Checking in daily to maintain focus #66

Good on you Marie. That shows that you have compassion for yourself and others. As well as self-awareness. Pausing to stabilize yourself is wise. Where do you live,if you don’t mind me asking? Be at ease.


Thanks Billy. I live in the Austin area of Texas.


Yes, it is suffering I am seeing that looks like anger. Fear looks like anger many times. Compassion really is the way. So grateful to step off the wheel and get sober. I’m raw and sensitive - everything that is negative is amplified. At ease for sure. I’ll be looking to practice more and learn to sit still. So happy to be home listening to the rain with a cup of green tea. :tea: on point!
Thanks so much for understanding and listening.


Checking in almost 60 days clean. Feels better day by day but remembering its easy to slip up. Temptations have been there at times but have been keeping busy and not letting my thoughts get to me


Day 48.

Just wishing you all a good night. :slight_smile:

See you tomorrow!




Checking out day 132 AF

3 lawns tonight after work (extra added from neighbor of current client), so finally home, ate, showered in bed for 8:30pm. It was a long day that begins at 5am (well wake at 3:30am) but feeling very strong lately, energetic, motivated… alive!!

One client left for this week to do, take another swipe mowing mine, then just gym and putter around house for weekend.

Tickets to see Styx in concert Sunday night so that should be a blast.

Stay sober and rest well TS family


I’m with you on how good a “boring” day can be. While drinking, I always had to be going somewhere, doing something, being seen. If I didn’t leave the house it was a boring day. Now I don’t find myself aching to get out, and I’m perfectly fine with that :relieved: Enjoy that grandson of yours!


Sending you hugs to ur 5 year old self :green_heart: What ur doing thru meditation is soo powerful friend. I am very much all about the inner child and i havent explored what my inner child needs quite yet. But ur post really impacted me. Hugs


Day 333. At work. Pretty chill night. Off for the weekend come morning. One day at a time.


Thanks a lot Dana. Your support means a lot to me. Hope your day was good.


Coming up on the end of day 5. I made it farther than I did last time :slightly_smiling_face:

@acromouse thanks for the suggestion.

It was an okay day today. I can feel my body trying to recover. Feels good though. I took a nap on my lunch break. Had a brief but intense battle with the salesman. Once again I had to slam that door and change the lock.

Congratulations to everyone for making it through today sober.

“Failure only occurs when we stop trying”.

Have a good night


Day is winding down and im ready to hop into the shower and get ready for bed. We have homecare tonight so im looking forward to a good rest. I just want to say how inspired i am of everyone here on TS. Ive really felt connected to what alot of people were saying on here and i truly dont feel alone today becuz of that. Im so amazed by everyone :slight_smile:

Im feeling a little overwhelmed financially so ive been sitting here trying to move money around and adjust things so that everything will get figured out. I wish i could work a full time job but thats not possible with my sons condition. Thats okay. I manage the house and whatnot instead. But i wish i could still work more. My day was okay otherwise. Son has no school tmrw on mon (holidays) so im looking forward to spending the day with him. Have a goodnight everyone! :sparkling_heart:


@acromouse thank you, hahah. Stacking days One Day At A Time.

@Tragicfarinelli 140 days of continuous progress!

:point_up_2:t4:@Tragicfarinelli I’m glad you spoke on this because it’s something I struggle with. It really is a shitty feeling and does cause resentment towards other you’re trying to get validation from. Can you tell me some of the sober podcast that you listen to? I know I would benefit from them.

@Tragicfarinelli i know that’s right! I love this! :heart:
& speaking on brain fogs :exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head: omg! I see my therapist/counselor/psychologist tomorrow because since I’ve started a new mood stabilizer I’m noticing major changes in my mental health. For the worst. I just wanna get this handled. I’m sorry for rambling I hope you’ve had a good day! & better days are ahead. :heavy_check_mark::muscle:t4::muscle:t4:

:point_up_2:t4::point_up_2:t4: :heart: @MrsOdh 78 days of continuous improvement towards a healthier you!
Happy Thursday! :heavy_check_mark::muscle:t4::muscle:t4:

@Chevy55 132 days of continuous progress, my guy! Keep on keepin’ on. & man That really is a beautiful picture. Hope you had a wonderful addiction free Thursday! :heavy_check_mark::muscle:t4:

@Dolse71 your days are inspiring! No it’s not always easy but it can be kept simple. #ODAAT don’t pick up-dont use just for this 24 we have today. Keep on keepin’ on! :heavy_check_mark::muscle:t4::muscle:t4:

@CATMANCAM coming in with the big numbers! :muscle:t4::muscle:t4: keep on keepin’ on! :heavy_check_mark:

:point_up_2:t4::point_up_2:t4: @CATMANCAM it happens, I’m hoping you get the help you’re seeking when you go to the doctor on the 24th! You’re tackling 4 addictions at once, you’re doing very well! :muscle:t4::heavy_check_mark:

@Timetochange 327 days of continuous improvement towards a healthier you, I’m all for it! Sorry to hear about your wife, hopefully the chiropractor will be able to help relieve some of the pain. Keep on keepin’ on! :heavy_check_mark::muscle:t4:


@Lighter happy for you identifying things that are taking a toll on you. Do whatever necessary to be at peace and maintain it! Good to hear “I’m excited about the future”
Happy Thursday, Marie! :heavy_check_mark::muscle:t4:

@Bunto congrats on 10 days of continuous progress! Keep on keepin’ on. Happy 24! :muscle:t4::heavy_check_mark:

@Steve92 keep on keepin’ on brother! Inspiring days you have my guy! :heavy_check_mark::muscle:t4::muscle:t4:

@CHASE.E.U another day marked on the calendar. 53 days of no drinking and building a healthier you! Keep on keepin’ on! :heavy_check_mark::muscle:t4:

@Rookie Have a good day, Kristen. Congratulations on 1 week of sobriety! :heavy_check_mark::muscle:t4:

@Doreen1 have a great day. 234 days of creating a version of yourself your family loves. Safe travels :heavy_check_mark::heavy_check_mark::muscle:t4:

@dakini thank you for being here checking in with us! Congrats on 9 days! :heavy_check_mark::heavy_check_mark::muscle:t4: keep on keepin’ on!

@leroy congratulations on not picking up today! 53 days—way to go! :muscle:t4::muscle:t4::heavy_check_mark:

@Thirdmonkey it really is the small things that matter! Happy Thursday—2245 days of consistency is amazing! :heavy_check_mark::muscle:t4:

@Pattycake Happy Thursday, Patricia. Keep on keepin’ on :heavy_check_mark::muscle:t4: thanks for your positive output. :heart:


@Juli1 Happy Thursday, Julia. 107 days AF, cool beans! :heavy_check_mark::muscle:t4::muscle:t4:

@Mindofsobermike Seems like you have a lot going on, Michael. Daddy duties never stop, hope the girls recover soon, and also dad! Keep on keepin’ on brother :heavy_check_mark::heavy_check_mark::muscle:t4:

@tailee17 keep on keepin’ on! :heavy_check_mark::muscle:t4:

:point_up_2:t4:this is a very positive thing. Better days are ahead. I feel like I kinda understand the situation you’re in.

:point_up_2:t4:so true…it is very easy to just blame the alcohol. The reality is that we’ve done so much some intentionally and some unintentionally that there’s no way that we stop drinking and everything goes away as if nothing happened…this was one of my biggest problems. I thought because I stopped drinking my wife would just forget about everything and trust me again…it hurts when you know you’re doing all you can to show up for yourself and your spouse but things aren’t aligning. At least that’s what I’m going through. For you, I hope everything works out in your favor. :people_hugging::heavy_check_mark::muscle:t4:

@Seizetheday Hey, Hannah. :heavy_check_mark::muscle:t4: keep on keepin’ on.

@Lighter that is good, Marie. Self-awareness. I like the taking a step back afterwards when you’ve been involved with the angry people and tricky culture. Do the necessary to stay at peace and sober, Marie. :people_hugging::heavy_check_mark::muscle:t4::muscle:t4:
I used to live in San Antonio, Tx and I would always go to 6th street in Austin with my friends. We would always stop by Olive Garden and then straight to bar hopping on 6th Street. Even looking back now, I was the one who was always overly excited, I was never the designated driver, they could appoint me as designated driver but we always had a back up, I never have been able to set a limit and actually follow it. I wish I would have started getting help back then. :exploding_head::exploding_head:

@NewBeginning1 busy is good, Matt! An idle mind is the devils workshop. Congrats on 2 months brother, keep on keepin’ on. :heavy_check_mark::heavy_check_mark::muscle:t4::muscle:t4:

@JonasE goodnight, Jonas. Keep on keepin’ on. :heavy_check_mark::muscle:t4:

@Chevy55 man you have a lot going on! That’s good! Still finding time for the gym, I love the tenacity! Keep on keepin’ on brother. :heavy_check_mark::muscle:t4:

@Soberbilly man, Thanks for sharing that…it takes me to times that I may have been like that with my children and even my wife while in active addiction. Nothing is ever good enough, narcissistic behavior. I know I need some healing from my childhood…I wasn’t physically abused but was mentally abused and I always never felt good enough, never felt the love everyone received, was never good enough for my step mom, she always singled me out and I acted like it didn’t bother me but it really did, felt like my dad allowed her to do that and he didn’t have my back & then there’s my mom, I saw my mom go through alot, her being mentally and physically abused, with me being the oldest I saw a lot and just swept it under the rug. I started drinking at 15 because I was never happy at either home. Thanks for sharing that,Billy. Sending love to you brother. :people_hugging::heavy_check_mark::muscle:t4:.

@ForrestKump keep on keepin’ on, John. :muscle:t4::heavy_check_mark:

Checking in/out Day25. Thankful for another day sober. Thankful for everyone in this thread, I really enjoy reading and relating to everyone. Not a whole lot today. Sleeping in bed with our 4 y/o storming pretty bad outside right now. Goodnight family. #ODAAT :heart:


@jeanine Way to go with your persistence and strength – no Mr Salesman – we don’t want any of what you have to offer. Great job on getting through the grocery shopping – this was super hard for me at the beginning and still catches me off guard from time to time. I go into the grocery store without my ID as this is a sure fire way of me not being able to buy something on a whim. Love the attitude – yes – lets break the cycle!
@catmancam I’m sorry that the depression is so intense and overwhelming. Please do not feel guilty or ashamed. Our minds and bodies are short circuited when our emotions run amok and I find that it is that much harder to control our comfort eating at that point. You are persistent in your journey and I am hopful that with the help from the clinic and your therapist that you will be able to conquer this as well. Big hugs friend – please be gentle with yourself :people_hugging:
@bunto Way to go with your double digits! Lovely to see you thriving in your journey with great habits
@chase.e.u Grateful to read this. WOW P90x yoga – I didn’t know they had a yoga program. I used to do this back when it first came out – was obsessed with the workouts (they are no joke :lauging: ). 53 days and getting stronger :muscle:
@rookie Nicely done with your 1 week. Keep up the great work :muscle:
@doreen1 Deep breathes friend – hope the anxiety takes a hike and you are able to enjoy your well deserved trip.
@whereswaldo Absolutely right on – I had found myself in a similar boat. Finding that this sober journey is opening up many cupboards within me that need adjusting… these hard truths are eye opening. I know I would never have attempted to see them had I not been sober.
@laner I don’t see you as weak. I see you dealing with some major trauma and in realizing how your body / mind handles some situation you are feeling anxious about your actions. I wish I had a comforting thing to say to help you feel better. I do hope that the workbook helps and that you are able to find a healthy way to deal with your trauma. Sending you big hugs and hoping that you show yourself some compassion and grace :people_hugging:
@soberbilly Awe friend – big hugs to your inner child. He would be so very proud of how you have turned your life around and found your way back to his innocence – much love my sober buddy! :heart: :hugs:
@forrestkump triple 3’s – yeah!! Way to go friend – keep stacking up the days :muscle:

Man it was a day – very productive and on the go type of a day. I pushed through and got the majority of what i wanted to get done accomplished today. I did pile on the task list rather heavily today and with loads of ambition so not feeling so bad about the few things i did not get to.
It is now 12:30 here and i should try to get to bed as i want to be out on my walk before 7 tomorrow (the sun is getting hotter earlier each day :laughing:
Sweet dreams my lovely friends -wishing you all a wonderful addiction free day / evening – sending you all so much love :heart: :heart:


Hey @K_S sure :grin:

This one is great: Sober Motivation, and the episode was with a guy called MJ (MICHAEL) as a guest. He had a really great message and his story was compelling. Possibly one of the most inspiring I’ve listened to lately. Lots of gems. He also recommends listening to Emotional sobriety by Tom Brady Junior, which is about an hour and on YouTube! I’m going to follow up on that.

This is the main one I’m listening to at the moment, and the other episode I recommend is the same podcast and with guest Josh Connelly.

I really recommend a listen of these :sparkling_heart:


@Butterflymoonwoman I understand how stressful money issues are. They suck! :tired_face: I’ve been trying to crawl out of a financial black hole all year. It’s hard for me to accept living in this world that forces us to work our lives away just to survive. Time is more valuable than money to me and I’d rather struggle a little and enjoy it instead of working myself to death. As long as there’s steady money coming in, things will be alright :people_hugging:


I fully expected my usual boring Thursday lunch shift, but no. Table after table from 11-3. Last night a co-manager text me saying they weren’t sure how to set up a party for tonight at 7pm, so I said I’d figure it out. I couldn’t believe what I walked into. There’s 3 dining areas, each with about 12-15 tables, and at least 1 is set at all times. It’s always done the shift before, no matter what. Well, not last night! And nothing ready for me. I have no idea wtf they were doing :woman_shrugging: The higher manager has been out sick for 3 days but there were 2 managers last night who clearly didn’t manage anything. The one who didn’t text me always leaves first and throws people under the bus for not doing their jobs to hide the fact she doesn’t do hers. She’s repeatedly said she won’t do something bc something wasn’t done for her. I’m never that type of person and just do what needs to get done but by the end of today I was thinking like that. I don’t like feeling that way :unamused: It was nice coming home. Off to bed now. Tomorrow will be better :pray: