Consistency - What helps you stay consistent

I’m curious on how to stay consistent on my sobriety. My sober dates seem to bounce around from 3 to 2 to 1 to 4 back and forth . I’m going to be a father at the end of the month and I need help, each time I mess up I try to look at it at where am I going wrong . And then I adjust . Some times I do feel bad because me being a father amongst so many other reasons present and past should be enough for me to say fuxk it and quit. Which I I already made that choice. I know if I hang out with people or associate with anyone using then I use . So cutting people off his hard to do, I’m doing it though. Anyways any ideas


your brain can like being sober

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and that is all that matters

be aware…this thread might get you famous

What do you mean…

Did I post something I wasn’t suppose to

no, you brought a good topic

i can hang out with you f0r a while

I just started this account , I’m literally loading up with an arsenal of things that will help me stay sober . I know I’m the only one that can do it. Also yeah I don’t want to use because it will be the death of me


welcome to the group bud

What you mean?

Thanks :pray: I really appreciate it never have done the online thing for help . There’s lack of na type programs in our community

you will find alot of support here. DRINK SOME WATER

That’s funny you say that , I’ve been thinking that and have been hearing it alot lately

Cue the Maestrea

They will say, one baby step is wobbly at best

but you know how to wobble, so there is that

Welcome to the community @GetOutOfMySystem glad to have you here with us :blush: congrats on expecting the baby! What a wonderful gift :heart: when i finally quit for good i did 3 months away from booze of any kind…i didnt have it in the house…i didnt socialise where it was and even avoided it in the supermarket…then i did alot of work on myself…alot of people find meetings very helpful too but instead i literally lived on here reading around…also allen carrs easy way to quit drinking really helped with mindset on drinking…eat well, hydrate, get vitamins b vitamin complex in particular is great…

@SolarEclipse are you doing ok? Something seems a little off in your replies here… :heart:


thx bud not good


I thought something was up, you can pm me if you need to talk