Chronic stress in the morning

I get chronic stress and dry heave in the morning. Anyone else get that as well?

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I used to get panic attacks to the point of passing out but with no alcohol and trying to do meditation, it gets easier. What are you streesed about. Most times it’s about something that never happens and if it does happen then it wasn’t a shock it was you being right all along, you can use that positivity to handle the situation. If your stressed for another reason then sorry to waste your time and that was all bollocks. Be strong.

Thanks mine just feels as though a constantly something bad is going to happen

I wake up with anxiety a lot. My dreams give me thoughts and visualizations I can’t help. During the day I try to practice being present and releasing these worries. At night they build up. So I do a quick 4/5 minute mediation in the morning where I release those thoughts. I visualize them slipping out of my mind, and I replace them with positive affirmations. Usually they are just about being present, and a little about how to make my day more successful.

If you think it has more to do with early Sobriety I would just give it some time. I didn’t want to add meditation as a tool, but it’s really the only thing that helps re stabilize my mind.

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