Daily Greeting


Yeah that’s about how much I spent on mine so i understand the desire for it to be MUCH better.

Too bad we don’t live closer, I have a brand new one. Maybe try pillows? I sleep with a body pillow and a pillow behind my back… If I’m not already sleeping on my back… Yes I’m one of those pillow sleepers lol

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What do the body pillows do. My wife has a back that troubles her, would it help?


I sleep with a body pillow and i have my same two pillows i had with the old bed and 1 brand new one thats just too firm for my liking so its just for decoration lol. Sometimes i will even move the pillows and just lay flat on the mattress. I am a stomach and side sleeper. I will just have to get a topper and see if it helps. Sorry about the complaints this morning guys! Other than that i am so happy to live a sober life!! Ive been running these last 3 days and im getting my husband out there today too, to help him get back on track!! Happy Satur-YAY!!!


Definitely! After having kids my hips kinda shifted and the pillow realigns things… If she looks into them, which I :100: recommend, just make sure she keeps her height in mind… A normal size one for me is decent could be longer, and I’m short.

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Ok last recommendation lol… Do you do any daily stretching? You might just need to stretch out your upper body a bit more every day, especially with the change in everything lately really.

I hope something works!

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Yea ive been stretching these last few days. I used to do it everyday, just need to get back into that routine lol!!

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She is liking the look of it. I think it more of the barrier it creates between us​:rofl::rofl:

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Haha yeah I was going to warn you of that possibility :joy:


Buenos días. Manténgase fuertes. Manténganse en el camino.

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Good Morning to most. It’s a rainy bedtime in my part of the world. Enjoy your day :sunny:

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Happy Easter!! :cherry_blossom::sun_with_face:


Good morning? Stay strong. Stsy the course.


What’s up all you reads and greeters, it feels good to get out of bed with a sober frame of mind. Heard something I heard not to long ago, “your past doesn’t Define who you are, it just gives you the starting point of who you are going to be”, I will live for today. Happy Easter everyone


Certainly was my friend :smile:. it’s turned into a glorious afternoon :sunglasses:. Hope yours does as well!


So very happy to hear that, I’m going to get ready for church then come home and cook for my son before he goes to work.

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Good morning. School day… very early wake up. Didn’t sleep much (had to bring the youngest into our bed, got kicked a lot during the night). Now to prepare the older ones for school. Hope everyone has a good Monday.


Got this water bottle as a daily reminder to myself that i can do it… and thats in more than just sobriety :slight_smile: plus i drink more water always a bonus!


Good morning? Stay strong. Stay the cours

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Morning, :grinning:

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Afternoon, :grinning:

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