Cocaine addicts

Any recovering cocaine addicts on here? Could do with any help possible thank you


Hi! Welcome to the forum! I am in recovery and my DOC for many years was crack cocaine. Whats going on? How have you been?

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Hello nice to meet you and thank you for your message
I’m just struggling I’m 28 and been on cocaine everyday for 8 years apart from two sober periods one in rebab for 30 days came out 3 days later I relapsed. Few years after that I managed to get to 100 days clean then relapsed, I’m now back at 1 day clean and thinking if my life is going to be like this forever is there acutely ain’t point anymore

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Im glad ur here. This is an amazing forum of amazing people who all understand about addiction. U have had some good clean time under ur belt and im glad u havent given up :slight_smile: it took me a long time to get any sort of clean time also. For the longest time i couldnt get past 3 days clean. But its not impossible :slight_smile: u can get to that 100 days again and get even farther. One day at a time… Today is all we have to focus on. What are u incorporating into ur recovery this time around? Have u tried any 12 step meetings (in person or online)?

Hey there, welcome to the forum. Cocaine in all forms was my DOC for my late teens and early twenties. Once I realized that I couldnt stop smoking crack I got scared and I had to find a new drug. I was caught on that vicious merry go round that many of us with the disease of addiction get on; replacing one drug for another. My life just kept getting more and more unmanageable, now looking back in retrospect I can see clearly that the drugs arent the problem. That I was never a cocaine addict, nor a crack addict, nor a meth addict like I used to call myself. I am simply an addict who for 33 years used drugs as my solution to a much bigger problem.

I hope that you find the support that you are looking for here. This forum has been a major part of my recovery for the last 3.5 years. There is a daily check in thread that was very helpful to me in my early days. Its a great way to get to know other members and stay accountable.

Checking in daily to maintain focus #54

Keep coming back. :sparkles: