Day 1 again, trying to stay positive and motivated


I am so glad I found this App. Just being able to read post and pass the hours is a huge help I’m almost through the first 24hrs again.

Hopefully my next post will be in a different Category .


Welcome! This app has really helped me as well. You can do this, it does get better.


Hi! If you haven’t had a chance to delve the depths of the forum yet, you might find this helpful:

Look forward to hearing how you get on - will definitely be rooting for you to see your next post in a different category :blush:


@siand…Thanks, i actually just found that link in another post you replied to.


Haha I just post that everywhere :see_no_evil: It’s a good thread!


Maybe a meeting might help made it easier for me to stay sober wish you well


I’m thinking about it. My job for today pushed because of weather, so I’m home. Alone. I did make it 36hrs so far. Used not not be able to go more than just a few hours. I used to wake up early so I could drink a few before I has to go to work