Daily Gratitude, The Air Of Recovery #6

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Grateful it’s Saturday
Grateful for soft furry bodies on the bed demanding cuddles
Grateful for purrs
Grateful for another sober Friday
Grateful I’m trying to be easier on my lack of activity
Grateful to do some useful stuff today
Grateful to be able to turn the news off
Grateful to know that life prevails


Good morning sober fam,

Im so very greatful for…

My sobriety, wish i could find a local aa meeting…maybe ill ask in the next town
Im greatful the gratitude is so deep with this crew we’re on a new thread
The merlin app, the identify birds
Taking my morning coffee on the balcony of our very nice hotel room
Feeling safe yet alert
Walked 8mi yesterday
Yay good food and good exercise
Greatful today our feet will get a rest
Snorkling tour this am
This adventure of a lifetime
No hangovers
Hubby and i and our love
Sobriety savings to afford us this trip
The power of positive energy


Grateful for my nights rest. For my coffee on the couch. For another sober day. For the ability to enjoy this day, the Lord has made!:star2::star2::star2::star2: Hope everyone has an amazing day!


I am grateful for a lazy Saturday, catching up on TS :two_hearts:

Grateful for a beautiful evening yesterday with friends and my son. I am grateful I didn’t have a single thought about alcohol. It proves to me that they are my tribe, I feel at ease around them. I am amazed that being sober gives me this insight. I am certainly a better host and friend too. I am grateful for flavoured cola (coconut coke is a thing) and herbal tea, I don’t need wine to have a good time.

I am grateful I didn’t book a ticket to Thailand @JazzyS! Yesterday I recieved an email that I can start dog training next week, I was on the waiting list for months. It’s two courses for the duration of six months (obedience and agily/sport). The dog school is next to a forest, so I am looking forward to spend the coming Saturday mornings in nature :dog2: :deciduous_tree: I might meet some new people there too :slightly_smiling_face:

I am grateful for my sober life. I feel like everything falls into place, I am myself. Even with moments of hardship, stress and grief I feel so blessed. What a difference in comparison to my depressing drinking days…

My mom was panicking yesterday about her hospital appointment on Monday. I told her I’ll call her today to talk it through. I am grateful I am not hungover today, so we can take all the time she needs.

I am grateful for less cursing and less negativity.
I am grateful for my beautiful son, I feel blessed and I am so proud of him.
I am grateful for real connections, with family and good friends.
I am grateful for the person that started this thread and for all of you that take the time to share your gratitude.


Good morning friends,
I’m grateful the sun is coming up, I woke up way too early this morning. I’m grateful I had time to do my gratitude journal, eats breakfast, drink coffee, and enjoy the quiet. I’m grateful for my family. I’m grateful for my old rescue dogs, and that we have been able to give them a safe and comfortable home to live out the rest of their days. I’m grateful they follow me around everywhere… all the time…. no matter what. I’m grateful I’m excited to start a DIY kitchen table makeover with my sister tomorrow. I’m grateful I can feel excited and hopeful and grateful now that I have stopped numbing all of my feelings. I’m grateful for the homethread, and to share in your lives :heart:


I believe that was you @DuncanNZ :blush:


I’m grateful to see a 6th gratitude thread. Omg :scream: what a beautiful grateful thing we got going here.

I’m grateful my wife went to the open AA speaker meeting with me last night. I’m grateful she went so she could get dinner out earlier and her wine. It’s a drinking night. I’m grateful it doesn’t matter the reason she goes. If she’s there she might hear a message. If she’s not there guarantee she won’t hear the message. Grateful she was sober for it. I’m grateful I found the cojones to speak in front of 60 - 70 people, strangers, in front of my wife. Im grateful I just felt compelled to thank this lady and her beautiful share, it resonated with me so much. I’m grateful I recognized with my wife there it holds me back. Grateful I fixed that issue. The look on her face as the microphone was coming over priceless. I even heard under her breath a “are you serious?” I’m grateful, damn right I’m serious about my recovery!

I’m grateful I finally told her yesterday what we’re doing isn’t working for me and I’m going to go to more meetings. Coffees, lunches, even a 3 hour Al-Anon old timers speakers pot luck lunch next Saturday for 3 hours.

I’m grateful I told her as long as I’m trying to control your drinking I’m going to surround myself with recovery of all kinds until I somehow I learn to let it go and not bother me.

I’m grateful I’m not doing this :100: out of spite.
I’m grateful I am pretty happy at meetings these days and I’m enjoying myself and being with people who understand. I’m grateful these people are happy. Or appear to be and I want to get where they are.

I’m grateful, with all that said, there’s no meeting for me today. I’m grateful there’s tons of recovery in Scottsdale.

I’m grateful it’s my son’s 34th bday today. I’m grateful we didn’t know what to get him so I just asked. I’m grateful he said we already done so much for him we don’t have to get him anything :face_holding_back_tears: I’m grateful I love him so fucking much I tear up just writing about him.
I’m grateful for Gold Belly I hope he likes the easy prep meals. I’m grateful Oprah endorses the chicken pot pie he’s getting. I’m grateful she wouldn’t lie. And I’m grateful wifey found Bake A Wish cake to send him a personalized birthday cake. I’m grateful my son has survived the horrors of mental illness and addiction and has ten and a half years. I’m grateful Miracles happen :face_holding_back_tears:

I’m grateful for all of you here making this 6 thread possible.

A grateful heart is a magnet for miracles.
Best positive quotes .com


Welcome Makaila
I’m grateful you found us.
Congratulations on your 3 days yesterday and I hope to share in your gratitude on your 4th day on this new gratitude thread. New you :blush: New Gratitude thread :thinking: I’m feeling something here with that. I’m grateful you can be part of this beautiful journey with us.


Happy Saturday to all you sexy souls! So grateful to share my journey with all of you and be filled with love and gratitude. YEAH we are on our 6th thread :astonished: so very much to be grateful for :heart:

I am so grateful that @Naomi did not book her trip. WOW - how the universe works in mysterious ways. So happy for you and excited to hear the stories of your amazing adventures while training and hanging in nature
I am so grateful that i got some coffee time with mom. Grateful that I am enjoying another cup while writing my gratitude.
I am so grateful that Dazer got to speak up at his meeting last night and is putting all his energy into his recovery. I am grateful that putting in the work doesn’t mean it has to be difficult but can be our new way of life. Grateful that we are forever growing and learning in recovery. Happy birthday Mike :birthday: :partying_face:
I am so grateful that i had a very productive day yesterday. Grateful that i finally finished up and submitted all the forms to the Secretary of State for my disability. My family has been pushing me to file for a few months and i finally did it. Really know that i will be rejected at least a few times. I am not holding my breath. Grateful that i took my time to get all the documents together this past month. Reviewing all the data and the pictures did not help my mental state and i am grateful to be past that now. Grateful for healing even if it slow and taking the scenic route.
I am so grateful that i have time and energy to get my accounting work done today so that i can have a day to rest tomorrow.
I am so grateful for my new sherpa lined hoodie. Grateful that i washed it last night and am able to wear it today.
I am so grateful that i had the perfect amount of vinegar and baking soda left to do my laundry yesterday.
I am so grateful for a warm front coming through - supposed to be in the upper 40’s all week. I was able to be out without a jacket yesterday and it was only 35. Crazy how the body adapts to the temperatures.
I am so grateful that my brothers noisy ass neighbors have moved out! So thrilled. They drove me nuts.
I am so grateful for my family, TS and my HP! Grateful that i do not feel alone or lonely. Grateful that i am content and that i have enough. Actually feel like i have more than enough - trying to shed a little more this year - making this my goal.
I am so grateful for love in my heart and breath in my lungs! Lets go make the best of this glorious day!
Wishing everyone a wonderful addiction free day - sending you all so much love :heart: :heart:


Grateful for another sober day. Grateful my boys txt me this morning to see if they could come back from their dads early, they weren’t due back till tomorrow. Grateful to see them sooner. Grateful for my washing machine, had SO much to do today. Grateful for meditation and reading, relaxes me intensely. Grateful I got to see my brother on his birthday and my little nephews were there. Super grateful for Papa Johns delivery, treated myself and my boys to a cheeky pizza tonight, was Sooooo damn good :yum: :pizza: grateful for this thread and for all the people that are here!!:rose::v:


Today I am grateful I added gratitude to my recovery toolbox.
I am grateful @J.Thomson beat his addicted voice yesterday and checked in with us. I hope this shout out will lead you to take part in the gratitude thread with us.

I am grateful for the relationship with my other half. He is my rock.
I am grateful he is taking me to the cinema tonight. I am grateful for popcorn :popcorn::yum:

I am grateful for that gruelling spin class this morning. I am grateful the instructor has an amazing taste in music. I am grateful for that cheeky interaction and banter I had at the gym with an amazing personality. Sometimes a smile goes a long way. So grateful to him.
I am grateful I managed day 3 of the push up challenge.

I am grateful my overall anxiety has quietened down a lot. I am grateful to be here, to be sober, to be alive.


It’s time for some gratitude today.

I am grateful for the weather today. I initially did not like the rain, but with time the whole city was enveloped in a mist and looked like from a fantasy picture. I enjoyed the view.
I am grateful my days are usually quite good, even when the mornings are exhausting and difficult.
I am grateful for relaxing yoga and a nice meditation.
I am grateful I did some work with my plants and feel like the spring can come. I am prepared.
I am grateful for books and regrouping my inner ressources.
I am grateful for food and my insights about it today.
I am grateful for this place and all the help I get and sometimes can give.


Hey All,
I’m grateful that I know you’re always here.

I came back a few months ago, someone here rubbed me the wrong way. Normally I’d laugh it off knowing the person, but wasn’t a good time :disappointed:

I’m grateful I’m back again, knowing I have friends here. @Dazercat Eric, you’re one of the reasons I do come back my friend, ty :hugs:

Dec 23rd my cat Riley passed away, she had dementia. It’s as awful as it sounds. I drank. And I continued thru the holidays, with my dog Buddy :dog2:

I’m grateful I had Riley for 14 years, she was my baby girl :cat2:

I’m grateful I have a new doctor, and I’m on a second med for depression. Still waiting for it to kick in. But I refuse to sit back and give in :muscle:

I looked at the rescue where Riley came from. In my head, I wasn’t ready, but told myself if they have a senior male orange cat, maybe. As fate would have it, they had 11 year old Mr Garfield. I think Riley helped find him (she was an orange tabby as well). My current dog Buddy is 11 years old, rescued at age 10. Now, our new family member is: Alexander the Great (formally Mr Garfield). I call him Alex. He’s 16 lbs, should be 14, we’re working on that. I’m grateful that Buddy and Alex get along. Their common interest is food :hamburger:

I reached out to an old friend yesterday, via text. That’s how we mainly communicate. And told her I was struggling. Her response was, is it depression or boredom? What a way to discount someone’s feelings, lol. That’s why I say, I’m grateful you’re always here. :purple_heart:

Sorry for the ramble, this thread I shouldn’t be thrown in the abyss being scattered :face_with_spiral_eyes:

And I’m also grateful I have 33 days!. I’ll post some pics of my fur family on the pet thread. Thank you for reading :blush:


I am grateful for my best friend helping me out yesterday when I was truly in need.
I am grateful for the lessons I’ve learned while being sober and how they’ve helped me through this extremely difficult time.
I am grateful for my family even though they don’t always understand what I’m going through or how hard it is. I’m just grateful that they never gave up on me.
I am grateful that I found this forum when I did and how welcoming and understanding everyone has been. It really means a lot.
I am grateful for @HolySquid for directing me to this thread.
Lastly but most importantly I’m grateful for my sobriety and how much I’ve learned about myself during it.


Too much to catch up. So much gratitude :pray:

Today I’m grateful for a nice day with my nice. I’m grateful she feels comfortable staying with me. I’m grateful she allows me to pamper her a bit (17 and already so serious and adult-ish). I’m grateful I am able to help her meeting her own quality standards with a mandatory paper in school.

I’m grateful I don’t forget to focus on myself. I’m grateful for healthy meals, a nap, fun with the cats, doing basic chores, resting, knitting a bit. I’m grateful we are both in bed at a normal time and will hopefully get lots of sleep.

I’m grateful for the calendar mottos in my house. They help me in a discreet way to let go and have faith.

I’m grateful for all my blessings. Good night from this side of the world. ODAAT


I swear I was thinking about you the other day Maxy. That means between yesterday and 6 weeks ago :crazy_face: I can’t remember.
I’m so sorry you lost your little Riley :cry: She was quite a little dear and you were so good to her. I’m grateful you found your way back to us again. I’m grateful it’s always a pleasure to see you pop back up here again. You will always be welcome on this thread. I’m just so happy you’ve made it back.

I can’t wait to meet Mr Garfield.
And see some more pics of Buddy.
I love your grateful heart with animals. That is so cool what you do.

Edit: congrats on your 33 @maxwell


Hi Eric! Mr Garfield was the shelters name for him. He’s now Alexander the Great, better known as Alex. :heart:


Alex it is.
I’m grateful to meet Alex.
I’ve been collecting pics of all 6 of my orange kitties that we’ve had throughout our marriage for the cat thread. I haven’t posted it yet.
Alex looks like a pretty healthy feline.
I’ve always to my wife and kids this is our last batch of pets. Don’t want them to out live us. But when they are all gone I’m going to rescue an old cat.


He’s healthy now, when he was found as a stray, he was 11lbs (now 16) and had an upper respiratory infection. He sat in the cage at the shelter for 5 weeks before I found him.

I adore :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: orange cats. I’ve had cats/dogs my entire life, and the orange ones have always been the ones with the least fear of anything. People, dogs, didn’t matter. That’s why I chose another orange one, I didn’t want a kitty that was afraid of Buddy. And Orange’s are SO friendly!