checking in later today. Finishing up Day 5…but nonconsecutive day 76 since I joined ST. No, no, no…not fooling myself or misrepresenting or minimizing that I drank 3 times. Just feels good to know I have so many more non-drinking days than drinking days. Gives me hope. Heading in Monday with no hangover. Feeling strong!


Good for you. Nothing wrong with hope or feeling good. And no hangovers.
If your willing and get any more urges check in here for support. That’s what we like to do here.


Absolutely worth celebrating all of your sober days, IMO! Enjoy waking up hangover free on a Monday morning tomorrow!!!


Day 353~Life works in mysterious ways is all I can say. I freakin love how on this journey you learn more and more about yourself. For years I allowed certain behaviors from others to rule me and take my identity. I lost my spirit my soul was sad and unfulfilled. My voice was silenced. Being sober has given that all back to me. I’m finally in charge. I’m in charge of my own happiness and my own peace. I’m blessed and my heart is feeling full. It’s something about that mountain air I tell you…it really cleanses your mind and makes you so grateful to just be alive.

Keep fighting one day at a time. A sober life is the best life. Stay strong. Be positive.