Daily Gratitude, The Air Of Recovery #5

I’m grateful to be home.

I’m grateful for the beautiful day I had before getting home. Walking around two of my favourite happy places. I’m grateful hanging out in nature does me right.

I’m grateful for the sunny drive. To get home and unpack instead of uncork. Gah, that never went well! For making a nice meal and getting ready for my work week.

I’m grateful I feel a whole lot less overwhelmed. Maybe even normal-whelmed! One day at a time works for a whole lotta stuff, hey?

I’m grateful I can prepare to make the same trip to the city in only two short weeks. Prepare, she said. Not stress. :wink:

I’m grateful for my own bed, the snoring dog girl, “Princess of Darkness” coffee beans for the morning!, and so far - a Monday sans work meetings. WTAF?

I’m grateful for all of you. For sober pals near and far!

I’m grateful for another day. :orange_heart:


Morning gratitude.
I’m grateful I can come here and write about gratitude. I had a bad night, woke up often, nightmares. Feeling exhausted. I’m grateful I can express my feelings and I know they are temporary. I’m grateful I can cut back to babysteps when I need to. I’m grateful today it will be babysteps.
I’m grateful I cancelled the appointment for today with the ex. I’m grateful I give myself the time and rest I need no matter how long it takes. I’m grateful I recognize the 2 intense days cost me more energy than I thought. That’s ok, I’m grateful I was able to participate and have 2 wonderful days. Maybe the fact that the ex was on the farm saturday also cost me energy and was not good for my emotional stability. I’m grateful I step back and give myself time to recover from this overload.

I’m grateful for a monday full of opportunities to make a good life happen. I’m grateful it’s a moderate monday workwise.
I’m grateful I see the blue sky from the couch where the old boy sleeps on me while I’m typing and reading. ODAAT :pray:


I am grateful to slowly recover from corona! After almost four years my first infection (i am aware of).


Im greatful for…

Boscoe cuddles
Hubbys love
A short work week
An afternoon workout opportunity
Sober sisters


Happy Monday! I’m grateful to everyone at TS, so glad I found this place when I was early struggling.
I’m grateful for the good sleep I’ve been getting lately.
I’m grateful for the weird dreams I had last night, and the messages hidden within them that I like to decipher afterwards. Or maybe they were just weird dreams.
I’m grateful I baked cookies yesterday cuz I just felt like it. No guilt, though I ate too many😆
I’m grateful I sat at my piano for a bit, yesterday evening, trying to learn a piece from sheet music, which I really suck at. But it’s a beautiful piece and I know what it’s supposed to sound like.
I’m grateful I am returning to that piano, it’s been a long time.


Good morning good buddies! I’m grateful that every day is a new opportunity to make better choices! I’m grateful to be making progress on various projects, and I’m grateful for a quiet morning. I’m grateful for the holidays and the chance to see my friends and family, even though it is stressful and I’ll also be grateful when it’s over. I’m grateful for my friends and for my BF, for my doggies and my family. I’m grateful for Buster’s sweet snuggles and silliness even though he already bit a hole in the blanket I just made. :grimacing: I’m grateful to remember that someday he’ll settle down… probably?


Oh no :dizzy_face:…im sorry…glad hes cute and snuggly :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Grateful for my doctor’s appointment and my chiropractor appointment today.


Evening gratitude.
I’m grateful for rest and naps. I’m grateful I accomplished a lot of tasks today. I’m grateful the dishes are done, the laundry is done, I refilled firewood for the kitchen stove, I did a little officework, I brought the cans and glas to the recycling bins, I coloured my nails, watered the plants and continued to bingewatch series. I’m grateful it was an ok monday and I’m glad I’ll be in bed soon. I’m grateful I was able to stop the hamsterwheel in my head feeling anxious and lonely. No, we don’t do this anymore. I’m grateful cat cuddles, a snack & hot chocolate and doing some minor chores like putting away some of the catfood delivery were enough to distract me and break the overthinking. I’m vulnerable and needy when I’m tired and exhausted so I’m really grateful I had this monday just for me with only texting, no calls, no appointments. ODAAT :pray:


@maxwell and @Dilettante how are you ladies doing - been a minute since ive seen you on the G thread :heart:

Monday Gratitude’s
I am so grateful that i was able to go and pick up my mom from work this morning. She got everything done super early and it did not make sense for her to stick around. I am so grateful that i had one cup of coffee in me and another on the go - really was hard waking up this morning.
I am so grateful that i went to the eye specialist today to rule out optical reasons for my constant headaches. Grateful that i do not have any nerve swelling and that my eyesight has improved.
I am so grateful to find that the lesion i have on my eye is normal and nothing to worry about. My doctor from 4 years ago was not able to tell me this and put me at ease at the time - so i am grateful that i had totally forgotten about it with everything else going on and this one thing has not been stressing me out.
I am so grateful for new comedy specials on Netflix.
I am so grateful that i will sleep in tomorrow. My mom has a dentist appointment so our coffee time is postponed to a brunch.
I am so grateful that i have my OB appointment tomorrow. Seeing a new person in same facility. I have heard great things about her. I do hope that she is able to get the ball rolling on my surgery.
I am so grateful that i did listen to great advice from a dear friend and will relinquish all responsibility for Thanksgiving dinner to my brother. I have made him a list and sent him the recipes and given him tips but that is as far as i will go… He really is waiting to the last minute to even get groceries which is a bit nerve wrecking but i am going to breathe and trust he knows what he is doing.
I am so grateful for La Croix and Liquid Death. I have stocked up on these for the week. I also plan on making some delicious virgin Apple cider sangria and a ginger beer juice mocktail. I know at Easter, everyone enjoyed my mocktails more than the alcohol :wink:
I am so grateful for this forum. Such an amazing space for all of us to connect and be present for each other.
I am so grateful that i am slowly finding my way back to my spiritual path. Grateful for forging my connections with my HP. Grateful for the strength he provides me each day to keep pushing forward on this sober /healthier lifestyle journey.
I am so grateful for my family. Grateful for the support and unconditional love. Grateful that we all do get along so well.
I am so grateful for my gratitude practice. I am forever thinking all the things i am thankful for. The list really is never-ending once you get going.
I am so grateful for another day of existing - working on myself and living the sober life i desire.

Wishing everyone a wonderful addiction free day - sending you so much love :heart: :heart:


I’m grateful I don’t make goofy rules any more about only drinking on the weekends, etc, only to break the rules on a Monday that was supposed to be meeting-free and low-drama and absolutely was not. :sweat_smile:

I’m grateful for camaraderie with colleagues and laughs to take the edge off.

And much as apres-work walks with the dog girl also take the edge off, it’s cold and dark now pretty early. She was all “nah, you go for it. I’ll be here snoozing. Throw me a snack on your way out?” LOL. I’m grateful for the changing seasons. I do love them all! And I’m grateful for goose down to help me love this one!

I’m grateful I logged into my Recovery Dharma group tonight. That meeting just seems to set me up for the week ahead. Lotsa laughs some nights. Tons of compassion. I’m grateful for that beautiful group of humans.

Just like I’m grateful for this group of beautiful humans! :wink:

I’m grateful for another day. :orange_heart:


Im greatful for a short workweek.
Im greatful for my sobriety.
Im greatful i hit the gym last night.
Im greatful hubby helps with chores.
Im greatful todays work schedule isnt packed.
Im greatful i have an opportunity to learn patience
Progress not perfection my soberonies


I am grateful that I know my depression well enough that I know it will end eventually.
I am grateful that my partner was a good person who treated me great and always built me up.
I am grateful for my dog.
I am grateful for coffee.


A grateful good morning to all at TS. So grateful for you all!
I’m grateful for another sober day.
I’m grateful for Pema Chodron. Currently reading her latest book. Full of wisdom as always.
I’m grateful I have a warm comfortable house to live in. Had a nice cozy fire going last night in the wood stove. Love that part of the late fall season.
I’m grateful for my two kitties.
I’m grateful my husband got out of the house and visited friends for a few hours in the afternoon yesterday, and Im so glad I used the alone time to practice piano, make a fire, and call my sister for a long chat.


I am grateful that I have this extra time to work on myself.
I am grateful that there are lots of community orgs I can spend time with.
I am grateful my dog let me flush his itchy ear!


I’m grateful I just looked up your name out of curiosity, and discovered it’s indigo bunting. A fave bird of mine. I’m grateful I once had three of them flitting just ahead of me for a few minutes when I was biking a trail , so cool!


Good morning sober fam!

Im so very greatful for…

My sobriety!
570 days free from weed and alcohol
113 days free from nicotine
Realizing that i am powerless over snacks so i dont have them in the house
Gym membership
Motivation to get to the gym
My mobility
Hubby love
Boscoe cuddles
Our awesome king size bed
Easy half day working from home
2nd holiday season sober. I got this. We got this. And if i feel like i dont i will reach out to my supports

Much love to ya soberonies


I’m grateful to be back home following CJ. On the gratitude thread.

Grateful to be waking up in my own bed.
Grateful it’s pretty darn cold here in the desert this morning. Grateful wifey might even want to put the heat on. Grateful to have cats and the Burner in bed. Grateful for my coffee. Grateful for the little fireplace we have.
Grateful the pre thanksgiving travel didn’t affect us. Grateful the pets did good at the vet. Grateful Benson doesn’t have Valley Fever. Grateful his cigarette hacking morning cough is much much better. I’m grateful for the antibiotics that seem to be working great on him. I’m grateful I didn’t even notice him coughing this morning.

I’m grateful for another low key Thanksgiving just wifey and me and our furrbabies. We’re not even having mash potatoes this year :scream::scream: I’m grateful we found a small turkey breast with bone in it. Not that crappy roll shit. See how it goes this year. I’m grateful I’m not cooking a 16 lb turkey for 2 this year and all the trimmings.

I’m grateful Mavy is/was making biscuits on me. That was fast.

I’m grateful we only have one more trip planned this year. Shit. We’re running out of year anyway! I’m grateful I can do these trips and most grateful to return home from these trips.

Grateful for all you sober gratidudes and dudettes. I’m grateful to be going into another sober Holiday season. I’m grateful if we would all just reach out for help if and when we need it because this shit is hard to do alone.

I’m grateful to wrap this up so I can get my day going.
C’mon Sancho :dog2: we got walking :walking_man: to do.
I’m grateful I can and get to walk for my exercise.
Grateful Mavy is back bashing into me.


Yay! Yes it’s my favorite bird, I have a tattoo of it because I hardly ever see them :blush: but when I do it’s amazing. I hear them all the time!


Happy Hump Day my sober family!! I just want to start by giving everyone a big hug and share all this love i have in my heart today.

I am so grateful for starting this day with a good attitude. I know my symptoms make it hard to maintain this but i am determined to have more Yeah days than Neah days LOL. This too shall pass and i am grateful for learning so much about self care / patience and acceptance during this process.
I am so grateful that i was able to go back to bed this morning when i just wasn’t ready to face the day. Grateful that i allowed my body some grace and felt all the feelings and meditated through the pain. I am so grateful that meditation is my link to my HP and i know i am being taken care of.
I am so grateful for a hot fresh cup of coffee. I may even take out the machine and make myself an espresso today - hell - why not! :wink:
I am so grateful that I am going to break my gluten free diet streak tomorrow for Thanksgiving dinner. I do hope that my inflammation isn’t further triggered but I really really want real bread and gluten dishes :yum:
I am so grateful that it is a cloudy day with glimpses of sunshine. Not too chilly but chilly enough. I am enjoying this weather. I may attempt to do a 10 min walk around the neighborhood. Damn - my mind is all in the I CAN thinking.
I am so grateful for my sugar free blueberry muffins i made yesterday. They really hit the spot this morning. :yum:
I am so grateful for my sister - she called this morning just to say hi. So bubbly and full of love - was a pleasure talking with her. :hugs:
I am so grateful for my friends. I did attempt to make text contact with a few. Grateful that some friendships are stronger than time - we can pick up like no time has passed. Grateful for real friends. I am more grateful for shedding myself of the fake friends and feeling ok with it. Friendships are a two way street and i am done being the only one bringing anything to the table.
I am so grateful for all the evergreens in our backyard. Love that we have year around privacy from the neighborhood behind us.
I am so grateful for my lovely plants. I did lose one of my favorite ones - the move last year was a bit too much for it and I really could not get it back to a healthy state. Grateful that my herbs are thriving. Love seeing the plants flourish and look so vibrant.
I am so grateful that i could just keep going but i should start cleaning up - LOL. – So grateful for all of you here and this wonderful community!
Wishing you all a wonderful addiction free day - sending you all so much love :heart: :heart: