Coronavirus Zombie Apocalypse

I usually try to be calm, rational, and logical. But, oh my god, the coronavirus is freaking me out, man…

There is the first community spread case in Oregon, right smack where I live. This patient is an elementary school employee of all things. Those poor parents must be so nervous right now. The patient is being treated at the same medical center that I go to for my recovery meetings…

Tomorrow, I am going to the grocery store right when it opens to stock up on 4 weeks of food and supplies for my family. My N95 mask are on back order.

On top of all this, oh my lord, the markets are going nuts! I don’t even want to look at my retirement account right now… Bill Gates says this may be the pandemic of the century.

Breathe, breathe, breathe, and move on. Don’t even sneeze or you will get the hairy eyeball by another concerned Oregonian…

Anyone else having Walking Dead thoughts??


I’d be far more concerned about the regular flu. Have you gotten a flu shot?


Not chemical wafare i hope


Yep. Had the Death Flu a few years ago, and after that it was flu shots for me…

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I am worried about widespread panic.

I don’t watch the news anymore, so that’s keeping me fairly sane. I do read articles online, and for this I’ll primarily read The Washington Post, as that’s my local news outlet.


I can’t watch the news for this very reason and I am so much happier for it. Back when I used to keep up with news I freaked out about the Ebola thing. If you look at the true facts, this Corona virus is not even as bad as the flu, like Dereck said.


One river north of you, yeah, we’re feeling it. But I hadn’t heard about the PDX case til now, yikes!

Hmmm. Interesting thought, but from what I’ve read there’s no evidence to suggest that yet. I think this is just Mother Nature running her course…


Well, yes and no. I think it is too early to know if this will be better or worse than the flu. The mortality rate is 20 times higher than the common flu (not counting the 1918 flu epidemic). They are also not sure whether or not this can mutate (as with the flu), etc. We will learn more in time…


Yes, that does help put it into perspective. My husband is telling me the same thing.:grinning:

I like to keep up with world events, but it is time for me to stop checking the news every 5 minutes tonight… going to do some yoga, meditate, read, and go to bed!! Thank you!:heart_eyes:

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I’d be safer with corana virus than I would with corona beer


Well apparently corona beer causes the corona virus…:flushed::flushed::flushed::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Someone said it took 9 coronas


… and their sales and stock price have taken a hit.:flushed:

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The media is scaring everyone with the coronavirus and it’s laughable. It’s good to always take sanitary precaution against illnesses, especially if your in break out zone. But the flu infects more people and kills more people every single year.


I was a beer drinker but never cared for Corona!

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In my clubbing days (a couple of decades ago) I drank Corona. It’s my husbands preferred beer when he plays golf. Wonder how he’s going to cope with the ‘no beer in our home’ mandate? :thinking::flushed::pray::joy:

For my age, the odds of coronavirus killing me if I caught it: ~1/1000. (Ref: World Health Organization)

The odds of a Corona killing me if I drank it: 999/1000. (Ref: personal experience)

Fortunately sober I’ve discovered anything that might kill me is a thing I do not want.


I’m with you on this. I’m in California and it’s here. I see people say the flu kills more people , yes but this just started and it’s already killed innocent people and so many people infected. I don’t want to go out at all. I do because I have to but it’s in the back of my head. Being as careful as I can. It’s such a concern and I think it’s ok to be. We have to go on with our day . I hope this gets a solution … :black_heart::bat:


I’m not sure it cares whether the people infected by it are good or bad people.

More is the point that most of the people who have died are likely to have already had some underlying health issues and have generally been in their older years.