Cocaine and sex

Past 3 years after getting off of heavy opiates and herion I found a new drug of choice and I was doing so good until I seen someone I used to hook up with a smoke , I don’t want to live like this no more it’s just so hard I’ve been so deppressed I go to aa meetings but I’m shy not really good at making friends and I just feel like I’m going to fail.


Share exactly that. If you share you are struggling and shy people will seek you out. They want to help you. You can do this. Also the more meetings you go to the more familiar you will become with faces til you eventually feel comfortable with them. That’s typically how friendship works right?

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Welcome friend.You don’t have to do life alone I’m 51 days sober.If I can help in anyway let me know.Feel free to message me.Keep the meetings up :v:

I have spent years dealing with feelings of shyness and since being sober they have all but gone. I now believe that a sense of shame had a lot to do with it, due to the years of taking drugs and letting people down. You’re clearly looking for help and have taken the first steps, I’m sure the rest will follow. Go for it!

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I relate so well to this. My shyness was a product of shame and low self worth. I would compare my insides with the outsides of others and decide I had nothing worth saying, because they were somehow better than me.
And you’re right, getting sober and stopping the behaviors that cause the shame is a sure-fire way to gaining self esteem.