Daily Greeting


Top of the morning to ya!


Back at you my good man…


Afternoon old boy! :smile:


Aaaay, who you calling old??:rofl::joy:


Well you’re 4 months older than me soooo…:joy:

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Good morning? Stay strong. Stay the course.

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Bom dia a todos, fiquem fortes, sigam o caminho


Good morning!! I hate my brand new memory foam cooling adjustable bed!! But hey, im still sober!!


Guten Morgen! Ich wünsche euch einen schönen Tag!


Really? Why?

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Good afternoon on this glorious 25°c sunny day!
Here in the UK, well were I am at least!:grinning:


I had one of those mattress in a box for about a week, hated it. No edge support, sit on the edge of the bed and you’d slide to the floor like going down a slide…weeee!!


My wife says we need a new mattress. But I’m happy enough :grin:


Ugh! I havent been sleeping!! I wake up in neck pain, shoulder pain and the occasional anxiety. My old bed used to hurt my spine and now this stupid bed hurts my neck and shoulders. I cannot get comfortable. My husband tells me i snore every night and he doesnt understand why i wake up and feel like i havent slept. But i dont. I dont get that deep REM sleep anymore and it sucks so much. Does anyone have any advice on how to get past this bc we bought this stupid bed on clearance and i only habe 1 more payment before its paid off and i cannot return it!


Oh no, that’s terrible :confused: I’m really sorry… Are there any mattress toppers that might alleviate some of your issues?

Do you wear a sleep tracker?


Hahahaaa yea i dont have that issue with this bed, but man it still sucks!! Its supposed to be a medium firm but it feels like a hard firm and its killing me. Had we not bought it on clearance i would have taken it back by now. But i cant. So im stuck like chuck.

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I was going to say the same thing…mattress toppers…genius.


So i thought about going to buy a mattress topper but that sucks bc i paid 2k for this stupid bed! I shouldnt need one right?! :sob: but i think im going to have to bc i cant continue to sleep like this. One of my greatest things about sobriety was sleeping like a baby and that hasnt been happening since we got this bed lol. And i used to wear a fitness/sleeper tracker and im in the process of looking for a new one.