Daily Gratitude, The Air Of Recovery #6

I’m very grateful today…

  1. Woke up without anxiety (I had it a few times throughout the day, that’s a win).

  2. I spent quality time with my wife doing gardening together.

  3. Watched the “Club Shay Shay” episode with Kel Mitchell. An absolutely inspiring story.

  4. Found peace with my choice to quit drinking and smoking. I actually feel the desire deep in my soul and have never had that type of feeling.

There is no chance I would have been able to achieve these things today without the inspiration and support from so many of you! Thank you!


I’m grateful for my family.
I’m grateful for every item in my house.
I’m grateful for my full fridge.
I’m grateful it is sunny out.


So very grateful and thank God

Really pleasant anniversary dinner out.

Cleaners came and did an exceptional job today.

Husband and our dog back home

Hip healing and getting around much better. today.


@tailee17 How are you doing love? I hope the practice of gratitude helped. Sending hugs and hoping that whatever you are going through gets easier :people_hugging: Just saw your update – Happy Anniversary Lam :tada: :tada:
@dazercat so grateful you are now in your new home and all your stuff arrived too. Yes – finally a king size bed to sleep in – enjoy your spacious bed tonight :sleeping: One thing at a time is a great plan :hugs:

What a cool way to start the day – love this daily practice. Grateful you are feeling better and feeling fit :heart:
@mrfantastik So grateful your knee is starting to feel better.
@skhan Love it when we our mind and body connect with the want and need for sobriety. Great work on your no drinking / smoking timers! :muscle:
@alysonwonderland Welcome to the community! A wonderful place full of support and no judgement. Hope to see you around.

Practicing gratefulness on this beautiful Thursday
I am so very grateful for how this day turned out. Grateful that i got my walk in this morning – need to start even earlier tomorrow as the heat was intense by the end.
I am so grateful I finalized the rental insurance policy - thank goodness that shit is over.
I am so grateful for having the energy to clean up the house today.
I am so grateful that my sis and her hubby are coming to visit this weekend. Grateful i was able to say no to them wanting me to join them for an outing to Detroit to watch a Panthers game. Luckily i will still have some one on one time with them.
I am so grateful that the sugar free no bake carrot cake came out yummy. Glad i had time to soak the cashews for the cream. Next time i will know to soak the dates too so that i can get a creamier blend.
I am so grateful for coffee! So grateful that i found some new blends that i wanna try and hope to pick up soon. Grateful for recommendations from a dear friend.
I am so grateful for getting caught up with work.
I am so grateful that i tried a new recipe from my cookbook. Grateful for google as the recipe had a few typo’s and i was able to figure them out without much hassle
I am so grateful for hot showers, comfy bed and black out curtains.
I am so grateful for my family! Grateful for my HP and grateful for my daily practices. Grateful for my continued increase in energy. Grateful for pushing through my symptoms.
I am so grateful for this community and all the support and love i feel here!

Wishing you all a wonderful addiction free day / evening – sending you all so much love :heart: :heart:


Today I am grateful to have been able to go to work and see my co-workers and team members. Some of them today was the last shift I would work with them :cry:. My last day at my current store that I have been at for 3 years is Sunday, but I am grateful for the next step I get to take in my career!
I am grateful to have been able to keep the house in pretty good clean shape, but also grateful that I have tomorrow off to super clean the house and do yard work before my schedule gets really crazy!
I’m grateful that my husband’s new commander is going to start the process of lifting the military protective order so that my husband can come home and be there for our boys. I’m grateful that he is open to the idea of couple’s therapy so that we can maybe start working through some of the issues that have lingered in our relationship!
Good night everyone!


:face_holding_back_tears::face_holding_back_tears::heart::heart: thank you so much. I really appreciate your kind words.


Welcome :slight_smile:
I’m so grateful you found us.
To Compare Is To Despair


I am grateful. For the Dharma. For the Awakened One. To have another day in this incarnation. For self-forgiveness meditation. For connecting to my inner child. For somatic healing. For my amazing friend/mentor sister Colette. For so may teachers. For so many teachings. For the Dhammapada. For my somatic healing meditation guide Jeanine taking me deep. For surviving myself somehow. For my 2 amazing children and my equally amazing grandchildren. For my blessigs. For all of y’all. God guru and Self are One


Grateful my little family is here sleeping peacefully next to me.
Grateful for the date night with my Mrs. B. last night.
Grateful for my comfy new pair of slip-on Vans.
Grateful for purple irises.
Grateful for this first cuppa CAWFEE.
Grateful to have a job I don’t hate.


Greatful for

Boscoe cuddles
2 walks yesterday with hubby and bdog
A wonderful aa meeting yesterday
Looking fwd to meeting with my new sponsor
Protein bars
Hot coffee
Hot showers
Its nearly the weekend


I’m grateful for a good morning hike with the dogs. I’m grateful for people in this group who have encouraged me, given advice and recommendations. I’m grateful for the flexibility that comes with living here. I’m grateful for the storm that’s going now we needed the rain. I’m grateful for a new tea my friend gave me today am excited to try it out!


Grateful to have options today. There was once an enormous and intricate trap I was caught in. It was arranged in such a way that all the exits were blocked. There was the nuclear option only. Glad I did it. I’m really glad I broke out the bomb thrower and went at it. A few months later, I can’t recognize myself or my life, really, but I know it’s real and true. I see people for exactly who they are and I can’t un-see it, like I could do with alcohol. I looked the other way. Now I walk the other way. Much better/easier way to live. Once you get used to it.

Grateful to have those chains off of me.


I love this Marie! So grateful to see how you are flourishing and finding yourself in this journey :heart: :hugs:


Thank you Jasmine! You are so kind :heart:. It really helps to hear that.


Thank you for this day :palms_up_together:
I am grateful I am again capable of being physically active. I did my morning yoga, a walk, a short workout in the afternoon and some more yoga. When I‘m ill I miss this so much. I am grateful I can feel alive like that again.
My game design work today was very productive. Not in the sense of productivity of cranking widgets but quality wise. I gained far more clarity on the basic game mechanics through today‘s iteration. I am very grateful for this clarity as this has been a major stumbling block on this game.
As I am doing this design work following a distinct process I feel like I am learning a coherent workflow that I could use in future designs. I am grateful for the design workshop I am learning this from.
I am grateful I had the mental, physical and emotional capacity and the time to do this work today. It is so fulfilling.
I am grateful the symptoms of my recent tummy thing are receding and only bothering me once in a while.
I am grateful my daughter is not too ill. She is growing up so fast, like they all do. She still tells me all the crazy stories she comes up with on a daily basis, but we also discuss more serious topics and today she even helped me with my design process. I am very grateful for the wonderful relationship we are having and that I get to experience this miracle of parenthood every day.
Today my ex came up with the great idea to bring his new girlfriend - the one he cheated on me with - to my garage in order to teach her how to change tires on her bike and help her with it. I honestly was so stupefied my brain paused for a moment. I am very grateful it took up its work and I was able to express to him how insulting and unbelievable even the suggestion of this was. I also am very grateful for my friend and my mum who were both very supportive and confirmed my assessment of this whole incident and did not consider my reaction exaggerated the way he thought it to be. I also am very grateful I see him and talk to him on a regular basis, so I have a good picture of how confused he is and I don‘t get caught up in some ridiculous nostalgia for him. No sir. I don‘t need that in my life.
I am grateful I have a quiet and easy evening. There will be books, maybe some anime.
I am grateful for this very full day.
Sleep tight sober friends :night_with_stars:


Wtf is wrong with that man?! That is not ok!! Your reaction was not exaggerated in the least bit. Grateful you have the support of your mum, your friend and all of us. Sending you some hugs :people_hugging:


i seriously had to read that twice – is he slow in the head? i totally echo Lisa here and this is not ok. you were totally in the right to have the reaction you did (i may have not been so civil). SO grateful that you had support in real life to let you know you were in the right. I am sorry that you had to experience it in the first place. :people_hugging:


Friday gratefulness with my favorite sober friends :hugs:

I am so grateful for waking up early this morning. Grateful that i was energized enough to do my walk even with a crappy night of sleep. I am so grateful that i was able to finish my walk even with the high humidity. SO annoying when the humidity is so high that you can sweat just standing still.
I am so grateful that i pushed myself through the my workout. Unbelievable level for pain. Grateful for my TENS unit to help with that.
I am so grateful that i took my mom to the botanical gardens. We were able to enjoy the indoor portions and the bonsai garden (as it seemed cooler there). Grateful that it was free and we only had to pay for parking. Grateful that its only 15 min away from my home (can’t believe it is so close and i’ve never been).
I am so grateful for leftovers. Grateful that i don’t have to cook today as i want to get other stuff done
I am so grateful that the sugar free, gf no bake carrot cake turned out so well. :yum:
I am so grateful that i get so many beautiful scents of blooming flowers on my walk. :hibiscus: :sunflower:
I am so grateful for a small list of things to get done today - not gonna stress if i don’t get to it.
I am so grateful for my mom - had a wonderful time with her today. Grateful for my siblings. Grateful for our lovely bond and playful banter. Grateful for my dad and for all that he does daily to help at work as i am healing.
I am so grateful for my HP. Grateful for my connection to Him. Grateful for meditation and prayer as these practices help me stay connected to Him and to myself.
I am so grateful that i am aware of my anger issues. Grateful that i know that i am so frustrated with my symptoms and on going health struggles. I find myself dealing with a short fuse. No excuse. I am grateful to have this on my mind front and center so that i can work on it diligently.
I am so grateful for this beautiful day - grateful that i am going to go to the nursery shortly and pick up some flowers / herbs. Wonderful day to get one with mother earth

Wishing you a wonderful addiction free day - sending you so much love :heart: :heart:


I had some interesting moments throughout the day that I am grateful for…

  1. @LeggaLyn, she made my day! She reached out, we have the same start date. She thought it would be cool for us to do check ins, catch up, etc. I am very grateful for her doing this because I have no friends that I interact with. Since deciding to go sober, I got rid of FB & X, I only have contact with my immediate family and this app.

  2. Recognizing the link between my body, mind and urges. I was going to the grocery store and my kids were in the back bickering. I felt irritated, at the same time hungry. I thought about an hour of shopping with them, with me being in a bad mood and thought to myself “How can I fix this?”. I stopped at McDonalds, ate a cheeseburger… The couple moments of rest, reset me and we had a great time shopping.

  3. All the different community topics. Literally everything I’ve done this week to help me, I’ve stolen from all of you. Your shares have given me strength and confidence.

Thank you everyone, this week has been amazing! I’ve already forgot about the first two days but I have kept it in the back of my mind that I never want to feel that way again!


Congratulations on working HALT and showing us how it’s done.