Cola addict


Ten days is awesome!


I had a dream the other day I drank a large coke and I was really frustrated with myself and knew I would have to reset my clock. I am really proud of myseld not having any soda period for 15 days. I am very inspired by all of your stories and it gives me strength.


Woooooo hooooooo!!! Way to go!


Time to get real. I am on day 16… halleluja. I talk to my therapist every other week and he encouraged me to share some deeper reasons why I have used food and cola as coping.
As with any relationship, marriage and being a mother hasnt been easy. Whenever I would feel frustrated with anything… I would go to the pantry and get a cola. Then when that was empty, Id have another whenever I became thirsty. Basically some days I wouldnt drink water… because I had coke. Along with the coke and stress I would eat handfuls od chocolate. Any kind. If neither of these were at home… I would go out to eat. I would get extras for later…which always ended up being the same day.
My husband confessed about a year ago about using porn to cope with stress. We had steadily been growing distant and he kept lying to me and we would fight… so to the pantry I would turn. Or fast food.
As he has been trying to figurout his own steps for recovery I have found myself falling deeper into my own food addiction…and I shot up 25 lbs in less than 6 months. I was already over weight…but this made me even fatter… which made me more depressed…and I felt the lack of connection…and shame of gaining weight and people asking if i was pregnant…but I just kept drinking and eating more. I found myseld no longer enjoying coke… but drinking pop because I had to. It was my new water.
Then… my husband relapsed. And I decided if he has to work on recovery… I needed to too. Because we are both depressed and ashamed…and hurting ourselved, each other, and our sweet sweet little girls.
So here I am. 16 days later. I stood on the scale today. I have lost 5 lbs… just from not drinking soda… because it has been my gateway to whatever I want to drown feeling sad.
I super love this app. i am so grateful to have access to it. Even though I dont know anyone I know I can be accountable and understood and empathised with.


Day 17!
Like I have said before… I have struggled with my weight… for 5 years I was about 25 lbs over weight… and now I’m 50.
I used to be a ballet dancer. I started as a young kid… and began teaching at the age of 15. I graduated college at 20 and never danced again. I watched a video just now of a beautiful dancer. I would love to loose weight and gain strength just to feel the way I used to feel when I danced. I didnt dance for excercise. It wad the way I moved and I loved it. I have avoided watching ballet and dancing because it was such a huge part of my life. I had a positive thought though… I just realized for the first time I dont have to remove it from my life… I can have it as a goal to try again.


Congratulations on Day 17!! You’re kicking ass and feeling better and better each day!!


day 19. today was really rough. I am afraid if I had access to soda today I would have drank it. :frowning: but… i didnt.


made it 21 days without cola or pop… however I drank a no sugar drink called ice drink… which is something I didnt want to do because it is my gateway. I am recommiting to not having any sweetened drink because thats where Instart.


Thank you for sharing your story. How did yesterday go? Are you and your husband checking with each other, or is that too much right now?


Im on day 25! We somewhat check in…he could do better with that. I dont want to be the one asking all the time! But so far I think he is doing alright. He is seeing a councelor regularly now which he hasnt done on his own ever before…
and hes had 3 sessions so far. a really good start!
thanks for checking up!


I am on day 25! I am more surprised than like thrilled. I wish I was more like motivated like I didnt want pop. The annoying fact is that I still do. We are going camping and my life long tradition has been tp get a giant pepsi from the gas station for my road trip and we are camping so a nice cold coke or pepsi would hit the spot. I cant let myself though… because I will find a way to justify it every day. So… here is to my first trip/outing in my life (literally since i was like 7 years old) where I am not going to have a pop.


day 29. I made it through the trip without pop. I have to admit I thought I was on a roll when I lost 5 lbs… but now its only 2 lbs. My cola addict brain says why would I keep resisting pop when my reward is 2lbs for 29 days?
I am still wanting to drink it. All the time! Any chance I could have a chance I still want it. And so I tell myself no. I wish I didnt want it. I keep comparing myself to other women who drink pop or diet pop and are still skinny… I gotta stop comparing myself. So here I am admitting it.
It is silly that I can think so much and be preoccupied so much by one thing. thats my checkin.


I mix grapefruit la croix 50/50 with organic orange juice if I need a sweet refreshing fix. I had to give up caffeine due to anxiety so this is my go to morning drink. I also enjoy lemon, cucumber, or mint in my water for an extra kick. Unsweetened tea is always a good choice too.


31 days. On our way back from camping we stopped at mcdonalds, i tried a tiny tiny sip of root beer… I dont like root beer. It was haed not to get a coke. It was free slurpee day and I took my kids. The nice man handed me a slurpee cup. I filled it with water.


Good for you! I quit soda of any kind a couple decades ago. I seriously only drink water (and RO or distilled at that). Tea maybe on a very rare occasion. Maybe a sip of cranberry juice or almond milk once in a while. If someone has a juicer and they’re handing out free carrot juice, I’ll take a big glass of that. Once or twice a year I treat myself to a half-decaf soy latte. I have always felt that soda pretty much eats you from the inside out (especially the colas and the diet sodas). You must be feeling a lot better without it!


I have noticed my physical anxiety symptoms have decreased a good bit. Less racing heart!
I’m on day 35!
I could use extra support this week. i am going to visit my mother in law and she actually introduced me to cocacola as like a primary drink. she drinks it every day every meal. she always wants to split one with me. i havent told her i am quitting it. it will be very hard being in her house with tons of cola go spare.


Day 5 after I chose to drink pop for a long drive fpr caffiene. I am feeling less strong cravings than before which is great. Had I not drank pop the day i drove Id be on day 50. I found this carbonated water at costco with real fruit juice which is good… but very powerful flavors so that is my treat if I want it.


its been 12 days since I have had pop. In total, minus drinking pop for the drive I would be at 57 days. I can say cravings have been reduced and I’m really glad about that. I am frustrsted that I havent lost anymore weight… but I am proud that I have been drinking only water or sparkling water. I did a blood pressure test and it also measured my hydration and it said I was ideal which was good to see.


Do you have any backup plans for the next time you’ll want some caffeine for a ride ? I’ll recommand you do ! Maybe find a kind of coffee you like? For me it’s alcool and I have my to go drink for many kind of occasions. And when new opportunities to drink appears, I’m well aware that I have to step back for a moment if I need to rethink the plan

Keep going :slight_smile:


So I love soda, and I know it’s bad for me and for the sake of good health, I know I should stop but I’m not ready. But going to follow this thread in hopes of finding some useful tips to start quitting soda. Thanks for bringing it up.