Daily Gratitude, The Air Of Recovery #7

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And now I guess I am grateful to be the last post on part 9. :bowing_woman:


I decided to get back on this thread and begin practicing gratitude again, so here we go. Today I am grateful for:

  • the smell of fresh cut grass
  • the early morning birds chirping
  • having a decent job to go to
  • family
  • my recovery
  • my creativity

Look at us being so grateful and sober that we had to open a new page! Yay for us!


Grateful today for my wife’s understanding and support. I had some unplanned work items that came up this afternoon and delayed my gym time, and she said, “Take the gym time Matt, I’m good here, just make sure you get dinner ready and I’ll be fine” (I cook on the weekends - tonight is garlic shrimp with rice and veggies).

I have a history of avoiding telling people news I don’t think they want to hear - including today, when I sat in my car for 20 minutes outside the gym, until my wife called me to check in (see conversation above). That’s another thing I’m grateful for: when she calls for a compassionate checkin.


Good afternoon.

I am grateful to have both my parents in my life. I am grateful that I get to spend time with them whenever I can. I am grateful that I am clean for these special years of their lives.


Hey my daily gratitude friends 🫶🏻

I’m grateful to be laying on clean bedding, grateful that a cool breeze started so we got to open all of the windows. Grateful for my Dharma Recovery meeting this morning, abd my SMART meeting tomorrow morning. I learn so much every sober week. It’s bedtime here, so goodnight all. Grateful for you :people_hugging:


Sunday morning gratitude.

I’m grateful I took sleeping meds yesterday, I needed 10 hours of uninterrupted sleep. I’m grateful I feel well rested and awake today. I’m grateful I napped a lot yesterday afternoon, I was hunting for inspiration for the broom closet mounts and features all morning. Making it meeting my demands and household equipment is more difficult than I thought when I started the project. I’m grateful I take my time to set it up properly, even when all the stuff has been put in the guestroom for two weeks by now. It will be finished when it’s done.

I’m grateful I woke up with Missi on me and the old boy beside my legs. I feel loved.
I’m grateful for blinds to shut out the sun. I’m not keen on sun waking me at 4:30 a.m. heating up the bedroom.

I’m grateful I work hard on not giving in on codependent urges, they came up the last days. No dear, we don’t do that anymore :people_hugging:

I’m grateful for living at the farm. It’s so quiet. The cats and I love the house. And the roofed balcony. The air is fresh, the view wonderful. I’m grateful for my dream kitchen I built here. Every day I love to work in the kitchen :sparkling_heart:
I’m grateful for all my blessings. I feel like I’m a very gifted person.
I’m grateful for service on TV. I’m still not in the state to try out local churches, too peoply. I still appreciate my reclusiveness very much, still feel the healing when I stick to limiting social in person interactions to a healthy minimum. I’m grateful for connection via texting.
ODAAT :pray:


I am grateful this place is open 24/7. I’m grateful for being six months sober tomorrow. I don’t blame my friends and family for not being in complete awe :smirk:, but sometimes I just miss that little pat on the back from my loved ones. Anyhow, I’ll treat myself with some sweet pastries and a nice coffee tomorrow!

I am grateful for being sober and taking action on my dreams, being on this crossroad in my life. I never had the courage to do so when I was still drinking. (I would be still standing in the middle of the crossroad.) I bought a van yesterday to convert to a camper so I can travel Europe the coming years. I’m excited and terrified at the same time but I am grateful I took the first step towards freedom.

My feelings of self doubt are quite intense and I am pretty sensitive (read: easily butt-hurt) the last couple of weeks. I also had some confrontations with people that made me really question myself. I feel I need to do some re-evaluation and a bit of maintenance on my persona. BUT… I don’t drown myself in alcohol and I’m grateful and proud for that.
Sobriety isn’t the cure for everything. Feelings are more raw, life is more real and sometimes it just sucks hard. But I am grateful to know that it all sucks much harder being a drunk.

I am grateful for reading your stories on this thread. It feels like home :pray:


A huge congratulations on your 6 months love. I know its hard when our loved ones dont get the enormity of how far weve come. You have us …here we understand the struggles and we are in awe. So happy to see you thriving in sobriety

Oh wow…this is exciting…lets the adventures begin :people_hugging:


Thanks friend, that means alot! I hope you’re doing well and the recovery from surgery (and your mom’s) is going well too :purple_heart:


Appreciate you love…we are both recovering well…thank you for asking. See this all as a blessing to slow down and enjoy the day to day.:people_hugging::heart:


Grateful for the big test today- my first sober road trip in 10 years.
Grateful I’m wide awake at 6 am with no hangover, preparing to leave. I used to drink the night before a trip, then have to pack and drive hungover, which of course led quickly back to drinking.
Grateful for the time and resources to stay in hotels and take my time for once! Drinking chewed up money and I had to skip hotels and keep driving.
Grateful to be sober 93 days today and have no cravings for alcohol. I am thinking about it, about how I used to think it was necessary and don’t anymore. Kind of a ‘what the eff was I thinking’…
Grateful for good weather and this app.


Im so very greatful

We filled a whole thread with positive gratitudes yay
Another day of rest
25mo sobriety
10mo free from nicotine
I have topic today at my DRA meeting
I can afford to fix my car even though i have to touch my emergency savings
AA and the 12 step promises coming true in my life
A very active 20k steps day yesterday
Taking it easier today


Hoping you have a great trip! Safe travels my friend…


Sunday gratitude. Grateful for the excellent coffee this morning l. Grateful for the sunshine and the birds singing! Grateful for a day at home and the ability to get things done. Grateful I’ve been going strong for 605 days and the thoughts and temptations of drinking have gotten less and less. Grateful to be living life instead of just existing. Grateful to not give a shit what people think of me.


I’m grateful that today was a good day full of laughter and joy with friends. I’m grateful for my neighbors and friends. I’m grateful for being able to spend the day outside enjoying the sun. I’m grateful my shyrdak is finished and came out looking great! And so grateful we could make it together and that everyone took the time to help. I’m grateful for clean sheets and fresh tushuks to sleep on. I’m grateful for good conversations about important things and for silly conversations laughing and telling stories. I’m grateful for the comfort of my dogs laying beside me sleeping and how soft they are. I’m grateful for music and books. I’m grateful to be a part of this group and to be sober.


Good morning!!!
I’m grateful to have taken a second look at my training schedule and to realize that I actually didn’t have to report at my next training store today and actually report tomorrow! So impromptu 3 day weekend!!
I’m grateful to have finally found a therapist that accepts my insurance, is accepting new patients, and was able to get my first appointment set for Thursday this week. I really did want an in-person therapist, but at this point I just need to get into therapy overall!
I’m grateful that I was able to get help with my referral to the intensive outpatient treatment I wanted to get into and now I’m just waiting for the call to start my month long treatment! Although my days will be long (working 10 hour days and then having the treatment 3 hours a day M-F for a month) I know it’ll help me take the next step to help me cope with stress without alcohol.
I’m grateful for 34 days without alcohol. I have never been able to say that I was sober that many days. The last time I was sober this long I didn’t need to count the days because I didn’t have terrible cravings and urges to drink then. It’s crazy to think back to almost 6 years ago and to be able to drink one night and then not drink again for a week or two and it just be normal. It makes me think where did it all start to fall apart? What was it that started my spiral into this mess that I’m now trying to climb out of.
I hope everyone is enjoying this Sunday morning! It’s cloudy and breezy here in Monterey! Grateful for this beautiful calming weather!!
Have a great day!


I miss Dharma and SMART. I have been talking to myself about making my way back to them. Thanks!


Today I am grateful to continue through Day 156.
Grateful for some tiny, abrupt smells and some tiny tastes.
Grateful for not allowing the word I wanted to say come out of my mouth to my daughter.
And grateful to have made and eaten breakfast and knowing that stress is problematic and must be overcome, especially when food matters for improving health and recovery.