Daily check in!

I have decided to check in with all of you daily now I Realy want too stop drinking ! Looking for support and maybe a few friends.


There’s a daily check in where hundreds go each morning or evening where you can get loads of happy feedbk and vent when you need to it’s called checking in daily #10 have a beautiful day

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Checking in daily to maintain focus #10
Here’s the daily check in thread that Emma had just mentioned, this is the best place for you to do a daily check in. There you will get taking and make lots of friends. :+1::slightly_smiling_face:

Good move!
It has been proven by the stats that people with long term sobriety on here are the ones that interact a lot on here.
You still gotta put the work in. But theses guys are fucking amazing at community support.
Stick with it?

Day 1 down! I got this.

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Today is 88 days ! I feel great! It’s an awesome experience to realize that just because I might have an occasional or negative thoughts I dont have to react impulsively… Grateful for one more day!