Daily Gratitude Group


Day 3 of gratitude. I am grateful for the deep restful sleep I got last night!


Today I am greatful for having gratitude.
Gratitude for being sober of alcohol and gambling.


Today I am grateful that after the high stress of today, I didn’t turn to alcohol to”fix” my anxiety and washed the rugs I’ve been meaning to wash for months instead lol.


On my visit to the local church. It’s no longer used in a regular basis so always peaceful. I come here every month to contemplate my sobriety and say thanks for another month.

It’s right next to a rose garden that smells lovely.

Also, the sun has come out and it feels like a summer’s day here in Brighton!

210 sober days. Getting chip 7 tonight.


Thankful I have access to fresh foods. Eating my lunch knowing some people do not have the luxury of eating as well as I do. Using this food as fuel, to fuel my body into helping others later today.


Grateful for my mom. And my husband some days. lol


I’m feeling really restless and way too in my head today. Lots of questioning and circular thoughts.

But you know what? I’ve promised my higher power that I will not drink today. I’m sober - and for that I am grateful.


Someone posted this video and I loved it. If you have already seen it, I apologise!


Yes!!! Thank you. I had not seen it, and I’m so glad you shared it. That nails the process :100: .


So glad it helped. Alan Watts has more videos and books. They are fascinating.


Helped 4 People 2day … gratefull i can


Grateful for the fact I have a job that pays my bills and doesn’t make me dread the morning!


Grateful to have baked pumpkin bread this morning with my children and for being in a better head space than yesterday!


I am grateful that I am going to see my family tonight for the first time in months, as they are visiting me.


Today I’m grateful for my teenage Sons thoughtful words of support when I told hime of this sobriety journey…life really is a wonder


Bless cause i get another chance to start over


Grateful I finally took charge if my eating habits. I was feeling old and frumpy, but have lost a few pounds and am learning to eat well and look for healthy alternatives. :unicorn:


I am just grateful to be alive, healthy, with a home and some money to buy any of the things that I truly need.


@VSue. Yes, ditto that.:unicorn:


I am grateful that I went on my first night out tonight and didn’t drink!!! So happy. I had fun too.