Daily Gratitude, The Air Of Recovery #5


I’m so damn grateful for this place and all of the love, and encouragement that I get every day. Thank you, friends!
Grateful for Irish steel cut oats.
Grateful for cantaloupe and watermelons this time of year.
Grateful for the beauty of nature.


Thank you @JazzyS! Love that dancing gif!
I’m glad you joined TS. You have such a beautiful soul, supporting everyone on their journey while managing your illness and sobriety.



Welcome aboard – we are crushing it together!
thought this was a fitting gif as i feel like i’m monkeying around today :laughing:


Thank you for your sweet words Lisa - so grateful to be among such beautiful friends – love you all so very much :heart:


Today I am grateful for my time off and for the adventures I am going to have today and tomorrow with my family. I am also grateful I am on day 57 seems like the first 45 days flew by but the days leading up to actually reaching 60 days are dragging lol


Congrats on Four Years, Lisa! You are always a strong calm voice of reason in the fractious fray of TS! Grateful that you’re here in the calm sea of the Grati-dudes Home Group thread! :revolving_hearts:


I am so grateful that I can go to closed threads and look for replies with 9 likes and give them 10 to earn nice reply badge and keep the old feeling new,

Ps a lot of good stuff out there


Today I’m grateful I’m already in bed. I’m grateful for a busy day. I’m grateful I write this with my new glasses on :nerd_face: What a difference :pray:

I’m grateful I stick to my plans today.
I’m grateful for therapy, it opened new perspectives and new questions for me.
I’m grateful for a sound talk with my lawyer today to prepare for monday’s court apointment. Part of it was kind of continuing the therapy session. Both made me feel safe and gave me faith to trust the process, my ability to handle whatever will be the outcome and to trust myself. I’ve come a long way. I tend to see issues bigger than they are. I work hard on myself. I am capable of doing everything necessary to come up with reliable, good decisions in every part of my life. I’m deeply grateful for where I am and for people telling me what they see in me. I still shy away from seeing me as I am today because it feels so fresh, not settled fundamentally. I think I can take another step and acknowledge that something deep in me has changed fundamentally and this IS solid floor I walk on :pray: At least for today. ODAAT.


I am grateful for @Lisa07 and her posts. I am inspired by her 4 years of sobriety. I am grateful that all my meetings in Refuge Recovery for months now have at the very least pearls of wisdom but usually a string of pearls. My Sangha is amazing. Some crazy-ass fucked up wise souls swimming against the stream I’m grateful that sometimes catching up here,reading gobs of beautiful shares,I think to myself " am I the only drug addict ?" I’m grateful I aint special. I am grateful @Dazercat has his partner this month. And who knows about down the road. Yeh what the fuckin’ fuck Eric.i am grateful I will be scheduling cataract surgey next week. I am grateful my right eye works. I’m grateful parts wear out but I keep going. I’m grateful for this thread being here to support my daily reprieve. It all starts with this feeling for moi.


Wow @Lisa07 ! Four years is pretty pretty good. Congratulations!


Grateful for Ganesha’s birthday


Wow @Lisa07 congratulations on 4years, that is an amazing achievement :partying_face::heart:

@erntedank I love this. I’m so happy for you to be feeling a big internal change for the better :heart:

I’m grateful for a big bowl of homemade vegetable soup with toast, perfect for this windy, rainy, cold day.
I’m grateful that conkers are starting to drop everywhere, it’s getting to feel very autumnal.
I’m grateful for another job interview, successful or not, it’s a chance to practice interview skills, learn and develop.
I’m grateful for my wonderful, supportive mumma. She has loved me and supported me through so much, often with a dose of painful hometruths. I’m grateful she had the strength and kindness to keep feeding me those truths, even when I didn’t want to hear them.
I’m grateful just typing that sentence out brought tears to my eyes, it reminds me I need to continue moving forward with wise actions each day because the consequences of my actions affect those I love the most.
I’m grateful I am sober.
I’m grateful I get to choose how I act today, and tomorrow.
I’m grateful my actions can have the consequence of making others happy, as well as myself.
I’m grateful I plucked up the courage to finallyemphasized text** share in one of my online Recovery Dharma meetings. I have been joining and listening for a good while now and it feels good to have finally overcome my anxiety and spoken.
I’m grateful to all of you for giving me courage and strength on this journey.


Aww! Thank you @Bootz, @Soberbilly and @Dilettante!
You all made my day. I wasn’t going to mention my anniversary but now I’m grateful I did. :partying_face:


Evening gratitude. My daughter read this to me earlier. I wept copiously. I’m so blessed for my adult kiddos. I’m so grateful we shared an open loving heart together. My kids knew me better than I knew myself. Thankfully they drove me to my rehab facility from the psych ward and sat with me through my intake. They asked me if I was depressed and I said yes. They asked me if I had ptsd and I said no. My kids in one voice said “yeh he does”. I am grateful af for somehow having these lovely souls in my life.

and I got the tshirt as a gift (from a dear friend)


awe sober buddy – you are blessed! love the look :wink:
that poem was touching and beautiful - thank you for sharing :pray:

Grateful that you will be getting your eye surgery scheduled – Yeah to healing yourself inside and out :hugs:


I’m grateful to God for guiding me and helping me abstain from my addictions, just for today. I’m grateful for my family, friends, TS and the gratidudes. I’m grateful for my job and that I have been granted the mental and physical capabilities to perform it well. I’m grateful that my neighbor got evicted today and pray he finds his way into recovery someday, but for today(and the last year and change) he was dangerous as was his guests for my fellow tenants and me. I’m grateful for all the beauty in nature. I’m grateful I became an official church member today. I went there on behalf of my CA group to ask about using a second room when the group is big, she said yes. I’m grateful when I got there I remembered there was an AA meeting about to start at ten a.m. so I went into that first, is that odd or is it God. I’m grateful I asked her to look into when my late Grandfather was there and she discovered for me that he got some training there in 1971-1972 on his way to becoming a United Church minister. I’m grateful she told me the Minister from that time is still alive and lives here in town, I look forward to trying to track him down and having a talk. I’m grateful that my higher power has a sense of humor. I had been saying to one of my friends for years that I don’t care for CA as much as the other fellowships I attend, so, of course the first time I was asked to speak in this town was for a CA celebration a few months ago and I got nominated and accepted to be the GSR this past Saturday. I’m grateful that I had today off and went golfing again and didn’t care how I played and ended up playing pretty good. I’m grateful that frustrates me a bit but I can laugh and let it go. I’m grateful I have plans to attend a concert at the local fair in a few weeks and will see Walk off the Earth perform. I’m grateful I am praying for the strength to just be me and not obsessively text or think about the woman I am trying to plan a date with. I’m grateful we are both grown ups and have busy lives but would like if we could actually find time to get together for coffee or whatever we decide and see what happens. I’m grateful for the twelve steps and traditions. I’m grateful for prayer and meditation. I’m grateful my alarm works becuase I am up way to late almost three hours to late. I’m grateful for texts, calls and emails with Mom, she’s awesome.

God bless us all. :v: & :heart:

p.s. You’re a star, shine bright. Ya you!!


This story made me cry too :orange_heart: Feeling save and loved is such a gift.
You look good! Love the shirt!

To stay on topic: I’m grateful I’m awake way too early. I’m NOT grateful for this dammed nightmares that have been torturing me for the last days. I’m grateful the old boy sleeps beside me, this lovely furball. I’m grateful I can come here. I’m grateful I’m not alone when I come here :pray::people_hugging:
I’m grateful I always find something to nod at here on this home thread thinking “yes, I’m grateful for that too” :orange_heart:


Gak, I can’t possibly catch up!

I’m so grateful for this thread - I’ve dropped in and out over the past few super busy weeks.

I’m grateful I had some work meetings with some testy adversaries. I’m grateful I can recall the words from my dharma meditations about wishing them, and all of us, to be at ease, to be happy, to be free from suffering. I still catch myself wishing that for them… so that they aren’t such big assholes and then my life will be easier! You kinda missed the point, M! I’m grateful for compassion towards myself and others.

I’m grateful for my recovery. That the tools to stay sober help me also just be a better human. Or at least try. :smile:

I’m grateful I don’t want to drink. I’m grateful after today’s work, when I heard a dear colleague say they plan to get drunk tonight - that I don’t want that for me. I’m grateful that I don’t judge them - but man, am I grateful I’m not pretending I can have 1 drink or planning to have a drink-fest.

I’m grateful for the beautiful night tonight. The lovely fall walk with the good dog girl. Puttering in my kitchen for dinner. Cleaning the kitchen and it being clean in the morning. Going to bed at bedtime. The little things.

How we spend our days is how we spend our lives, hey Gratidudes?

I’m grateful for all of you.

I’m grateful for another day. :orange_heart:


I am so grateful I didn’t miss this!

4 years. Wow! Thank you for being here, for posting, for your journey and your wisdom and for leading the way, it so often feels like.

I am so very grateful for you. :orange_heart:

Happy 4th Birthday Animated GIFs - Download on Funimada.com


Me neither friend. :heart:

I am grateful to slide in at the end of Lisa’s clean date to throw some confetti.


Today has been long and busy, I am grateful that my body and mind have been able to stay the course. I am grateful that I didnt have a big trauma response after therapy today and that I shed some tears.

I am grateful that my therapist explained to me why I have no memories, and I am also grateful that there is some hope that I may start to get some nice memories popping up someday.

I am grateful that I have come to terms with the label of PTSD, I figure it goes pretty well with ADHD and BPD. I’m a bit closer to the whole alphabet, short some vowels it seems.

I am grateful that my conversation with kiddo was taken seriously. You know, I dont have to do the “consequences” or the “raging”, the actual disappointment and exhaustion that I displayed was enough to get my message across to her. I am grateful to live authenticly, and to handle things with as much grace as I can today.

Rest easy.
:sparkles: :crescent_moon: