Daily Gratitude Group


I am so grateful for yoga :person_in_lotus_position: having the opportunity to work on being more centred and present


Grateful for my 14 year career in nursing in the NICU. The most rewarding “job” ever.


Grateful for my sponsor coming over late last night when i was losing it


Oh holy cow. NICU nurses are my heroes.:heart:


I am grateful to live in a place I can feel safe, where no imminent threat is looming.


I am grateful for not drinking while my family has been visiting me for 3 days.

I am grateful that I am about to have a bath after a day if walking around the city.


I am grateful for how good food tasted at lunch.


Grateful for this beautiful day in Houston (High 72, Low 54) :sunny:️:heart_eyes:


Grateful for my dogs and cats and the responsibility they require.


Simply grateful for sobriety. It is the foundation of everything else I can be grateful for.


I am grateful that I have so much more present time to do things I love. Today I am practicing piano!


I am having a bad day so it’s been tough, but I am grateful that I did yoga today and didn’t drink.


Some lofty things I am grateful for: having been born a citizen of a rich and prosperous country, living at this time in history in which my country is at peace, and the people who fought for our democratic and social institutions.


Holy smoke! You are from Houston. I love Houston!


I am thankful that I spent my morning making paper ghosties and hanging them in our maple tree rather than nursing a hangover and being irritable as sin.


That work is over today


I am grateful that I have a really supportive boyfriend who has supported me the whole time though my sobriety.


I am greatful to be sober. To be able to tick 1 more day on the calendar.

I am greatfull for you people.



Grateful to be asked to chair an AA meeting tonight. My first time. Some butterflies, but so happy to be able to do this.


Really? Now that’s something you never hear! I will say though… the weather isn’t bad for more than half the year (usually Nov- May).