Daily Gratitude, The Air Of Recovery #7

Good morning.

I am grateful that I dont get defensive as quickly as I used to. That I can hold space for people who trigger me, listen to what they have to say with an open mind and heart. I am grateful that I get to take what I need and leave the rest in all areas of my life. I am grateful that I can hear the hurtful stuff, the unuseful stuff, and not feel a need to argue, or point out that what was said was wrong. I am grateful I know how to choose my battles, I know how to choose my audience and I am getting better at keeping the peace in general. I am grateful that I have been gifted with some grace in a few areas of my life. I am grateful that the more I practice this virtue the more natural it becomes. I am grateful that offering grace to myself and others solves a lot of my problems.

I am grateful for the vastness of the universe and the direct tether its energies have on my being. Thank-you. :pray:

I am grateful for grace.

I am grateful for second chances.



Thank you for this day :palms_up_together:
I am grateful for less anxiety and depression today.
I am grateful for friends visiting.
I am grateful for good food.
I am grateful for a walk and yoga.
I am grateful for a doing my weekly review, a good look back, taking stock and looking forward.
I am grateful for this day.
Sleep tight sober friends :night_with_stars:


I’ve got to stay consistent with the things that helped me most when I was at my lowest. Reflecting on what I’m grateful for was one of them. Today I am grateful for…

  1. My new job. It’s breathing life and ambition back into me. I love the working environment and my coworkers have been really helpful.

  2. Weekend with the family. Even though I worked everyday we still found time to chill and hang out. The house has a calm, relaxing feel to it.

  3. My stress management. I’m pacing myself, letting go of the things that don’t matter. I’m trying to live life on life’s terms and not be a control freak. Some curve balls that were thrown at me, didn’t bother me. I’ve been going with the flow at the pace of the flow.

  4. Organizing my calendar. I live a pretty busy life and keeping track of everything is something I struggled with last week. I spent a lot of time today adding structure to each day, incorporating my sobriety activities into the calendar to encourage me to keep up with what’s been working.

Enjoy the night everyone!


Monday morning gratitude.
I’m grateful Missi and the old boy sleep on me. They are a heavy bunch of purring love. I’m grateful the cats and I are so close. I’m grateful the old boy found comfort under my blanket cuddling up to me during the awful thunderstorm last night. The house vibrated.

As it is still raining I’m grateful the seedlings / plants are still on the balcony waiting to be planted out. Still healthy. Outside all would be dead by now with this shitty weather. I’m grateful I had the patience to wait and didn’t force farmwork. I’m grateful I let go of ideas and expectations. Let go and let God. As I can’t change it I sit with it and do my best.

I’m grateful I fell asleep again in the morning, it was a rough night. I’m grateful I can do so and not hurry to get to work. I’m grateful for office @ home.

I’m grateful I resisted the strong codependent urges yesterday and thought about where they came from and what I need to shoo the deficits they point out during the nighthours without sleep. I’m grateful for a clear brain and for eating healthy, it makes dealing with emotional hickups way easier and more productive.

I’m grateful for beach videos on youtube, I need the illusion of comfort weather & places on the screen today. The sound of waves is far nicer than the sound of endless pourring rain. I love rain, but not weeks in a row.

I’m grateful for being safe, free, mostly healthy, for being able to pay the bills, for the big, comfortable, safe house I live in, for nothing serious to worry about, for being a good cook, for the ability to smile about little things in life that make me happy and grateful.
For having escaped our toxic marriage, for beginning to sharply and clearly separate my needy feelings from their linking to my ex thus eliminating the remains of codependent wishful thinking and fantasizing about unrealistic bullshit. I’m grateful time and distance help to see things as they are/were.

I’m grateful for another day to live a good life. ODAAT


Good morning sober tribe

Im so very greatful for…

My recovery journey
2y1m2d free
My new tattoo that reminds me how far ive come and im badass
Boscoe my lil companion
Hubby being consistent
I slept in today and will not feel guilty about it
Hot coffee
My family
A quality weekend
I prepped lunches for this week
A new day


Happy new week, gratitude friends!! Today is my birthday, the first sober one since I was pregnant with my son more than 18 years ago. Grateful for over 5 months of sobriety.

Grateful for the cool nights that make the hot days more bearable. It’s supposed to be 105°F here by Wednesday. Grateful my office building is always cool.

Grateful for a wonderful day spent eating and shopping for my birthday yesterday, as we are all busy back at work today. grateful we’re all employed.

Grateful for you all, as always. 🫶🏻 :people_hugging:


Grateful for criticism.

I just got a call from a customer who was not happy with some of the work done on her home. I am grateful because this gives me a chance to fix it.

I also feel shame, pretty intensely. I’ve grappled with this since I was young and it is a big part of my addiction. I want to bring it to the light; I want to share it here. Shame (like addiction) thrives in dark, isolated spaces.

I’m not exactly sure what the roots of this shame are. I am working through it, in my personal reflection, in my counselling, and with my sobriety contacts.

I am grateful for that pool of wise people. I know that acting out in my addiction will not help. I am still feeling that inner hot burn of shame, but I am walking through it today. I will share about it at my meeting tonight, then I will come home and I will sleep, sober.


Ohh what did you get for a tattoo?


I’m grateful for a busy but very productive day. I’m grateful for 60 days sober! I’m grateful for being in a good mood and feeling like I’m in a good place these past few days. I’m grateful for having a good walk and conversation with a friend today. I’m grateful I can fit everything I need into my backpack. I’m grateful that I’m feeling more excited for this trip and less anxious about it. I’m grateful for my friend cooking my favorite meal for me!




I am grateful for the pure love I get from my dogs every day, even on days where I’m not the best version of myself. They are the sweetest little guys and their unconditional love means everything to me.


Glad I saw this before heading out… happy birthday beautiful! Hope you have a wonderful day celebrating you :tada::tada::tada::birthday::confetti_ball::partying_face:


:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:🫶🏻🫶🏻🫶🏻 :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::hugs::hugs::hugs:


I’m grateful the lights are always on here. I’m going to try to pop in more. Today I am grateful for a kitty on my chest and one at my feet when I wake up. I am grateful for the clarity of sobriety and I am grateful for the work of getting back to happy my sober time has led me to.

I’m grateful for this place online and for my cozy home. I’m grateful for coffee and workouts before a long shift at work. I’m grateful for every addict out there doing the work to make themselves well. 🩷


Thank you for this day :palms_up_together:
I am so grateful a change in my meds seems to be working and the constant state of anxiety lessened today. I am grateful it gives me hope. I am grateful I will have an appointment with my doc next week to discuss more changes.
I am grateful for an afternoon nap, for yoga, and a walk.
I am grateful for coffee getting me through the day.
I am grateful for one of the last classes with the kids at school for this school year.
I am grateful for my mother in law going clothes shopping with my daughter. I really am completely useless with that and they both enjoy it a lot. Grandma is the best shopping queen ever.
I am grateful for podcasts, TV and books that help me through the tough times.
I am grateful for this day.
Sleep tight sober friends :night_with_stars:


Grateful for:

Day 157 and today’s quote: “Perseverance is not a long race, it is many short races one after the other.”
Place to live.
Kids - though it’s more strange than anything I have done with and/or for them.
Hunger - I need to be better about eating. I really do.


Happy Birthday :balloon:


Today was weird and had its own stresses that I wouldn’t trade. A big relief has been lifted from my head. Today I am grateful for…

  1. Seeing my doctor. I haven’t seen him in years, I felt something has been off. He’s sending me for a bunch of tests and bloodwork tomorrow. I’m a worrier so he wants me to have a clear head. This appointment was booked 20 days ago, the stress of the unknown has been released.

  2. Speeding ticket reduced. I had my meeting with the prosecutor. I plead guilty to a lesser offence. Have court via zoom next week to finalize everything.

  3. For this day. Today was about sorting out things in my life that have been stressing me out for way too long. I didn’t realize the weight it was carrying in my head until it all got resolved.

Enjoy the night everyone!


Today I am grateful for;

-being alive, despite having suicidal ideation everyday, I have no plans to act on it, because of my two cats that need me as much as I need them.
-my two cats, Prince and Wolfie, they are my entire world, my best and only friends, and my reason.
-my mattress that I’ve had since 2012 that is still so comfortable despite me laying on it 24/7.
-being sober from alcohol and drugs for numerous years.
-being wiling to engage with therapy, having the courage to be vulnerable and talk about traumatic things.
-therapy, apart from currently having to chose which one to move forward with because here we are not allowed to do more than one at the same time. I have to trust that the Universe will help me make the right decision for me, at this time.
-my belief in the Universe and it’s energies.
-this Talking Sober forum, that connects me with many people who truly get it.
-delivery drivers, who I rely on to get everything for the cats and myself.
-meditations, which have always my biggest tool for 20 years now.



So lovely to see you on the gratitude thread Cam. Sending you big hugs and loving energy :people_hugging::people_hugging::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. Grateful for you and grateful that you are not acting on those ideations. You are a beautiful and gentle soul my friend. I do hope that you find relief soon.