Cocaine is the devils drug

I’m with you on that, alcohol is my worst trigger. And I hate the end of the night feeling so bad about yourself you wanna just end it. We’re not alone but we will prevail

Hi just read your story your doing amazing everyday will be a battle as I’m on the same journey not with a wife and kid tho but I am being strong for my family as I was seeing my life from outside my body and realised wht I was doing I can to kick the thought but it doesn’t work I’ve realised when i get the felling for wanting it I sometimes have a fag and drink a can of redbull know it’s not the best idea but it’s that felling of an energy buzz anyways just a quick drop in drop me a message anytime if you need a chat and I’ll get back to you asap try to have as many good times while going down this parth but stay strong for yourself and your family :+1::+1:

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