Daily Gratitude, The Air Of Recovery #5

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Good morning @Soberbilly
Grateful to see you right at the top with a beautiful gif. I do like that one :pray:t2:

I’m grateful I got the Ol Burner walked at 6. We got another excessive heat week ahead of us. But it was a beautiful walk with all the usual bunnies. I’m grateful I just moved outside and I can see a beautiful roadrunner hanging out at the tee box. Hey Jen :wave: @Runningfree :kissing_heart: :upside_down_face:

I’m grateful while I write this I can see Billy’s calming Buddha gif.

I’m grateful wifey is working day 7.
I’m grateful she’s a bit scared after her bloodwork and doctors visit. I’m grateful she’s considering the results of the bloodwork and the idea of maybe not just a sober September. I’m grateful for my concern and understanding in her situation. I’m grateful she has another appointment with the new doc on Monday to go over the bloodwork and until then neither one of us can predict the future. ODAAT. I’m grateful for my 7 days with a non drinking wife.

I’m grateful I recognize my feelings of, “if she’s not drinking and everything is good I don’t have to go to meetings.” I’m grateful that’s bullshit! I’m grateful I’ll be at my Thursday meeting at 10 as usual. Besides, I’m grateful I enjoy that meeting.

I’m grateful to be able to rest this week and not do much. I’m grateful it’s ok, I’ve been through a lot this summer. I’m grateful for my recovery tools and I have no control on the contract on our house until Sunday. Or my wife’s bloodwork until Monday. I’m grateful I did schedule a foot and scalp massage for me Sunday and talked wifey into a scalp only massage. And then a nice brunch.
I’m grateful for my home Gratidudes.

‘I chose sober because I wanted a better life. I stay sober because I got one’

:warning::no_entry: Trigger Warning :warning::no_entry: Accidental Alcohol Intake :warning::no_entry:
Well, it finally happened to me. We ordered mocktails at this Chinese restaurant we like last night. They had booze in them. My wife had the first sip and said she thinks there’s booze in here. She’s never drank rum or Mai Tais and honestly wasn’t sure. She wanted me to try mine. It looked like it had booze in it but I tried it anyway. It had rum in it. I’m not gonna say I “should” have known better. I did know better. But I tried it anyway. I’ve had many virgin Mai Tais here. Never a problem. After my one sip through the straw I pushed it far away from me. And we called the waitress.
:warning::no_entry::warning::no_entry: but I felt that warmth in one little sip. It hit the front of my face. It wasn’t bad. It scared the shit out of me!! Now, I know I don’t have to reset. One sip on an accidental fucked up order. :thinking: But I knew. I could have been wrong. Like I said. I’ve had many Virgin drinks here. But I feel bad. Because deep down I knew. I’m grateful next time “I know,” I’ll call the server over and ask again specifically “Is there alcohol in this drink?” I’m grateful I just had to tell you guys. I’m grateful after rereading this I don’t want to post this now. :worried:

Edit. Aw fuck. Now I’m at the top :grimacing: of a brand new thread. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. This is not how I would have wanted to start a new gratitude thread. I’m grateful it’s out there. Fucking with my head :pray:t2::heart::grimacing:

Edit again. I stole Billy’s gif and put it up above here. I just love it :pray::heart:


I am grateful that you put it out here and did not keep it in your head. Grateful that you did start off the new thread - we all need to know and be aware that this can happen. No matter how many times you say virgin for your drink order somehow it can be fucked up.

Grateful that the doctors visit has Kelly re-thinking sober September – hoping it leads to permanent sobriety. Hoping all is well with bloodwork and doctor’s visits.


I’m grateful for you. Thanks Jazzy. :people_hugging:
I did need to hear that right now.


I am grateful to be thought of :heart::heart:
I am grateful you did not let 1 accidental sip completely ruin your sobriety
I am very grateful your wife is trying out not drinking
I am grateful you lead by example
I am grateful for you Eric and everything you bring to the forum :kissing_heart:


I’m grateful for your post Eric @Dazercat There is a lot of power in it :pray: And the stolen picture is beautiful. I have to catch up on the closed thread. I’m happy your post started the new thread!

Today I’m grateful for so much …

  • the appointment with my insurance agent in the morning, I found a way to cut costs a bit
  • my wonderful lovely cats who love me unconditionally, they are so sweet
  • when I was done with chores and eating my mingle-mangle I took my bag and drove to the farm, just did it without further thinking
  • the cats have enough food until tomorrow, I stay here over night
  • I did it, I changed my main residence formally to the farm at the municipal office
  • my right hip kills me because I walked so much today sorting my stuff where it belongs (the ex put all my stuff into the master bedroom, what a chaos)
  • the plumber came over in the evening to fix the solar plant malfunction
  • a looong chat with him, we’ve been knowing each other for years
  • meeting the neighbours, I like them very much
  • texting with the nice man I met two weeks ago
  • a beautiful, beautiful autumn day
  • the grassland had been cutted :pray:
  • my ex still works on the dry stone wall so I might get a grasp on him some day living here now, I find fucking nothing that I need
  • I’m grateful I don’t mind a cold shower when I cuddle up in my bed afterwards
  • I’m so tired that I can’t sleep
  • This is my first night since 15 months on my farm and I pray I settle comfortably quickly :pray:

What a day to be grateful for :pray::sunflower:


I’m grateful for a sunny sober day.
I’m grateful moods fluctuate and that I am not masking this with alcohol but rather learning to feel.
I’m grateful for my animals, they give and deserve so much love.
I’m grateful for wild plums and apples, I enjoyed picking and eating these on my walk today.
I’m grateful for my garden.
I’m grateful for books, I love getting lost in a good read.
I’m grateful my Recovery Dharma book arrived yesterday. I’ve been reading online but look forward to adding notes and thoughts as I read.
I’m grateful to realise how much I missed this community after a little time away.
I’m grateful for all of you wonderful sobetistas.


I merely used it. I don’t own it. And ur fine Eric. One sip? Oh please. Don’t take it personally. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Reset? Get the fugoutahere.


I’m grateful to God for guiding me through another day while helping me abstain from my addictions. I’m grateful for my family, friends, TS and the gratidudes. I’m grateful for the twelve steps and traditions. I’m grateful that @JazzyS closed the last thread and @Dazercat started this one. I’m grateful my Mom and Dad are headed on vacation to see my Uncle and Aunt. I’m grateful its payday tomorrow. I’m grateful that work was very unorganized today and I didnt let everyones stress or the mess upset my serenity. I’m grateful that I can support my home group friends when they relapse. I’m grateful I didn’t say why didn’t you call me before you picked up, that can come later when they’re less vulnerable. I’m grateful for this :point_down:

May our higher powers help us find and share hope.

p.s. Don’t quit before the miracle. Ya you!!


YA YOU Brian! Congrats on your 7 months- so amazing!


Struggling to find gratitude today so i think this thread is the best place for me.

Today i am grateful for:
My basic needs being met
My husband and son
My persistence in wanting a better life
Tears that are healing
My fall scented candle
The colorful leaves and cooler weather :fallen_leaf:


I’m grateful I went to my meeting.
I’m grateful I’m learning I don’t have to be perfect. Ever since I left home in 79 with basically nothing and no education except a high school diploma, I’ve always tried to be the best at what I do. And be perfect. No one was going to bail me out if I failed. Whelp I’m not perfect. And that’s one of the things in Al-Anon we learn. We aren’t perfect. And yes I was beating myself up about it. I’m over it now. I won’t be able to say no booze has passed my lips in 3 years and 8 months. But I can say I haven’t had a drink in 3 years and 8 moths. And I’m grateful I’m still FAFAF!! Ya I Am!!

Anyway… I’m grateful I went to my meeting. After I sat down and got settled in I saw this sign in front of me.

I swear I did not know I sat in front of this sign.
I’m grateful I’m,……. don’t you just love going to a meeting and getting exactly what you need!
Right in front of your face.
It’s a beautiful thing.
Love y’all.


Congrats on your 7 months Brian.


Thanks Jen. Appreciate you.
And your little dogs too :blush:
Always wonder if we’re walking at the same time.


My meeting today also spoke about progress not perfection. This is a good lesson to study more than once…


Awww @Dazercat i love you so. This had me chuckling. Im greatful you feel safe to share here…no matter where on the thread we fall.


Grateful you shared with the home thread and got it off your chest. Im grateful for the non drinking days you get with wifey too❤️


Congrats @I.cant.We.can on 7 months!!


I’m so grateful for this thread.
Just had a couple o’ really fucking hard days. Grief and loss suck. Trying and not succeeding sucks. Feeling like a ne’er-do-well sucks.
I’m grateful I get to learn how to feel my feelings. The only way out is through.
I’m grateful I also get to learn when I’m contributing to my own suffering unnecessarily with my thoughts, and by wanting things to be different than they are right now.
I’m grateful it was the first time in a long time that the “but you could make this go away for at least a few hours with some wine” voice appeared. Why? I got to tell it where the fuck to go. That felt pretty damn good. No failure there… :wink:

I’ve gotta give my head a shake…
I have so much to be grateful for!
I’m grateful for my cozy little home, the beloved dog girl, my pals near and far - the family of my making.
I’m grateful for my work, for the trust of colleagues, for laughs on the job.
I’m grateful for dreams and plans and goals. Opportunities! Gotta learn not to fear failure so much.
I’m grateful for my Sangha and my home thread here.
I’m grateful for fall colours.
I’m grateful I thought this date was something and I checked and hey - it’s 14 months of sobriety and recovery today. OFDAAT…

I’m grateful for all of you. I’m grateful for another day. :orange_heart:


I’m so grateful you shared this. :pray:

I had a near miss at the communion altar when visiting Mom some time ago. A double near miss when I almost yelled “Fuck!” at said altar as I backed away from the grenadine-ish wine. Grape juice and a rice cracker as communion for this celiac non-drinking cusser. Felt like I had Jesus and the Buddha in my corner, chuckling a little at me. :sweat_smile:

Onward, dear friend. So grateful for you. :pray:

@Bootz you’re Mom is a beauty! And so are all of your words.

@Lisa07 i’m also grateful for your “emotional hangover” post. such a relateable term. hugs to you!

@Soberbilly I adore you and all the G-dudes too! Thanks for the info re: RR and RD. I am conspiring to see you!

@I.cant.We.can 7 months hell yeah!!!