Codeine withdrawal, day 9, worried about my gf, as she started to drink

Hi my name is Maciek.
Right now I am going through opioids detoxification. I was taking more then a gram of codeine daily for many years, as codeine is totally OTC in Poland, where I live, so you can get it from drugstore in large quantities. That led to massively abusing it. Sometimes I would also use other, stronger opioids.

I’m feeling pain in my whole body, especially back and knees, my heart is racing, I’m sweating and feel like s**t.

Nonetheless, I decided to give up on opioids. Now i’m going through withdrawal
I’m receiving 600 mg of pregabaline and alprazolam for sleep. Maybe you guys have some advice for other drugs that could help with opioid withdrawal?

My cravings are monstrual, especially that I Live just next to 24h drugstore, where I can get codeine in 5 minutes.

I need to stop taking that stuff, please share with me some support and protips.


I found for me just take what you’re bring prescribed and try to get through the worst of it ,lots of water test and maybe some added vitamins.pregablins are highly addictive to so BC.

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Pregabaline is addictive? Isn’t it some kind of wonder drug, like my doctor said.

Look it up I believe it’s addictive and awful side effects that’s my personal experience but help BC it stops you from fitting as codein depebse detox can bring on fitting

Hey man codeine was mine for 10 years I tried many times to stop and succeeded a few times for a short period I have an addictive personality and ended up taking the gabbas(pre gabalin) I know how dangerous cold turkey can be and believe me it’s horrible but after 2weeks u will be by the worst the rest is a mental game am guessing u a strong person deep down and u can do it… I did and still am doing it sorry it’s a long reply but when it comes to codeine there wasn’t nothing a didn’t do to get it hit me up maciek


Doctor tried ween me off them a couple times a tried but ended up abusing it cold turkey done it for me a really wanted to give it up this time

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If you can be prescribed Clonidine for a week, that can help. I used it for oxy withdrawal. It can help at night and during the day. It’s a blood pressure medicine but it’s nice especially if you have restless legs. Of course your doctor will know what is best for you with your medical history.

Both Pregabaline and alprazolam can be addictive, especially the alprazolam. The Pregabaline is more that you can develop a dependance. I’d recommend doing some research and talking to your doc, but if you only use it short term for withdrawal then you should be okay. The same with clonidine. If you’re on it for long periods then they’ll need to ween you off.

Good luck. You can do it.


Thanks to you all.
I’m planning to use drugs mentioned above only for withdrawal.
I have a hell of restless legs, but right now I barely can move, so I can’t get to the doctor. Maybe he will prescribe me clonidine by phone tomorrow, we will see.

48 hours since last dose just passed, wish me luck

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Good luck. If he’ll prescribe clonidine, that can really help with restless legs. You can do this. I know it’s balls right now, but it does get better.

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Guys, I feel so bad, I can’t sleep, that alprazolam put me in some kind of coma for 4 hours, but I don’t feel rested at all now, when I woke up.

I can’t sleep, as I said and its destroying my mind. Plus, my joints hurt so bad and I throw up every food I make myself eat.

I didn’t know what to do, I was walking in circles threw my apartment, and then I saw vodka in the fridge. I had felt so much urge for that liquor, so I drunk polish shot (100 ml), thinking, that it will help me sleep and maybe make my stomach better (in Poland there is that theory, that pure alcohol makes you digest better, I don’t know if that’s some kind of BS that old people say - what do you think?).

Now i’m laying down on bad, super agitated and I feel the same kind of warm in my belly like with opiates, which makes me feel super guilty that I drank that s***. Why have I done it? I say to myself: " it’s because of this withdrawal, I have to use lesser evil (alcohol < drugs) to get my through my detox".
But what if that’s the same kind of addictive behavior, and it’s just some coping mechanism, which is as same destructive?

By the way, I’ve never spoke about my addiction publicly. I’m very high functioning, for an addict m It’s super super secret, the only person that knows I’m a opiates abuser is my old time gf and maybe two best friends. It’s strange feeling to write it all, but I find that it really helps me. It even feels liberating to write to You guys: “hey, I’m a junky, please help me!”

It’s awsome that You are here for me, even though You don’t know me at all, I’m just some internet stranger. Thanks

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This is what I used for methadone withdrawal I highly recommend it ya still I’ll but I definitely takes the edge off there called another name here in uk

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Share away my friend no judgement here from anybody were all battling our our demons.x

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What exactly are you talking about, which substance?

The one that lowers your blood pressure

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How u feeling the day fella did u manage a sleep

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Only 4 hours of pseudo sleep, more like drug induced coma - after 1 mg of alprazolam and 100 ml vodka. It definitely wasn’t quality sleep.

I’m very exhausted and very restless in the same time. Everything hurts, especially back and knees. I can’t stop moving my legs.

I called my doctor for the clonidine, which was mentioned above by Lillemm. My doctor said it was too strong and has given me beta blockers instead. Thanks to them my heart stopped racing, as is had been doing earlier.

I definitely want to stop using, now I even don’t feel any cravings, as meneging withdrawal got me some kind of euphoria. I feel like future will be fine, because I will be clean.

Thanks for memory, it really helps.


I just menaged to be three days clean!
I’m very happy and even proud of myself :slight_smile:


Well done mate, I’ve done many heroin detoxes so I have a good idea what you have been up against. Keep it up.
Just a side note but mixing alcohol with benzos such as alprazolam is pretty dangerous. :slight_smile:

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I know man, but as You know, during opiates withdrawal you can’t get any sleep… I was so despered to get some rest dude…

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I understand that m8, was just making sure that you were aware. :slight_smile: